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Ultimate Beach Soccer Interview
Turner 'Bulldog' Hopkinson :: 03:00 AM @ September 30th, 2003 :: In-House: Interview
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Being that the game hits store shelves today what better time to run this interview! In case you care the questions are being deftly fielded by DreamCatcher's product manager Bryron Gaum. Without further adieu.

GameGossip: How is Ultimate Beach Soccer different from a soccer game such as FIFA 2004? It seems that you are going for a more arcade, light-hearted feel for the game - is this accurate?

Byron Gaum: Ultimate Beach Soccer is very much an arcade-oriented type of sports game. While you play with the real players from Professional Beach Soccer, you are also able to earn artistic points based on the style and complexity of attacks, goal scoring and defensive plays. Achieving a certain number of points allows you to reach the Power-up Mode which provides your team with maximum ability. Your Power-up will eventually run out, requiring you to resort back to your traditional gameplay. The number of Power-ups you achieve per game are unlimited and will provide you with the edge that you need to overpower your opponents.
GG: What are the different venues you can play in and what differences are there between each venue?
BG: There are four different venues in which you can play: Rio, Marseilles, Venice Beach and Bangkok. Each venue is uniquely modeled to provide the look and feel of playing soccer in the various countries. Music, fans and sideshows are all different in each venue. For example you'll hear samba music in Rio while you'll hear West Coast Rap in Venice.
GG: Why choose the beach as a setting for the game? Why not play soccer on the street, in a park, or even indoors?
BG: The idea was to create an alternative to the classic soccer game which would attract both soccer and arcade fans with its fun gameplay, nice animations, colorful environments, etc. The answer was Ultimate Beach Soccer. We worked very closely with Beach Soccer Worldwide to create a game that accurately reflects the sport of beach soccer, but also adds a unique edge to the soccer category.
GG: Can you perform different soccer moves, such as headers and flying kicks?
BG: Yes, those moves are all in the game, plus many more.
GG: Is there anything else about Ultimate Beach Soccer you'd like our readers to know?
BG: We really hope that you have fun with this one! You can also check out the Game Boy Advance version that will be in stores in late October.
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UBS will make an appearance on the PC, Xbox, and eventually the GBA as well.

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