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Black Xbox 360 is Teh Reals: 120GB HDD and HDMI Support Added (HOT ITEM)
LostToys :: 12:53 PM @ March 20th, 2007 :: General Gaming
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By way of Kotaku, Game Informer is confirming the rumors of the often talked about Black Xbox 360. This Xbox 360 has a HDMI output and HDMI cable, a new 120GB HDD, and a new pricepoint: $479.00. The unit is scheduled for release in "April". The 120GB HDD is to be sold separately for below $200 retail price.

Sucks being an early adapter much? I will likely pick this crap up and give my current Xbox 360 to some homeless guy on the street.

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#1 - sw33tjimmy - 03/20/07 @ 01:05 PM EST
hopefully they also market a black strapon 120G hdd.
#2 - GNS Jim - 03/20/07 @ 02:09 PM EST
I think that 120gb drive has been rumoured too, though the price was less than enticing.
#3 - LostToys - 03/20/07 @ 02:16 PM EST
The rumor is is that the 120GB HDD will be below $200 retail.

Last Edited on 03/20/07 @ 02:17 PM EST
#4 - sw33tjimmy - 03/20/07 @ 02:17 PM EST
yeah, and i bet that's the us price. means in canada it will be at least $250, more likely: $280.
#5 - nVidiot_Whore - 03/20/07 @ 02:30 PM EST
Hmm.. wonder if it comes with an internal HD-DVD drive.

Doubt it at that price, but that would be sweet.

Otherwise I hope they come out with a black external HD-DVD drive.
#6 - Eidolon - 03/20/07 @ 02:35 PM EST
The article says no HD-DVD drive
#7 - LostToys - 03/20/07 @ 02:38 PM EST
No HD-DVD since HD-DVD is an "unproven format".
#8 - Skibadee - 03/20/07 @ 02:41 PM EST
I'll stick with my 20 GB for now.
#9 - Megahurtz - 03/20/07 @ 02:53 PM EST
Even if you upgrade to a new system, everything you bought on Live is still tied to the old console. You could plug the old 20gig drive in or redownload the games to the new drive, but unless you have an active net connection, all the games will show up as demos only.

I'm sure they also expect us to buy memory cards to swap saves to the new drive too :
#10 - LostToys - 03/20/07 @ 03:00 PM EST
Megahurtz -

I have no downloaded content except for Doom that I payed for. Nothing else has really enticed me. The only thing that does bother me is the lack of my save files.
#11 - Reflex - 03/20/07 @ 05:05 PM EST
Actually it has to do with poor DVD read performance on HD-DVD drives. Thats why there won't be an integrated drive for a while. The PS3 gets around this(Blu-Ray suffers from the problem as well) by giving you the option to 'install' the game to the hard drive. Since games do stream data from the drive on the fly(Oblivion does a lot of it) you can't stick a drive in there that is roughly equivilent to a 6X DVD-ROM for games written to expect 12X performance...
#12 - Austin316 - 03/20/07 @ 08:22 PM EST
If it has built-in wifi I'll consider it, otherwise, no sale!
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