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Microsoft Supports Nintendo? (HOT ITEM)
Andrew 'Talon' Wilson :: 08:37 AM @ May 12th, 2006 :: General Gaming
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Although certainly doesn't qualify as news, Reuters reports that Microsoft had some interesting comments about that $600 price tag the PlayStation 3 will carry. Speaking during E3, Peter Moore, Microsoft vice president said the following.
"Tell me why you would buy a $600 PS3?" Peter Moore, a Microsoft vice president, said in an interview. "People are going to buy two (machines.) They're going to buy an Xbox and they're going to buy a Wii ... for the price of one PS3."
Check back for more news throughout the day.

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#1 - Newbeing - 05/12/06 @ 11:36 AM EST
Hate to say it as a Sony supporter for the past two systems, but he is right. Unless Sony pulls something big out of their ass people are going to be more willing to purchase the high end performance of the 360 and ingenuity of Wii over a six hundred dollar copy cat.

Last Edited on 05/12/06 @ 11:37 AM EST
#2 - nemarsde - 05/12/06 @ 11:41 AM EST
But why!? Why will I buy an Xbox 360 and a Wii, when I could spend the same amount and get a PS3? If I want a PS3, I want a PS3, not an Xbox 360 and a Wii.

Demand for the Xbox 360 has fallen off sharply since release (in the UK at least), while the Wii will be taking Nintendo further into a niche market that isn't even directly competing with MS or Sony. Sony knows that come release date, MS will be groaning, "You sunk my battleship!"
#3 - Reflex - 05/12/06 @ 11:56 AM EST
Demand for the 360 has not fallen off in North America, in fact they revised their ship numbers upwards a bit...
#4 - LostToys - 05/12/06 @ 12:30 PM EST
Newbeing -

That something big is a cheap Blu-ray player. Yes, to gamers it is a kick in the nuts that they have to pay for something they don't want or need, but for anyone who is remotely interested in high quality video reproduction, it is a nice little machine that also happens to play videogames (increasing the value of the unit, despite its limited functionality - ie. You will want to purchase a better stand alone player in the future).

nemarsde -

At least they hope "Battleship" and not "Patrol Boat".

And really, Peter Moore hitting the PS3 in the nuts by advocating the Wii is a no brainer, simply because, like last generation, MS and Nintendo do not see themselves as competitors.
#5 - Krellins - 05/12/06 @ 12:39 PM EST

You have got to let the fanboy go man! I know you have one tied up in the closet somewhere.... Let him go.

The PS3 has NOTHING to show for, and if track record proves correct the PS3 will not be worth the price point. What games are you looking forward to? Hm? For almost everyone attending the PS3 was for all purposes a no show. Sure, they showed the system, and sales charts, and powerpoint presentations....

But what about the games? People are so hell bent on the "Playstation" name that they forget it's the games that made they system. And right now, devs are looking to the 360. Devs are not going to devote system exclusive titles to a system that people are not going to be able to afford.

And it's great to see MS take advantage of this. The Wii and 360 are going to be the only systems in my home. Reason? 360 will have the titles I want from AAA devs, and Wii gives me the "other" experience of gaming. PS3 as far as I can see is just a high prices copycat.
#6 - robotron666 - 05/12/06 @ 12:41 PM EST
Nemarsde said: ...the Wii will be taking Nintendo further into a niche market...

Uh, sorry to burst your bubble, but for Nintendo it is us gamers that are the niche market. They want everyone else in the world plus the people who play video games.

As for the price of the PS3, it's irrelevant, early adopters will pay whatever it takes to get the console. Prices will drop over time, and I'm sure as the PS3 gains market penetration the price will drop even further to make the platform more ubiquitous than the X-Box 360. It happened with the PS2, it'll happen again with the PS3.

Don't forget that the XBox 360 Pro System costs 500 bucks right now [note: I Am Canadian, so those are Canadian dollars... sorry guys, 399 US is right]. Paying a bit more for a PS3 is no big deal to anyone willing to pay that much for a console, especially if it's a playstation.

As for the Wii, I'll probably own one of those AND a PS3 AND an X360. Now that I think about it, by the time I die, I'll need a house to store all of my consoles.

Last Edited on 05/12/06 @ 12:42 PM EST

Last Edited on 05/12/06 @ 04:17 PM EST
#7 - nemarsde - 05/12/06 @ 01:48 PM EST
Krellins, in reply to #5, I'm more of a Nintendo fan boy than a Sony fan boy actually, although I'm really a Commodore Amiga 500 fan boy. :D That machine was the dan!

Seriously though, although the Sony PlayStation was the most revolutionary video games console since the Atari, I don't have fond memories of playing PS games. I have fond memories of Nintendo games, playing with friends at weekends and at house parties, etc. Even the girls seem to be able to set aside their preconceptions and give the Nintendo some love.

Anyway, I was basically just saying that if I want a PS3, I want a PS3, I'm not going to buy an Xbox 360 and a Wii for the same price "just because".

Last Edited on 05/12/06 @ 01:49 PM EST
#8 - Megahurtz - 05/12/06 @ 02:09 PM EST
Sony is in a good position to retain a lot of the Japanese developed exclusives, but if people fail to flock to the system based on the high price, I could see a lot of those shifting over to the Wii. Assuming, of course, that the Wii takes the approach that most games will be completely playable with the gamecube controller and not have to be made to work with the gimmicky Wiimote.

Another factor I see that I haven't heard anybody talk about is the quality of the bluray player in the PS3. We all know it will be cheaper than stand alone players, but if the quality sucks compared to those set top machines, I don't think a lot of the people who bluray would target (hi-def early adopters) would opt to buy a sub par machine.
#9 - Reflex - 05/12/06 @ 02:28 PM EST
robotron - Actually the Xbox 360 Premium costs $399, not $500. That makes it $100 less than the cheap PS3, and $200 less than the real one.

nemarsde - Exactly how was the Playstation the most revolutionary console since the Atari? Did it revive a dead industry, introduce a radical new control interface that everyone copies to this day, or create the concept of third party game licensing while in the process selling around 80 million units? Of course not, that would be the NES, which is easily the most revolutionary console of all time. The Playstation was just a 'mo betta' console that came along at the rigtht time to capitalize on Nintendo and Sega's missteps.
#10 - LostToys - 05/12/06 @ 02:34 PM EST
Krellins -

Metal Gear 4 (yes, likely to be multiplatform, but we aren't arguing eventuals)
Final Fantasy XIII and its variants
And any other PS3 exclusives that will likely come down the pipeline.

Launch titles = meh, but I don't buy a console with the launch titles in mind, I am buying it for its future potential as a gaming machine. As a seious gamer, I can afford to buy all three systems, as each system will have exclusives which can't be purchased on the others.

robotron666 -

The Premium is 399.

Megahurtz -

The PS3 Blu-ray support is not targeted to the hi-def early adapters, or the electronic-philes that are out there, it is aimed at the general population who want Blu-ray/HD-DVD, but do not want to pay a premium price. A HD-DVD player is 500 dollars, whereas the beginning Blu-ray devices are 1k. Both machines are seen as too expensive for some users, as it will only play movies. However, if you get a PS3, you are also getting a gaming machine. Consumers may defer the premium cost of the PS3 knowing they are getting a gaming and movie machine. That is what Sony is hoping for. However, we will only know the true results when the system actually launches.
#11 - nemarsde - 05/12/06 @ 02:41 PM EST
No way, Reflex, my man, the Sony PlayStation became the console that took gaming mainstream, the console that made gaming hip, cool, that made staying in the new going out. The Sony PlayStation wasn't just a technological innovation, it was an integral part of a cultural revolution.
#12 - Krellins - 05/12/06 @ 02:55 PM EST
Metal Gear 4 (yes, likely to be multiplatform, but we aren't arguing eventuals)
Final Fantasy XIII and its variants
And any other PS3 exclusives that will likely come down the pipeline.

Oh hell, if we are going to just say exclusives then I can pull that card and say that MS is going to have "this" and "That".

MG4, yes gonna be great. 600.00 great? How about FFXIII? Really, FF is dying. It's a franchise that has gone the distance, but the end IS in site. Sony is holding on to yesterday HOPING it will take them into tomorrow. Truth is, people want fresh, inovative ways to play. People want new franchises.

Sony is showing me NOTHING that says "I am worth 600." And dont pull the Blu ray card, really unless it was a standard today I am not going to make that gamble.
#13 - LostToys - 05/12/06 @ 03:05 PM EST
Krellins -

But that is what I am saying: content exclusive to the platform, or at least superior on it, is what makes the console a viable platform.

If I had asked you last year what Xbox360 games are selling the system, what would you have said? Likely, the games which are exlcusive to that console at the time.

"MG4, yes gonna be great. 600.00 great?"

It is comments like this that piss me off when people are comparing consoles. No single game is worth the price of admission for a console. It is the culmination of titles which makes or breaks the consoles viability as a gaming platform. If it was only one title (you are argue MGS 4), then, no. But MGS4 is not the only title that I am interested in at this time, or down the road. It is just one of many.

Final Fantasy is only dying to YOU. Yes, gaming is subjective. You don't like it, but that doesn't mean I don't either. I enjoy my Japanese RPGs because they are linear, tell me a story which generally interests me, and keeps me entertained. And really, that is all that matters: entertainment. I would be careful about saying something is "dying", when it is still alive in my heart *cry*.

Who are "these people"? Seriously, don't use your personal preference (or even a peer sample) as evidence of what people want. If people wanted fresh and new, then why do games like Psychonauts and Rez do horribly? As much as I like fresh and new, there is comfort in what we already know. Look at all the bad press before Wii was hands on. People were sniping at the controller left and right because they were afraid of it. And yet, at the same time, people are sniping Sony for using the same dual shock controller design. Truly, every person is an enigma, and you can't just clump everyone together. We are not a collective of one mind.

I can pull the Blu-ray card because it is important to ME. Like previously, just because you have no interest in something does not mean that others do not. 600 bones will get me a gaming console and a Blu-ray player, which is a much better deal than me purchasing a Samsung Blu-ray player for 1k this summer.

Last Edited on 05/12/06 @ 03:07 PM EST
#14 - Megahurtz - 05/12/06 @ 03:20 PM EST
"Truth is, people want fresh, inovative ways to play. People want new franchises."

I completely disagree. Look at every Nintendo system that comes out. Mario. Metroid. Smash Brothers. Zelda. Pokemon. Those are all first/second party titles that are rehashed every generation.

3rd party developers are just as bad on MS and Sony machines. Yearly updates to every sport franchise imaginable, each iteration selling more copies than the previous one. Devil May Cry 3. Onimusha 4. Need for Speed Underground 2, which was the 9th game in the series by my count.

Sequels sell and sell while original games flop. How many Beyond Good & Evil, Psychonauts, Indigo Prophecy, or Jade Empire sequels do you see? Everybody moans about the current state of gaming being repetitive and everything being a rehash, but the consumer masses still rush out to buy whatever a publisher manages to churn out every 10 months.
#15 - nVidiot_Whore - 05/12/06 @ 03:45 PM EST
nemerasde: Are you forgetting that MS will have sold 10 MILLION 360's before the PS3 even launches? That's MS's prediction, and I trust it considering their "8 month" prediction was recently RAISED.

Here in the states the 360 has become quite mainstream and "cool" in a way.. featured on MTV.. it was on SouthPark... I've seen NFL players being interviewed on ESPN playing their 360's.

It's the latest thing.. and it's the only thing available for an ENTIRE year before the PS3 hits at a VERY HIGH price point.

Even $500 over $400 is still 25% higher.

I think the PS3 will be successful.. but the XBox 360 has the momentum right now. The Playstation brand recognition will take Sony far.. but they aren't going to dominate like they did last time IMO.

And the Nintendo stuff cracks me up...

Do people REALLY THING anyone but gaming geeks is going to think that a controller wand is "cool" or ANYTHING they'd ever touch? Meh... I think the last thing a non gamer wants is to use some motion sensing technology that makes them look like a fool.

Just my opinion.

Last Edited on 05/12/06 @ 03:49 PM EST
#16 - nVidiot_Whore - 05/12/06 @ 03:53 PM EST
On the other hand.. the gaming web sites and the gaming nerds out their claiming Sony is "dead" or whatever are not being realistic.

There are MILLIONS of people like nemerasde who've convinced themselves that only the "Playstation" si "cool".. and that Nintendo is "kiddy" and Microsoft is "nerdy."

Got.. I got that crap all the time talking to my younger cousins about consoles... "I have an XBox"... "Ohh.. you nerd!!"

Fucking tards.

Having said that.. if you look at any of the online polls they put MS in LAST... NIntendo in FIRST and Sony in SECOND..

Why? Everone had REALLY LOW expectations for Nintenod and they at least delivered something pretty cool..

And there are still FAR MORE Sony fanboys than people who are buying up 360's..

I think that will change as MS has REAL GAMES like Gears of War being released soon that are pretty amazing and are going to be heavilly marketed (commercials, MTV specials, etc.) as well as the 360 being the first console to get the REAL next-gen sports titles before the PS3 is even out..

But still... the power of the Sony fanboy whose convinced themselves they are "Cool" is still strong.

Last Edited on 05/12/06 @ 03:55 PM EST
#17 - Tre-ful Dead - 05/12/06 @ 04:10 PM EST
Fanboy war!

I didn't see anything shown for ps3 that makes me want one, not even figuring in the price.
#18 - nVidiot_Whore - 05/12/06 @ 04:21 PM EST
Yes! Exciting isn't it?


I'll happily own whatever console interests me whilste not giving a shit whose pockets I'm lining.

But I don't mind speculating on whats going to happen...

If you've paid any attention to me you'd realize I'm almost always spot on.

1) I predicted the Xbox would do well and likely come in second.

2) I predicted live would NOT have servers hosting all games.. that Live games would largely be limited to 8-16 players..

3) I predicted over a year ago that the XBox 360 would NOT be much better or any better than the PC's that would be available at it's launch.

For the most part nobody agreed with anything I've predicted on VE3d, GNS or here over the last 6 years but they all laregely came true.

Hahah!!! I am the console swami!!!

Mark my words.. the Xbox 360/PS3 "race" will be CLOSE. When the dust settles 4 years from now or so I predict it will be a game of "whose numbers do you believe" with an edge given to Microsoft.

Depsite everyone claiming Nintendo "won" E3 I believe they will come in 3rd yet again with a STRONG showing in Japan but a lack of mainstream buyers in NA.

Those are my predictions.

Do I really CARE? No.. I want the games I want.. and I hope all 3 companies have some success as the competition has done GREAT things for consoles.

Without the XBox I seriously doubt that we'd have any hard drives in consoles, online services, co-op FPS games, etc.

Last Edited on 05/12/06 @ 04:25 PM EST
#19 - LostToys - 05/12/06 @ 04:29 PM EST
nVidiot Whore -

"If you've paid any attention to me you'd realize I'm almost always spot on."

Except for that one time we went to the bar and you told me to hit on that hot chick. Yeah, it turns out, she was a man.

Last Edited on 05/12/06 @ 04:35 PM EST
#20 - nVidiot_Whore - 05/12/06 @ 04:43 PM EST
He WAS hot though.
#21 - The Dragon - 05/12/06 @ 06:55 PM EST
I agree with everything Moore said. I will buy a Wii and a 360 but not a PS3. The only game I am looking forward to on the PS3 is the next GTA, which has now been announced to be coming out for the 360. I see no reason to purchase it.
#22 - Phobia - 05/12/06 @ 07:28 PM EST
I see no point in purchasing a PS3 because it has blue ray and is cheaper than a blue ray player. If that's what they are hedging their bets on to sell their system they are going to lose alot of followers.

Of course, it may just be me but wouldn't those new blue ray players require blue ray movies to show off their power? So then everyone would have to purchase new versions of DVDs they already own? I don't see that flying with the average parent/child beg-a-thon that occurs every time a new console surfaces.

Still, I'm sure the loyalest of the loyal will get it because its a PS.. but IMHO that won't be enough to make up for the lead MS has or the ingenuity/price of the Wii.
#23 - LostToys - 05/12/06 @ 07:40 PM EST
Phobia -

"I don't see that flying with the average parent/child beg-a-thon that occurs every time a new console surfaces."

Ahh, but you may find these two points from the ESA interesting:

4. The average game player is 30 years old and has been playing games for 9.5 years.

5. The average game buyer is 37 years old. In 2005, 95 percent of computer game buyers and 84 percent of console game buyers were over the age of 18.*

Sony knows they are hitting the high end, and Sony knows that the people who are likely to buy the console are people who have the money to do so. Yes, they will loss sales because Johnny doesn't get his console (incidently, before someone tries to destroy this argument, 85% of games sold last year were rated E-T), but Sony isn't worried about it.

*Note: The ESA does not stipulate if purchase is the same thing as ownership. If it is neerly an indicator of who bought a game (but not who owns and uses it) then this becomes a rather loose argument, as kids generally don't carry 60 dollars in their pockets to purchase a game.

"Of course, it may just be me but wouldn't those new blue ray players require blue ray movies to show off their power? So then everyone would have to purchase new versions of DVDs they already own?"

If you are concerned about replacing your library, you can just start substituting future DVD purchases with Blu-ray ones instead. This way, you can still show off the High-Def format without double/triple dipping.

Last Edited on 05/12/06 @ 07:47 PM EST
#24 - Phobia - 05/12/06 @ 07:42 PM EST
didn't they pull HDMI from the PS3? if so, what good will the blue ray player be when they start pumping out HDMI only ?
#25 - LostToys - 05/12/06 @ 07:48 PM EST
HDMI is only important if studios use their Image Constraint Tokens (ICT). The Token makes it so that the component outputs are restricted to 960x540 pixels. So far, no studio has initiated, or plan to initiate, the use of Tokens, but it is something that can be used in future releases.
#26 - Phobia - 05/12/06 @ 10:13 PM EST
What would you do if you wantd people to adopt your new tech NOW. Would you wait to use the tokens or do it right away? if you do it right away everyone puts on the brakes, everyone shys away and no sale. If you wait, everyone buys in thinking (hoping) it's not going to happen and then you flip the switch. Sure everyone will complain but in the end they've already bought in and they don't have a choice. This has been done before, in fact it seems to be the standard business model for selling something.

I don't know, I'm thinking they didn't spend all this time, effort, and money on something so as to not implement it in the future. My money is on them implementing
#27 - LostToys - 05/13/06 @ 12:02 AM EST
Phobia -

It is likely they will impliment it (as part of the AACS) but to the degree of completely alienating older television users, we will have to wait and see.
#28 - nemarsde - 05/13/06 @ 05:26 AM EST
nVidiot, in reply to #16. Just to clarify a few of your bullet points:

I don't think the PS3 is the only cool video games console. It's not released yet, so I couldn't comment. I was saying the original PS was revolutionary because it made gaming cool.

I'd also say that last gen, the PS2 still had the edge on coolness over the Xbox (which really was not cool).

When I say these things I'm picking up on the views in the mainstream media, the reaction to the marketing campaigns and the sales. All UK centric.

And btw, I don't think Nintendo consoles are kiddified in anyway, but I do think they and their games are more accessible, broadly speaking, and that's why I can honestly say I've had the most fun out of Nintendo consoles over the years.

Edit: And finally, repeating what I said before. If someone wants to buy a PS3, they'll buy a PS3. The very notion that they'll buy an Xbox 360 and a Wii instead, just because they can for the same price, well, it's stupid, imho.

Last Edited on 05/13/06 @ 05:28 AM EST
#29 - nVidiot_Whore - 05/13/06 @ 05:54 AM EST
nem: I wasn't describing you man.. just kindof what you were describing that I knew was somewhat rhetorical.
#30 - nemarsde - 05/13/06 @ 11:03 AM EST
It's too late for that! I'm hurt, my heart's cleft in two, it's over, I don't want your children any more! I'm moving in with LostToys, at least he has purple hair.
#31 - Alex Murphy - 05/25/06 @ 10:35 PM EST
At this rate, I wont be purchasing a PS3. Even with the PS2's expansive library of games, Microsoft's XBOX grew and grew in terms of quality "XBOX only" titles and even aquired the Grand Theft Auto series. The graphics were even noticably better on the XBOX, so my PS2 became a dusty relic. Who's not to say that wont be the same situation with the PS3? There isn't a single damn thing that has anybody I know doing cart-wheels when they find out it has a $600.00 price tag. Fuck that.
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