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Freedom Fighters News Interview
Manveer 'Eidolon' Heir :: 01:50 AM @ August 7th, 2003 :: In-House: Interviews
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Today we've got an interview with IO Interactive's lead designer Mads Prahm concerning their upcoming multi-platform release of "Freedom Fighters".

GameGossip: For our readers that do not know, what exactly is Freedom Fighters?

Mads Prahm: Freedom Fighters is a squad-based action game. The game is set in an alternate history, where the Soviet Union has won World War II, and in present time attacks and invades the US. The player takes the role of Christopher Stone, a regular guy who gets involved in the resistance fight, and grows to become the leader of the rebels.
GG: The Hitman series is known for its highly stylized play as well as its open-endedness. What are you doing to give Freedom Fighters its own unique style, and will there be multiple paths to finish each mission, or will it be more concentrated on a linear path?
MP: There are endless possibilities to complete missions in Freedom Fighters. The levels have multiple routes that can be taken, and in addition, the player can use the squad in a wide variety of ways, giving a very varied gameplay. In fact, we�ve told a handful of people to play a specific level and each player took a different approach to maneuver through the level. Also, each chapter of the game has multiple levels with multiple missions, and the levels/objectives can be completed in any order. Completing objectives on one level, will affect the other levels, making it easier to progress.
GG: Freedom Fighters gives the player the ability to control his teammates, through the issuing of orders. What are the different types of orders that can be issued, and how does the squad AI work?
MP: The squad AI is very advanced, the recruits are intelligent and will seek cover, warn about enemies, and work together to defend themselves. The commands that the player can give the squad members are very simple, one touch of a button actually, making the squad easy to control while in the middle of a firefight. The recruits can either Follow, Stay or Attack. The attack command is also used to move out / scout ahead if no enemies are visible.
GG: What are some of the weapons and utilities at your squad�s disposal? Does the development team have any favorites at this point?
MP: The player can use any weapon he finds on a dead soldier, in addition to the rather limited arsenal of the resistance movement. Weapons include side-arms as well as rifles, shotguns and machine guns. Explosives like fragmentation grenades and C4 are also available. The favorite weapon of the resistance fighters is the molotov cocktail.
GG: Both indoor and outdoor areas around New York City are featured in the game � will there be significant differences in tactics used between indoor and outdoor areas? What about enemy tactics in the different environments?
MP: Safety is always highest indoors, or in narrow alleys. Walking out in the middle of the street is never a good idea - snipers are prone to get you. Getting into an apartment with a view can be an excellent place to command your squad from above, while you provide covering fire using your sniper.

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#1 - Strahd - 08/07/03 @ 08:16 AM EST
I would be more interested in enemy ai.
I have enough of enemies who immediately see the player as the ultimate threat and only exist to contront her / him.

At last the idea of linear gameplay is beginning to go the way of the dinosaurs.
About time.
#2 - Sharp_Shooter - 08/07/03 @ 08:34 AM EST
I read that the enemy ai is very good if you throw a grenade into the middle of a group of enemys they will disperse and run for cover.
#3 - Ringo2000 - 08/07/03 @ 10:11 AM EST
Or sometimes throw it back. Thats always fun. =)
#4 - Aphex242 - 08/07/03 @ 11:25 AM EST
Actually the alliance with Russia was tenuous, at best. After Germany fell, it was a race between the US&UK vs. the Soviets to snap up as much of German technology/scientists/etc. as soon as possible. That's largely how East Germany became communist, Soviet occupation. And that's why our space program even existed, captured German scientists, including Werner Von Braun, the guy who developed the V2 rockets for Germany who went on to be an integral part of the US space program.

If the Soviets had 'taken' Germany (and they would have, if we had let them) the dev's are right, it would have been a far bleaker future. Without all that missile technology, for example, the US would have had little to counter the Soviets with in terms of a nuclear missile future. We would have been WAY behind.Last Edited on 08/07/03 @ 11:26 AM EST
#5 - Houdini - 08/07/03 @ 11:41 AM EST
let me be the first to say..

-what movie?
#6 - HappyNoodle - 08/07/03 @ 12:47 PM EST
#6 = Red Dawn :)
#7 - Aphex242 - 08/07/03 @ 02:11 PM EST
Damn. I knew that :) Hehe
#8 - murry2 - 08/07/03 @ 02:42 PM EST
Great, do we get the option to play Patrick Swayze! If so I am so there.
_ __
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