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Microsoft Acquires Lionhead (HOT ITEM)
Andrew 'Talon' Wilson :: 10:22 AM @ April 6th, 2006 :: General Gaming
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( READ ATTACHED PRESS RELEASE ) This morning, Microsoft Game Studios announced the acquisition of Lionhead Studios. Developers of Fable, Lionhead joins studios such as Bungie, Ensemble and Rare.
"At Microsoft Game Studios we have worked hard to become the best partner for the best creative talent in our industry, and this acquisition underscores our commitment to excellence," said Shane Kim, general manager of Microsoft Game Studios. "Peter Molyneux is one of the few true visionaries in our industry, and his joining us is incredibly important to the future of both interactive entertainment and MGS. Lionhead is a shining example of the innovative and creative talent that has delivered some of the most influential and unique games experiences to date, and I am honored to welcome Peter and the incredible people at Lionhead Studios."

"We could not be more excited about being part of MGS. They have long supported our creative vision, and this teamwork resulted in the hugely successful 'Fable' franchise," said Molyneux, managing director of Lionhead Studios. "This acquisition gives Lionhead the stability and opportunity to focus on creating world-class next-generation titles. We are joining some of the most incredible game creators in the industry, the combined talent of which will truly take next-generation gaming to a new level."

Lionhead is currently working on Xbox 360 and Windows platform projects.

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#1 - BuLLeT TiMe - 04/06/06 @ 12:10 PM EST
....What the FUCK?

Ok, why isn't all of this acquistion shit illegal? Can't anyone see where it's going?
#2 - LostToys - 04/06/06 @ 12:21 PM EST
Wonder if Molyneux will leave and form another studio ... NAH!
#3 - BuLLeT TiMe - 04/06/06 @ 12:34 PM EST
If he does, good on him.
#4 - Eidolon - 04/06/06 @ 01:41 PM EST
Molyneux actively recruited getting bought out by MS... Lionhead has major financial issues and stability problems. Being an indie developer nowadays doesn't work for most studios. It was inevidable and I would guess that Molyneux will be there for quite some time.
#5 - LostToys - 04/06/06 @ 01:51 PM EST
Eidolon -

But there are always the cases where the Studio wants to sell themselves off because they need the capital, only for the leads desiring to leave due them not liking the system they were bought into (see: Bungie, Origin, Westwood, and she goes on).

Peter will not leave for the simple reason that money is good. As long as he is getting payed, he is good.
#6 - colinp - 04/06/06 @ 02:54 PM EST
LT, hah that's what I was thinking.

You should mention Bullfrog as well, which was his former company. He left 'cuz he didn't like the system he was bought into...

And that was the reason he created Lionhead Studios so many moons ago.
We'll see how long it lasts, though like eidy said, indie developers aren't big these days so maybe he'll suck it up.
#7 - LostToys - 04/06/06 @ 03:19 PM EST
colinip -

I meant Bullfrog, but I wrote Bungie. Slip of the fingers.

And yeah, Garriot and Molyneux both left because they were tired of the EA machine, just to name a few. Fuck, I'll throw in Blakely (Looking Glass) because he made awesome physics engines back in the day.
#8 - colinp - 04/06/06 @ 03:29 PM EST
Bungie makes sense too though, 'cuz didn't some guys leave to make whatever company made that fist person zombie game?
#9 - Reflex - 04/06/06 @ 04:23 PM EST
BuLLet TiMe - The reason no one steps in is because this is not illegal, nor should it be. Consolidation is normal in any industry.

As for this, smart grab by MS. While I'm not a fan of B&W, the tech behind it could be used by a lot of games...
#10 - nVidiot_Whore - 04/06/06 @ 04:27 PM EST
Meh.... i don't care much for MS's purchasing decisions.

Rare and Lionhead... all hype.. no games.
#11 - LostToys - 04/06/06 @ 06:47 PM EST
colinip -

Many of the old legacy companies had people moving over to Lost Toys, Mucky Foot, Planet Moon, and other small developement groups. Unfortunately for most, they went under after a couple of games (save Planet Moon from my list).
#12 - SePhO_zO - 04/06/06 @ 08:14 PM EST
This is rather unfortunate.
#13 - Eidolon - 04/06/06 @ 10:14 PM EST
Planet Moon is making PSP exclusive games now - yeah that's a GREAT business model.
#14 - LostToys - 04/07/06 @ 02:46 AM EST
Eidolon -

It makes sense for the games they make. ie. funny movies with gameplay inbetween.
#15 - GNS Jim - 04/07/06 @ 06:49 AM EST
"This is rather unfortunate."

Why? They'll continue making PC and console games, nothing really changes unless you're a Sony or Nintendo diehard that doesn't play games on the PC and refuses to buy an Xbox.
#16 - SePhO_zO - 04/07/06 @ 05:20 PM EST
Yeah, and there you go. It seems there's an implication that the sans-Xbox and PC gaming demographic is remarkably small and neglectable.

I agree that Lionhead was pretty clearly comfortable on the XBox platform, so this specific case doesn't really have an impact. My comment was more a reflection of my thoughts everytime I see Microsoft expand in this manner. Any sort of exclusivity is going to be a kick in the shins for at least one demographic, so I generally view it with a frown.

Last Edited on 04/07/06 @ 05:25 PM EST
#17 - GNS Jim - 04/07/06 @ 05:54 PM EST
The point I was making was this: Lionhead only developed for the PC and Xbox up to this point anyway, so what's *really* changed? Sure on paper they're no longer developing for the other consoles, but that's not a change from the current status anyway. *shrug*

Last Edited on 04/07/06 @ 05:55 PM EST
#18 - SePhO_zO - 04/07/06 @ 08:03 PM EST
I conceded that this specific case isn't that important, yeah.

".. pretty clearly comfortable on the XBox..."

I think we're on the same page. Like I said, I wasn't commenting so much on the topic at hand. My mistake.
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