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Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix Interview
Kyle 'Pezman' Peschel :: 12:45 AM @ March 13th, 2005 :: In-House: Intervi
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We spoke with Chris Scholz (President and CEO of Shaba Games) recently and got the skinny on why you must own THUG 2 remix for your PSP. To be honest he had us at Hello because I was preordering while asking the questions. In between visions of Indy 900s I managed to stammer out 8 questions, here is what he had to say...

GameGossip: Can you describe some of the PSP-exclusive levels of Tony Hawk�s Underground 2 Remix?

Chris Scholz: The PSP-exclusive levels are all very realistic looking levels. We sent teams to each of the locations to get ideas for how the levels should look, and I really think that paid off. When you�re skating around the Las Vegas level, it sounds and feels like you�re in a real casino. Kyoto is one of my favorite levels. There are tons of great lines to grind, and if you�re looking for massive air, Kyoto can�t be beat.
GG: What kind of multiplayer modes can players look forward to?
Chris Scholz: THUG 2 Remix players will be able to battle their friends in two types of multiplayer modes. In the PSP-exclusive HORSE mode, up to four players can play against each other on a single PSP. In a HORSE game, each player has to beat the previous player�s combo score. If they don�t, they get a letter. Once you�ve spelled out the word HORSE, you�re out. In Wi-Fi mode up to four players can choose from over ten different types of games. Trick Attack and Graffiti are my personal favorites. In a Trick Attack game, it�s all about racking up as many points as you can in a limited amount of time. Huge combos are the key to taking down your friends. Graffiti requires a bit more strategy. By grinding, airing, and skating off of the various structures, you tag these objects your skater�s color. The player with the most tagged objects at the end of the game wins. It was a blast testing these features, and I�m sure players will have a great time in HORSE and Wi-Fi modes.
GG: What sort of unlockables can players find while playing through THUG 2 Remix�s various modes?
Chris Scholz: There are several new unlockable skaters in THUG 2 Remix, each with their own special tricks. Santa Cruz has a surfer skater. Atlanta has a DJ skater, and there�s a High Roller skater in Las Vegas. I don�t� want to ruin the surprise for players so I�ll stop there.
GG: For players that have gone through the console, PC and other handheld versions of THUG 2, what kind of surprises will THUG 2 Remix offer?
Chris Scholz: THUG 2 Remix has four new levels that contain never before seen skaters, new goals, tons of gaps, level changing events, and some great cut scenes. I think players will be surprised at amount of new content we were able to pack into those four levels. The four new levels are huge, and have great lines that can keep players entertained hours.
GG: What sort of player customization features can players look forward to in THUG 2 Remix
Chris Scholz: Players will be able to download pictures of themselves from a memory stick, and map it to a customized skater. In addition to this, players can customize their skater�s and tags using the Create-A-Skater and Create-A-Graphic feature, respectively. Of course, the Create-A-Goal and Create-A-Trick customization features are also available.
GG: Does THUG 2 Remix feature any additional or revamped skateboarding tricks?
Chris Scholz: Each of the new secret and guest skaters have at least one new move. The surfer skater has a move called the Long Board Grind, and the DJ skater has a trick called the Scratchin Grind.
GG: Will THUG 2 Remix feature the same soundtrack as the one presented in THUG 2?
Chris Scholz: Yes
GG: What�s your personal favorite PSP-exclusive feature of THUG 2 Remix?
Chris Scholz: The Wi-Fi multiplayer feature is, without a doubt, my favorite THUG 2 Remix feature. Being able to able to wirelessly play THUG 2 Remix with my friends at any time, anywhere, is going to be awesome!
If you would like to learn more about the game you should check it out at Activision's Official Site.

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#1 - nemarsde - 03/13/05 @ 07:32 AM EST
I must admit, I've never considered buying a skakeboarding game before. I don't much like skateboarding, or skateboarders for that matter.

Did used to enjoy roller-hockey before they shutdown Granby Halls, which was about the only rink in a fifty miles radius. Still got all my gear, my stick, blades, pads, etc. Shame.

Anyway, this interview certainly's got me interested. This game strikes me as one that could appeal to both genders.

Call me sad, but when I have a house party, the video games console often comes out. As the girls get instantly bored by Moto GP4 or whatever, and they've never played enough Tekken Tag to stand a chance, etc. I always tell myself I'll get a game for everyone.

Something like this would actually be perfect. The girl's can get into it, we'd all be new to it, and the guys'd still take it seriously unlike, I dunno, Super Monkey Ball.
#2 - Harryz - 03/13/05 @ 09:58 AM EST
If only I had a PSP. The interview sounds pretty convincing.
#3 - nemarsde - 03/13/05 @ 10:35 AM EST
This isn't a PSP-exclusive release though, is it?
#4 - sweetjimmy - 03/13/05 @ 11:03 AM EST
remix interview = thought it said review cuz it's early and i'm dumb.
#5 - CtrlAltDel - 03/13/05 @ 06:38 PM EST
i'll take a psp please
#6 - Shataan - 03/14/05 @ 09:51 AM EST
My 10 year old loves playing the Tony Hawks games.
#7 - nemarsde - 03/14/05 @ 02:01 PM EST
Was going down to the rental shop tonight, to get Mercenaries and thought I'd try out a Tony Hawk's game too. Unfortunately I went after work, and there was accident on the A road into town, traffic jam, so I did a three-pointer and drove home.

Will try again tomorrow. What's the latest Tony Hawk's game on the PS2?
#8 - Talon - 03/14/05 @ 11:22 PM EST
nemarsde, the latest title is Tony Hawk's Underground 2.
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