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No Man's Land News Interview
Turner 'Bulldog' Hopkinson :: 03:00 AM @ September 8th, 2003 :: In-House: Interviews
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We kidnapped Related Designs managing director Burkhard Ratheiser and forced him to answer some questions about their upcoming PC strategy game No Man's Land. Being published by CDV Software the game is scheduled to drop on store shelves on October 10th 2003.

GameGossip: What exactly is it that makes your game so unique compared to other strategy games?

Burkhard Ratheiser: There are a couple of things that make No Man's Land unique compared to other strategy games. One of the most unique features is the dense atmosphere and story line. Another point is the six (really) different nations that can be played (Spaniards, Woodland Indians, Prairie Indians, English, Patriots and Settlers). Further we have so much variety in terms of different mission styles and settings - some examples are: we have railroad building, big sea battles, magic, Wild West scenarios, Caribbean settings. We also have to offer different heroes that must be accompanied through the 3 different campaigns. Each of them has a range of special capabilities that must be used wisely to proceed. We also have to offer some unique multiplayer modes and features which I will get into more detail in your next question.
GG: How will multi-player work; will there be a client such as GameSpy Arcade available?
BR: Up to eight players will be able to play NML in a LAN, over internet and GameSpy Arcade is also supported. Besides classic multiplayer missions like 'King of the Hill', 'Domination', 'Heroes Demise' and 'Death match' we have two different 2 very unique railroad multiplayer missions. In the first railroad multiplayer mission the players go head to head in building the tracks. In the other mode one player must build the tracks while the other must sabotage him. Another unique multiplayer feature is the capability of the elite units to use Counter Upgrades (like the plague to reduce the enemies' food production). Further the players will be able to hire bounty hunters to get rid of the enemies' elite units. Since the resource gathering is very straight forward and since we have focused on a more action centric RTS, you can expect to see lots of combats very quickly.
GG: In total how many units can we expect to see?
BR: Well, we have 6 different nations that can be played, with about 13 different units each (including 3 different elite units) - so we have a total of about 78 different units to control. Each of the elite units has an arsenal of special capabilities that are really important to cause some major damage to your enemy players. Further we have 15 different buildings for each nation.
GG: When can we expect to see No Man's Land drop on store shelves?
BR: We're planning for a US release in October.

For more information we suggest you check out the official website.

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