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Chaser News Interview
Manveer 'Eidolon' Heir :: 02:00 AM @ September 15th, 2003 :: In-House: Interview
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We've got a little post mortem interview with Cauldron developer Marian Holler about their recently released PC action title "Chaser". Without further delay here is what she had to say:

GameGossip: Chaser is set in the near future, in the year 2044.
Can you tell us more about the story?

Marian Holler: Since the vast majority of Earth is uninhabitable due to environmental pollution, people either live in poverty in the few industrial zones that support life, or have moved to Mars. The UN establishes security forces under the leadership of Samuel Longwood, but, after a while, the UN loses control over him. He has been giving mining rights to those who are his friends and has been using security forces as his own army.

The voice of opposition demands the dismissal of Samuel Longwood and the redistribution of mining rights. However, it's difficult to depose someone with the backing that Longwood enjoys. The opposition wants to establish order on Earth and on Mars too. The game begins with John Chaser awakening in the medical room of Orbital Station Majestic. He remembers nothing from his past; he does not know why he is there or even who he is. Even worse, almost everybody wants to kill him. He must escape from Majestic and fight through different locations to find the truth about himself. As he proceeds, he pieces together information about himself and his past.
GG: Chaser is using the CloakNT engine. What made you make the decision to develop your own engine instead of licensing an engine from someone like Epic of id?
MH: We decided to build our own engine because it allows us to include all of the features we wanted to have in Chaser. It's also an attractive option because of its cost effectiveness, as well as being a valuable tool for future projects.
GG: What are some of the features of the CloakNT engine?
MH: The breakable glass, dynamic water surface and volumetric fog and mirrors are features we are particularly proud of. When you break glass in the game, you see little fragments falling onto the ground - this is very impressive to see in adrenaline mode. Also when bullets hit the water, you can see the ripples.
GG: What are some of the multiplayer features we can expect from Chaser?
MH: Chaser will have typical multiplayer modes like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Shock Troops. Shock Troops has a different goal than the other modes: you have to achieve a goal within a time limit - for example deactivating a bomb, eliminating an enemy, or stealing something.
GG: The story, weapons, and every other aspect of the game are all rooted in realism, it seems. What are you doing you balance realism and fun factor?
MH: As gamers, we know that realism and fun need to be carefully balanced so that players really get immersed in a game. We've worked hard to achieve that balance in Chaser, and based on some informal research that we've done with gamers, we believe we have.
For more information why don't you check out the official website?

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#1 - Houdini - 09/15/03 @ 10:19 AM EST
breakable glass isnt something i would put into an interview as a "feature".
i wouldnt think?

anyone played this game (or demo?)
opinions..and keep them semi-adult in response.
#2 - Bulldog - 09/15/03 @ 11:28 AM EST
let's see ... mature response.
* thinks of dougman's comments in the nfl fever review *

#3 - Houdini - 09/15/03 @ 12:07 PM EST
i cant take u seriously.. log in..
and dont lie if youre a dev for Chaser.
#4 - Bulldog - 09/15/03 @ 12:13 PM EST
Traceroute = says it's someone in LA or San Diego.
#5 - Aphex242 - 09/15/03 @ 01:05 PM EST
Nothing special. At all. It's a decent game, but that's it. The graphics are decent, but not great. The story is WAY overused (amnesia in space). The engine is passable... there's just not a single thing 'wow' about this game. At all.

After playing Tron 2.0, this game utterly pales in comparison.
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