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Video Game ... Detox Centers? (HOT ITEM)
Andrew 'Talon' Wilson :: 10:56 PM @ June 10th, 2006 :: General Gaming
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In a story that's sure to come in handy for all the apparent junkies that are on the Internet, a story was run the other day by the Associated Press (via Yahoo), reporting that in Amsterdam the first addiction center is opening for ... of all things, video games. Run by Amsterdam-based Smith & Jones Addiction Consultants, the center will open in July, running in four to eight week "detox" (we can't make this stuff up), programs. Apparently the center will include discussions with therapists, in an attempt to build patients interests in other activities. For those not already really, really, confused, below is a couple interesting quotes on the matter.
"We have kids who don't know how to communicate with people face-to-face because they've spent the last three years talking to somebody in Korea through a computer," Bakker said. "Their social network has completely disappeared."

Hyke van der Heijden, 28, a graduate of the Amsterdam program, started playing video games 20 years ago. By the time he was in college he was gaming about 14 hours a day and using drugs to play longer.

"For me, one joint would never be enough, or five minutes of gaming would never be enough," he said. "I would just keep going until I crashed out."

Of course, this begs the question: how DO you snort a video game? At any rate, see the link above for more information.

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#1 - Whitelines - 06/11/06 @ 12:14 AM EST
If anyone can figure out how to snort WoW, i really need a hit bad.

Last Edited on 06/11/06 @ 12:14 AM EST
#2 - Pezman - 06/11/06 @ 04:11 AM EST
I think it is comedy that such centers are needed. What's the longest you've ever played video games straight? For me, I've toped out at about 10 hours.
#3 - Blindside - 06/11/06 @ 07:33 AM EST
This is less about video games and more about people with a dangerously low level of self-control and willpower. Addicted to videogames? Ok, sure. They could just as easily be addicted to anything else they might consider enjoyable. However since videogames are as accessible as they are, they're the perfect candidate for an addiction.
#4 - Cage - 06/11/06 @ 09:46 AM EST
The new Penny Arcade reminds me of a topic that has come up here a few times. Sales people who have a B.S. in stupidity.
#5 - Quickstriker - 06/11/06 @ 12:27 PM EST
I can see this for people who take it too far with video games. For me I play at least a max of six hours with breaks in between but I just don't have the interest to play the same games I got over and over and I have little money for more.
#6 - potter - 06/11/06 @ 01:07 PM EST
Damn, 6 hrs straight of gaming. I find that to be nuts. The most I play at one time is like 3 hrs. Usually from midnight till 3 in the morning. Oblivion has gotten me back into gaming. I stopped being able to play games for more than like 10 hrs total, but I've put a shit load of time into Oblivion.
#7 - Tre-ful Dead - 06/11/06 @ 03:56 PM EST
I'll play 6 hours sometimes. My girl and I will start playing halo around 10pm and finish around 4pm. Its not a nightly thing, but not often do we only play games for a few hours. We usually make a night of it, like anything.

Sex, going to bars, playing cards etc.
#8 - QWERTYUIOP - 06/11/06 @ 05:30 PM EST
lol I keep reading how little people play compared to me, perhaps I need to go to this place its kinda worrying D:
#9 - recce - 06/11/06 @ 11:16 PM EST
I've played FFVII nonstop for more than 20 hours straight and also many other RPG games at 10++ hrs straight.

And even further back, like 18 to 20 years back, I basically alternate between playing games and going to school (doing nothing else) for many months.

I was fully aware of this "addiction" and luckily when it's time for exams etc I'm still able to find time (though barely) for revisions among the gaming sessions.
#10 - nemarsde - 06/27/06 @ 08:34 AM EST
You know, I wish I could find a video game that was so good I needed video game detox. Honestly, are some gamers just easily pleased or maybe they literally have nothing else to do?
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