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PS3 Delayed? (HOT ITEM)
Andrew 'Talon' Wilson :: 04:34 PM @ March 14th, 2006 :: General Gaming
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Could the PlayStation 3 be looking at a delay? That's the question this afternoon as GameSpot reports that the next-generation system won't hit till November 2006. Citing the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, it seems that an anonymous source within Sony has cited issues with the Blu-ray disc format. See the link above for more information.

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#1 - Phobia - 03/14/06 @ 04:53 PM EST
and it slips into nov.. then past christmas and into next year. i see the whole pre-order thing coming to keep interest in it just like MS did. Only Sony is way behind if they can't launch for xmas.
#2 - spruce_moose - 03/14/06 @ 05:07 PM EST
Well that kinda sucks. I'm guessiing no 360 price drop this year then.
#3 - noodle boy - 03/14/06 @ 06:04 PM EST
Hahahaha Even the rev is coming out sooner from the sounds of it. The playstation line may FINALLY be up shit creek without a paddle. What am I saying finally, they've been there since the PSP and the PS2 hard drive.
#4 - Blindside - 03/14/06 @ 06:52 PM EST
Delayed from when? I don't recall a previous release date ;)
#5 - Reflex - 03/14/06 @ 07:36 PM EST
Spring of 06 was the original release date given. Now its more likely in the US in Spring of 07 since it won't be in Japan until November of 06...
#6 - Blindside - 03/14/06 @ 08:28 PM EST
I thought they were just "hoping" for a spring '06 release, despite not standing by any dates? Oh well. :)
#7 - recce - 03/14/06 @ 08:49 PM EST
LOL!! Since last year I've already said over and over again the first launch is by Q4.

And again, Sony NEVER mentioned an exact launch date, although they mentioned it's possible they may launch in spring 06 back then.
#8 - recce - 03/14/06 @ 08:53 PM EST
Sony will be holding a conference call today (my local time) at 3pm, which is about 5-6 hrs from now, in Japan.

There will be annoucements and details for the PS3 as well as news for PSP and PS2.
#9 - recce - 03/14/06 @ 08:56 PM EST
#5, as far as I know, there's nothing to prevent them from launching in Japan on Nov and US in Dec. We'll just have to wait and see on the details few hours from now, no point speculating.
#10 - Talon - 03/14/06 @ 09:29 PM EST
Clowns are bad...
#11 - Reflex - 03/14/06 @ 11:22 PM EST
Recce - Sure there is, its called manufacturing capacity. And there is plenty of point in speculating, the name of the website is 'gamegossip', its what we do. ;)
#12 - yoshman - 03/15/06 @ 12:21 AM EST
When hasn't Sony made false demand by limitating there manufacturing. I mean, if they ship six machines to the US in December, I really wouldn't count that as a launch.
#13 - dougman - 03/15/06 @ 01:50 AM EST
at the sony conference today.
#14 - Arioch - 03/15/06 @ 02:44 AM EST
This is not surprising at all. I bet the problems with BLue-ray are more than just on the manufacturing end. Even though it is common knowledge that companies lose money on every console they sell when its first launched I bet the Blu-ray costs would drive the PS3 to some ridiculous price point.
#15 - LostToys - 03/15/06 @ 02:56 AM EST
PS3 World Wide Release November. Oh, and required HDD (ie. shipped in box)

Amazing graphic!!

Last Edited on 03/15/06 @ 03:03 AM EST
#16 - recce - 03/15/06 @ 03:05 AM EST
Interestingly, it'll have a 60GB HD with Linux OS.

Though I strongly suspect it'll add considerably to the cost of the PS3 if it's a default bundle.
#17 - recce - 03/15/06 @ 03:09 AM EST
So, is there a Linux MAME??
#18 - ZiggY - 03/15/06 @ 03:15 AM EST
I dunno, has that directx look.

ok, so I'm looking at all these little news bitlets there at IGN, and either the stuff they're posting is the literal word-for-word notes that the guys at the conference are taking, or sony is being vague as hell. For example: "Once released, Sony will unleash one million units per month with a total of six million units in 2006 alone." Ok, but if they release in November that gives them all of TWO months to ship one million units per month, and that equals six million units in 2006 alone HOW? Either IGN missed something, or Sony is reinventing the whole "numbers" thing.

Also, every time I see something attributed to Ken Kutaragi, I become increasingly convinced that he is one of the most pretentious marketing douchebag fucktards in all the universe. edit: ok, he's actually the SCE president. still comes off as a pretentious marketing douchebag though.

Last Edited on 03/15/06 @ 03:18 AM EST
#19 - recce - 03/15/06 @ 03:47 AM EST
#18, production will begin in July at the latest, which means Sony is probably trying to supply at least 2 million units to Japan alone on launch day, with the rest distributed to US, Europe and rest of Asia.

The one million units per month counts from July/Aug 2006 and till fiscal year March of 2007.
#20 - recce - 03/15/06 @ 03:57 AM EST
#18, quite true, Ken is supposedly technically trained, hence may not be a good marketing guy.

If I remembered correctly, he was an Engineer back when the Playstation was still in development stages as a PSX Nintendo add-on. He's the one strongly pushing for Sony to launch their own video game system after the failed partnership, which is why he's given the title "Father of the Playstation".

Due to the worldwide success of the Playstation brand, he is now sitting on top as the SCE President.
#21 - Reflex - 03/15/06 @ 10:31 AM EST
Um, no, he is not on top, Howard Stringer is. Ken was purposefully passed over for the CEO position due to his failures with the PS3 according to most speculation I have read.
#22 - recce - 03/15/06 @ 08:07 PM EST
Umm... it's not even being released and you called it a failure!?

Sitting on top as in meaning one of the presidents. A president is pretty "top" position in my dictionary.

He was passed over due to some internal power struggle, nothing to do with PS3. And I don't think he's CEO calibre either.
#23 - BiomeXhanoid - 03/15/06 @ 08:31 PM EST
He was passed over for his poor handling of the ps*P*, not the ps3. He allowed memos to leak that detailed the internal problems with the system and that engineers actually expected the shortcoming to be literally ignored thanks to massive marketing and heavy demand... which was not the case.

As for the Ps3, it doesn't matter how late it will be. The demographic that opened the door for Sony was the coveted 18-35 male... but the demogrpahic that made them king was the 25-40 year old female... and nothing will change that this go round either. Given Microsoft's horrible launch, failure to get AAA developers in AAA venues with AAA launch dates, and continued system shortfalls... It's moot. The ps3 will sell out and it will continue to sell out... It may neer reach the sales of its predecessor, but it doesn't have to.

Last Edited on 03/15/06 @ 08:33 PM EST
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