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PS3 IS In Production (HOT ITEM)
LostToys :: 12:40 PM @ August 31st, 2006 :: Sony Playstation
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You want news?! Well I'll give you news! One of my own personal contacts has confirmed that the PS3 has begun its initial production run as of yesturday evening (which likely means today's morning, from yesturday) in factories dotted across China and Taiwan.

Kaz made the following fake statement when asked about the so called "in production" status of the PLAYSTATION 3, "Riiiidge Raaaacer!" Well said.

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#1 - Tre-ful Dead - 08/31/06 @ 12:53 PM EST
And paperboys everywhere start pinching pennies.
#2 - LostToys - 08/31/06 @ 12:57 PM EST
I'm going to need a second job just to pay for this baby.
#3 - GNS Jim - 08/31/06 @ 12:57 PM EST
No man, this is the GTA generation, they'll be beating up whores for money.
#4 - spruce_moose - 08/31/06 @ 02:05 PM EST
I'm still on the fence with this next generation of consoles. I'd like to just have one, but that might mean missing out on some great games. So far, here in 06, the PS3 ain't looking to great...
#5 - LostToys - 08/31/06 @ 02:16 PM EST
I told myself last generation that I was only going to own one console, and I ended up with all three. I see myself repeating the same thing this time around, though I told myself I wouldn't.

And really, I find it is worth owning all three consoles, as it ensures that you can play any, and all, games which are released.
#6 - GNS Jim - 08/31/06 @ 02:31 PM EST
The problem is that when you have all the consoles you don't have the time to play the games!
#7 - LostToys - 08/31/06 @ 02:41 PM EST
Lies, I have plenty of time to play them. Sure, sometimes it gets fucking frantic, but you learn soon enough that work should remain at work!
#8 - GNS Jim - 08/31/06 @ 03:16 PM EST
Yeah but even that way you end up with a backlog, maybe I just have too many games!
#9 - LostToys - 08/31/06 @ 03:17 PM EST
Maybe you do. I play about a game a week/two weeks, depending on the game type and length.
#10 - GNS Jim - 08/31/06 @ 04:48 PM EST
I think I have a tendency to buy new games before I'm done with the old ones, that's probably where the problem stems from. *shrug* Also to be honest some of it comes down to this achievements thing with the 360 games, whereas before I'd beat a game and be done with it I now find myself going back and spending more time trying to get the achievements.
#11 - LostToys - 08/31/06 @ 04:57 PM EST
Ahh achievements, the MySpace of video games. He who has the most points, has the largest penis.
#12 - GNS Jim - 08/31/06 @ 05:17 PM EST
Heh, I have nowhere near my possible total so I'm not *that* obsessed with GS.
#13 - nemarsde - 08/31/06 @ 05:20 PM EST
Over 12 posts in comments, this story should be made Hot. Do it. Do it now!
#14 - LostToys - 08/31/06 @ 05:36 PM EST
As you wish!
#15 - Amnesiac - 08/31/06 @ 06:10 PM EST

Because we all know there is a YTMND for every situation.
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