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Postal 2 News Interview
Turner 'Bulldog' Hopkinson :: 12:00 AM @ March 15th, 2002 :: In-House: Interview
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GameGossip: We didn�t really hear anything from Running With Scissors shortly after Postal was released, (except for question 4). Could you tell us what the company has been up to after Postal was released?
Mike Jaret: Breakin necks�.and cashin CHECKS!! Actually�..we just screwed a lot of RWS groupies!
GG: You guys knew this one was coming, (hehe� : ), the original Postal caused quite a commotion when it was released due to its violent content, not to mention the fact that the postal office worker killing spree was still fresh in people�s minds. Why was it decided to start working on a sequel for Postal?
MJ: The girls stopped coming around the office and we got tired of our real dolls! You can buy one for $5,000 at
GG: Can you tell us what the storyline for Postal 2 will be?
MJ: Picture trashville America, yer average joe, has an average bad day. And he has to go to town to run some errands!
GG: Early in 2000, Running With Scissors contemplated the idea of remaking the original Postal with a new first-person perspective and shooter-style gameplay action. Unfortunately, this project never materialized. Did this project lead into the development and subsequent announcement of Postal 2?
MJ: Well why else would it be called postal 2!
GG: How did you guys come to the decision of licensing Epic Games� Unreal Warfare engine to develop Postal 2? Were the Quake and LithTech engines from id Software and Monolith respectively considered?
MJ: Have you ever been to the supermarket! You know how the sugary cereals are on the bottom so the little kids can reach them!!
GG: Have you guys added any new features to the Unreal Warfare engine in order to support the effects you want to do or have you found the engine to be complete in terms of features and ease of use?
MJ: Yes, we just announced the use of House of Moves, which is motion capture. And most recently we announced Karma technology to the game, which adds true physics to objects and bodies in the game!
GG: While no gameplay specifics have been announced as of this writing, will players be able to do as they please in the game world? Perhaps they could hijack a vehicle and do drive-bys, or break into a home and ransack everything in sight. Is anything like this planned for Postal 2?
MJ: Cars have been used� by�s have been used! Its one giant world�you can do what ever you want for the most part!
GG: Will Postal 2 follow a mission-based gameplay structure or will the objective of the game be to fulfill a certain �kill� quota on each level like in the original release?
MJ: No kill quota��not mission based! Different then what you�ve seen in the past! There will be a lot of freedom!!
GG: Could you give us a partial, or perhaps a complete, list of weapons that will be available for gamers during the game?
MJ: hmmm���no!
GG: Based on the announcement a couple of days ago, Postal 2 will include a fully integrated multiplayer module. Could you tell us what kinds of multiplayer modes are planned for the game�s release?
MJ: KILL yer friends�isn�t that what multiplayer is all about!
GG: Will the game ship with all the tools necessary to start developing modifications and levels? What kind of support is planned for the fledging Internet mod community?
MJ: Do we really need to send you a shovel so you can beat up yer friends! The Mod community appears to like what they see!! If I had it my way, we would be getting a postal-strike shortly!! But who knows!!
GG: Currently, Postal 2 does not appear to have a publisher behind it. Could you tell us which publishing houses have been approached for the project?
MJ: Do you remember the story of the boy who cried wolf!
GG: What kind of system requirements is the team currently aiming for?
MJ: PIII or IV (AMD ATHLON) at least 800Mhz��256 MB RAM��Geforce 2 (at least)�and you better have a fuckin BADASS sound system!
GG: Currently, how far along is Postal 2 in its development cycle? Any chance you could give us a tentative release date?
MJ: Well she hasn�t broken her water yet�but she�s mid-second trimester! Shes due sometime in fall 2002!
GG: What lessons, if any, did the team learn after developing the original Postal? Also, if Postal 2 came under attack from religious and decency groups, (more than likely to happen� : ), what arguments would you guys use to defend the game?
MJ: Baruch Ata Adonoi�Elugheinu Mellech Ha�Olam�.Ashair KidiShanu Bomitzvosav�.Vitsivanu lechadliek Neir�.Shel Shabat! (Hebrew prayer)

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