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Halo 3 Announcement Trailer (HOT ITEM)
Kyle 'Pezman' Peschel :: 12:00 PM @ May 30th, 2006 :: In-House: Download
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Miss E3 2006? Wanting to see the Halo 3 Trailer that everyone is talking about? Well good news for you! I've finally fixed our download system, which means we are now offering the mega high resolution Halo 3 E3 2006 Annoucement Trailer for download from our own server. That means free downloads with pretty solid speeds without having to sign up for a blasted thing!

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#1 - Pezman - 05/30/06 @ 12:03 PM EST
Yes, I know this is 20 days late being posted, but at least I got it up this time, I'll be adding more videos and demos when I have some freetime.
#2 - Eidolon - 05/30/06 @ 12:11 PM EST
so never? I'd imagine TimeShift is in crunch right now...
#3 - colinp - 05/30/06 @ 12:15 PM EST
hah, nice eidy. Kick him while he's down!

Nice to hear that there'll be downloads here though. What are the chances that gg will have the exclusive Wolf demo come release eidy? Or TimeShift demo for that matter...? ;)
#4 - Pezman - 05/30/06 @ 12:22 PM EST
You don't want the TimeShift demo, it was shoved out the door.
#5 - colinp - 05/30/06 @ 12:39 PM EST
Ouch. Nature of the business I guess.

Hope the final version turns out for the better then.
#6 - Eidolon - 05/30/06 @ 01:01 PM EST
colinp: I can say that there's about a 0% chance that the exclusive Wolf demo comes to gamegossip.
#7 - Pezman - 05/30/06 @ 01:36 PM EST
How about that Halo 3 trailer though eh? Nice resolution on the video.

Great way to tell me nothing about the game other then this is likely the last Halo title.
#8 - colinp - 05/30/06 @ 02:11 PM EST
Yeah, Halo 3 trailer was pretty lame. Maybe it's for the best though. Hopefully they'll really spend the time making a compelling sp campaign and mixing up the gameplay. H:CE was sooooo great, and H2 was sooooo shitty.

I'd be surprised if this was the last Halo title though. It's way too big of a cash cow to just sink it now.
#9 - Tre-ful Dead - 05/30/06 @ 02:43 PM EST
Halo itself, I can see ending with the 3rd installment. The universe halo takes place in, I doubt we've seen the end.

This trailer was perfect, just a teaser showing off some of the graphical touches we'll end up with.

I've yet to be even slightly dissapointed with either Halo game, I've never continued to play any game so much so frequently. Hell, my girl and I play co-op with both regularlyl and hop on live with 2 all the time.

I've got nothing but anticipation for the next installment.
#10 - Megahurtz - 05/30/06 @ 02:53 PM EST
Halo had some asstastic cut n paste maps which wore on you. But then you had those really awesome large, open maps that were a blast to play over and over. Halo 2 sprung that alien crap on you and seemingly took away all the large outdoor maps. Then you had the cop out ending. Multiplayer made up for it though...
#11 - nVidiot_Whore - 05/30/06 @ 03:01 PM EST
Halo 1 was brilliant.. Legendary mode was nicely balanced so that it SEAMED almost impossible at first but if you were highly skilled you could make it through entire maps without dying.

And the maps were designed (at least the first 5 or 6) for co-op.

Me and my buddy could start at the beginning and make it all the way through the first 4 maps without either of us dying once.. we ALMOST made it through the 5th map (the snow one) but got owned up on that overhang.

Halo 2?

Sucked dick bad. Legendary was impossible... snipers + dual wielding amde it so enemies could snipe you from out of nowhere and dudes could come around corners and kill you every few seconds.

Heroic was easy as shit. What complete crap.. didn't anyone balance the game?

And the dual wielding added unnecesary complexity to the controls and took away from the importance of grenades.

I was highly dissapointed by Halo 2.. it was boring IMO..

Also the fact that they couldn't figure out how to add online co-op to their engine was crap.
#12 - ZiggY - 05/30/06 @ 03:11 PM EST
Hey, that download page is b0rked. In FireFox clicking the "Download Now!" link just loops you back to the download page, in IE it sends you back out to the main GG page. And in neither browser does it auto-download when you go to the download page.
#13 - Shataan - 05/30/06 @ 03:42 PM EST
Same here. Linky no worky. ;p
#14 - Houdini - 05/30/06 @ 04:10 PM EST
okay.. but dont tell anyone at other sites about the direct downloads here..
unless u have gobs of bandwidth?
#15 - Tre-ful Dead - 05/30/06 @ 04:27 PM EST
Legendary no 2 was fine except for not being able to have your partner respawn. That made the first level nearly impossible to get past but from there on out its not near as hard.

I think dual weapons were great and added another dimension of gameplay to it, being as you couldn't dual wield AND throw a grenade, though the gameplay brought out by that really shines in multiplayer.

There were some sweet outdoor maps in halo 2 and the levels were a lot longer as well. I love the battle in the snow with arbiter and the flood. Tanks and ghosts and shit everywhere. Busier action than any halo 1 level ever had.
#16 - Shataan - 05/30/06 @ 05:21 PM EST
File Shack works. The vid was just ok.

Last Edited on 05/30/06 @ 05:29 PM EST
#17 - BiomeXhanoid - 05/30/06 @ 07:01 PM EST
#7: and that's the way it should be.

As for legendary2 it was perfect, because legendary on 1 wasn't all that hard if you used cover and dodged.

Guess you really don't want to try mythic difficulty.

Last Edited on 05/30/06 @ 07:05 PM EST
#18 - PFC_Hudson - 05/30/06 @ 08:42 PM EST
hmm, its not working for me.
#19 - Arioch - 05/31/06 @ 01:35 AM EST
Hard for me to get worked up about a game that won't be out till late 2007.
#20 - sweetjimmy - 05/31/06 @ 04:34 PM EST
i see we're back online...
#21 - Pezman - 05/31/06 @ 05:58 PM EST
The download page has been fixed! Thanks to CWM, Darkmage, and Eldritch for your help!
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