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Forums & Comments Online (HOT ITEM)
Kyle 'Pezman' Peschel :: 12:44 AM @ January 5th, 2007 :: In-House: Announc
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I know you won't believe it, but we've finally upgraded the forums. This marks the first time in nearly three years. Although we are not done with all the upgrades (visual style, minor settings, and a few bugs) it is at least online and working.

If you've been wanting to register for the comments on the frontpage you can now do so here. If you are already a registered user, you'll need to get a new password because we deleted all old ones for security upgrade reasons.

There is a known bug between our server and We are not able to send emails to their service until our IP is fixed. If you are already registered using a hotmail account and need it changed manually. Email us with your USERNAME and CURRENT EMAIL.

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#1 - LostToys - 01/05/07 @ 03:01 AM EST
First post bitches!
#2 - ZiggY - 01/05/07 @ 04:12 AM EST
#3 - nemarsde - 01/05/07 @ 01:44 PM EST
RSS feeds aren't updating properly.
#4 - CtrlAltDel - 01/05/07 @ 01:56 PM EST
RSS Feeds are going to get redone, better than before.
#5 - Tre-ful Dead - 01/05/07 @ 02:24 PM EST
Thats weird, I got my password reset through hotmail...
#6 - nemarsde - 01/05/07 @ 06:27 PM EST
They have the technology, they can rebuild them.
#7 - PFC_Hudson - 01/05/07 @ 10:03 PM EST

#8 - Megahurtz - 01/06/07 @ 09:16 PM EST
Wow, what a pain in the ass it was to get my login to work again.

Thanks Pez!
#9 - Spanky Buttmunch - 01/06/07 @ 09:32 PM EST
Hey i just got my power back on :)
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