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Syberia II Interview
Manveer 'Eidolon' Heir :: 03:00 AM @ September 29th, 2003 :: In-House: Interviews
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Today we've got a juicy interview with author and artistic director Beno�t Sokal.

GameGossip: What's the storyline? What are some of the locales Kate will get to visit this time around?

Beno�t Sokal: Looking desperately for Hans Voralberg, Kate Walker crossed Europe from West to East. She left behind all her worldly possessions with the sole purpose in joining the heir of the Voralberg family on his journey. Together, through mystical and enchanting lands, they shall find their way to the mythical Syberia, land of the forgotten mammoths.

Thus Syberia II begins�

The train left Aralbad under a quiet snowfall. Kate, Hans and Oscar, the loyal, humorous automaton are heading to Romansbourg, the first of the four worlds to be explored in Syberia II. Trenching through the first Russian city, then the Great North Passage, and onwards through Youkol Village to the final destination "Syberia", this motley crew will have to bypass obstacles, encounter unfriendly personages to uncover clues to vital to the continuation their quest.

Kate's timeless journey through Valadilene, Barrockstadt, Komkolzgrad and Aralbad, sparked an evolution in her character, from and ambitious lawyer into a curious and tenacious adventuress. Kate's role has also undergone a remarkable change. From being the pursuant, she becomes Hans' main acolyte, his support to attain the elapsed terra firma of the mammoths.

How will she react to this new situation? Will she live-up to the choices she made? No safety net, No history to rely on�just the discovery of a forgotten universe!
GG: At the end of Syberia, players got to finally meet the mythical Hans Voralberg. Will players get to learn more about the mechanical genius this time around, and how will the interaction between Kate and Hans play out?
BS: The player will definitely get to learn more about Hans Voralberg. With Kate's help, Hans's dream is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality. Syberia II reveals quite a bit more about the man behind the automaton technology. The interaction between them is at the basis of the Syberia II story. Kate's journey is now centered around helping Hans achieving his dream�
GG: When you make an adventure game such as Syberia II how does the process work? Is the script written at the same times puzzles are implemented, or do you work solely on the script and the integrate puzzles in afterwards?
BS: We first work on creating a strong storyline, from the storyline; we work on the main characters. When we're happy with the main storyline and the characters we start working on making the storyline interactive. The puzzles are an integral part of the interactivity we are implementing in the storyline.
GG: A lot of the puzzles of Syberia centered on Automaton designs, which are mechanical machines that don't use electricity, but rather only classical mechanics. Are you going to make the puzzles for Syberia II of the same variety, or are you attempting to extend the puzzles into a somewhat new direction?
BS: Most of Syberia II takes place outside so the puzzles will also follow that route � What I'm trying to say is that the puzzles in Syberia II will have less of a mechanical "flavor" and will be more focused around the natural side of the game.
GG: With the adventure genre considered dead by most major publishers and development teams, what moved Microids to make a big time adventure series, such as Syberia? Did the sales of the original Syberia make you feel that there still are enough gamers out there, who enjoy the genre, to make the adventure game a viable one to develop?
BS: Well overall, we sold over 350 000 copies of Syberia - PC and Xbox. These figures are considered Best-Sellers for that genre. It may not be huge compared to the Enter the Matrix game but it is still very good figures that makes this genre very viable for a developer like Microids.
GG: It has been stated that Syberia II will be the last of the Syberia storyline. Will we get to see more adventures with Kate Walker in the future?
BS: It is a possibility but honestly, it is too early to talk about this. We still have some development time on Syberia II and we are making sure to produce a strong game that should hit the store shelves next spring on PC, Xbox and PS2.

For more information on Microids and the rest of their products check out their official website.

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#1 - Bulldog - 09/29/03 @ 03:59 AM EST
Damn this game looks impressive.
Screenshots -- /comment_id=1386
#2 - Houdini - 09/29/03 @ 10:26 AM EST

i see your "damn" and raise u a "super yay"

i know i sadly missed out on the first Syberia. :(
when did the first one come out anyhow?
#3 - colinp - 09/29/03 @ 10:40 AM EST
game should be sweet, but when is it supposed to come out?! There isn't even a website for the sequel yet =(

You guys realize that the backgrounds are pre-rendered right?

The first Syberia came out (I think) about 2000-2001.
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