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Planetside: Core Combat Interview (HOT ITEM)
Manveer 'Eidolon' Heir :: 03:00 AM @ October 6th, 2003 :: In-House: Interview
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The man with perhaps the coolest name in the gaming industry, Dallas Dickinson, who also happens to be the producer of Planetside: Core Combat has sat down with us today to answer some questions about the game. Enjoy the read:

GameGossip: What are some of the new things that Core Combat will add to the world of PlanetSide?
Dallas Dickinson: New weapons, new vehicles, and powerful new alien technology to increase the power and value of surface bases. In addition, Core Combat will give players a totally new fighting experience, stressing urban combat tactics and 3D attack strategies.
GG: How will players who own Core Combat play with regular PlanetSide users who don't have the expansion?
DD: The caverns will only be accessible to players who own Core Combat. However, the Ancient Modules that are produced in the core must be installed into surface facilities. So non-Core Combat owners will get to share in the benefits of these modules (as long as members of their empire go into the Core to retrieve them).
GG: Can you describe, in detail, the new war zones that will be available and how they are unique?
DD: We have six new cavern zones, each with a unique terrain, and each favoring certain tactics. There is a swampy cavern that is very difficult for land vehicles to traverse, an ice cavern with frozen lakes, and a volcanic cavern with massive lava fissures. You probably don't want to fall down one of them. Each cavern will contain a Core building, and that will be the main objective of the area. However, each cavern will tend to favor unique combinations of soldiers, air vehicles and flight vehicles as well as unique tactics.
GG: What have been the difficulties in getting urban combat to work and still be fun in the game?
DD: Absolutely not! This is something we've wanted to be a part of the game since we shipped, and we're finally getting it in. PlanetSide already does large-scale outdoor combat better than any FPA game on the market. We also have fantastic close combat (small interiors). This new expansion merely fills out the gameplay with a third setting for fighting.
GG: How far along is Core Combat from release?
DD: An official release date has yet to be announced, but we will be coming out very soon.
If you're interested on learning more about the game then feel free to check out the official website.

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#1 - Staggs - 10/06/03 @ 08:19 AM EST
I just cancelled planetside. There really wasn't anything to keep me there (meaning it had stuff that I can't find on other fps's). I'll probably pick up the expansion, and give it another go when it comes out though.
#2 - Rincewind - 10/06/03 @ 09:39 AM EST
when i went out to buy planetside i found out that the prepaid cards weren't available in my country so i bought battlefield 1942 instead.

it never disappointed me for a second and it has every feature that i expected from planetside without the monthly costs.
#3 - Houdini - 10/06/03 @ 09:49 AM EST
okay... i was going to hold my tongue.. but

why make an expansion pack for a game where the number of players have only declined (and very steadily) since the games release?
the world is far too big for the amount of players left in the game.
and dont get me started on all the reasons a host of people quit this game.. myself included.

it was a good first showing for a MMOFPS
but after 3 weeks of playing.. I'd seen it all, done it all.. and had no reason to keep playing.
#4 - Houdini - 10/06/03 @ 12:24 PM EST
i played with [TGIF] on Markov..some of the highest ranking people at the time.

during the first 3 months of PS, i noticed NOTHING but negative comments on the boards, other websites, and anywhere else i stopped on the net. damn near every review i read on this game ended with the same thing "good for a few weeks worth of play, but NO reason to come back and play after that".
theres no goal, all there is is capture.. move on.. capture.. go back.. recapture.. repeat.

horribly undefendable bases, lackluster landscape.. shitty netcode..unbalanced weapons, mostly useless weapons and useless vehicles.
bugs that the dev teamed seemed to ignore in order to introduce new and even more useless vehicles.

Tribes1 did massive FPS better (although not as big.. it was WAY more rewarding)
BF1942 is better layed out, has a purpose to keep playing.

theres no reason to keep playing PS. its all rinse and repeat.. no winner-which is NEEDED in an FPS. or at least an attainable goal, where the server and stats can be reset or something to the like. its hard to make a MMOG that is typically an PRG that doesnt "end" with an FPS thats supposed to have an ending.
u can have 1000's of people playing at the same time on a server.. but that stat alone doesnt make the game any much different than bf1942 of Tribes.
what happens in PS when u max out your level? u just command a bunch of people to do the same thing over and over again.. til they reach your level?

if PS had less bugs, more inspiring landscapes, less land, more useful weapons, more useful veh_, more defendable positions/weapons, and some sort of achievable goal.. then it wouldve been better. but as it stands, and coming from 8 yrs of FPS playing.. it fell short and afforded too many of us plenty of opportunities to walk away from the game completely and say in unison "it was fun for a few weeks".
#5 - Houdini - 10/06/03 @ 06:17 PM EST
i cannot in good faith take any of u anonymous peoples impressions seriously.
sometimes i get the idea that the devs send people this way to say things (i call them "plants") im suspicious.. but ive seen it before.

the game has no reason to keep playing. i found the only people that kept playing this game at all were mainly RPG'ers that wanted something new and didnt know what a real FPS was like, or jaded fanboys that would stick out the game for its first 4-6 months even though it was abysmal at best.

locking up, door freezes, stuck in the earth (what the fuck was that show-stopper about?) useless weps, useless vehicles..
I'm glad some folks stayed on to keep playing.. maybe the next dev to release a MMOFPS will learn from Sony's all-to-obvious mistakes.

"The game is better then Tribes and BF1942 because you actually use stratagy over bigger maps and against more people"

u sir are a fool. and after that "wool over your eyes" statement, your opinions are no longer valid here.

there is a goal in Tribes/BF1942 and every other FPS out there. at the end of time or when a limits hit.. u have a clear winner. u know who did what for the team, and if u were a superstar that round, people can see it.

theres barely any widespread acknowledgement of your actions in PS.
another problem with PS is:
all those weapons, yet most people only use the same 4 or 5. everyone realized which weps were best and then they all used just them. making all those other weps useless.. same goes for vehicles.

i wish i had a quick fix for PS, dont get me wrong, i wanted to see it succeed-it just didnt.

#6 - Bulldog - 10/06/03 @ 10:40 PM EST
// thinks about programming in comment flood control.
#7 - Neon - 10/08/03 @ 09:20 AM EST
PS is a very very well done game.

I havent had a serious piece of lag since i started playing. The net code people complain about? Sure, you look at the other big similiar type game, 64 people in a server? Yeah with some lag at times. Then get into a battle with 400+ people, and your telling me you are seriously bloody complaining about a bit of lag??

Yes it is a shame theres no clear winner. And yes the same weapons get used over and over. I havent played a FPS yet where that does not occur. Certain weapons are better than others, so they get used. I dont seriously see players going "I know ill use a really bad weapon and go get killed so my game is more diverse."

_ And whoever complained its stupid that you cant your efforts dont get you indiavidual praise, well why did you bother playing PS in the first place? You merely want to see your name with the highest number next toi it. Go buy UT2k3. I personally want to see my Empire control a whole continent against overwhelming odds. And whilest there is no clear "This guy is l337" players, you get to know the good players. You get to note who the good snipers are, you know who the guys you can relie on in your squad are.

And the Community? Well theyre a bunch of whiney assed cry babies it seems. They are nit picking voer trivial issues like this. Everything needs to be complained about. Everything is crap. Everything could of been done better. Like someone else said, some people just have to be miserable.

Theres alot PS does right. And if you guys stopped complaining and looked at it, maybe you'd get some enjoyment out of it, instead of being determined to run it, and yourself into the ground.

There is alot being put into the game, its constantly evolving. If you have a serious request or complaint, go post on the Sony boards and someone gets back to you ASAP.

My Outfit opperates on Werner, im with the Vanu Sovereignty. To those that dont like it, stop nit picking over nothing. To those that do, im MiRNeon on Werner, and ill see you all out there.Last Edited on 10/08/03 @ 09:24 AM EST
#8 - Craigios - 10/27/03 @ 12:28 PM EST
I would just like to say that I get the feeling that alot of people haven't really given planetside a fair chance. I have been playing since launch and i still enjoy it.

As to the comments about BF1942, would someone please explain the goals that are supposed to be there. You run around shooting a few people, occaisonally run over people in vehicles and maybe even fly a plane. Oh, but then your thirty minute game is over. Do not get me wrong, it is a very enjoyable game but the outfit I belong to in planetside has more than three times the members than you have people in one game in BF.

As I said I enjoy BF but I haven't had it installed on my comp for months. As to the guy who moaned about the damage from weapons(whippayazz), have you never heard of a challenge.
#9 - Houdini - 10/29/03 @ 12:56 PM EST
in BF 1942/Tribes/CS/etc..
there is a goal, an ending.. a chance to say "yes, we won" and to see who had the biggest impact..

in PS.. u play merry go round the bases, capture then lose.. rinse and repeat.
uninpired weapson, ugly terrain, useless bases, more useless vehicles.

u see WAY more negative write ups about PS after the first month of someone playing it than any other big FPS ever.

they lost a huge client base.. and it wasnt just due to the free trial time expiring either.

the game just didnt have any reason to keep playing.
#10 - Houdini - 11/25/03 @ 09:35 AM EST
not tjhat anyone is reading this but..
just to test this site out when i first got here, i registered with a new email account and still ahvent received a single piece of spam. no spam filter either.
#11 - FalconX101 - 12/29/03 @ 12:22 AM EST
I played the game for 2 months,
Was with clan STING

ANd it went well i was a scount some times other a sniper,some times a tank,

I did everything praticially in 2 months
you could,

The game was good to start out with,
But then it gets boring,and you get more lag,and the vanu gets less underpowered weapons then they get good weapons then back to crap weapons,Same goes for all sides
smurfs elmos and barneys,

It just rinse and repeat,over and over again,
It was a good idea,and a Brillent one at that,But the game fail way short of the finish line,And the tech support sucks major ass,

Thats my 2.cents and to some of the anon people
I think we have the same person,with to much time on their hands,useing a proxyserver or something to post randem jibberish,and start fights just my to cents again.
#12 - NoControl - 05/24/05 @ 08:48 PM EST
Don't listen to these whiney people.... I played this game religiously while it was in beta and now that I acutally have the free time and the small ammount of ($13) /month I am going out and getting back into it after dreaming of it on and off for 2 years...
It's now 2005 and I have read TONS of gripes from people who had left the game and are now bashing it. It is literally LIKE NO OTHER GAME EVER. During beta testing there were TONS of bugs but that did not stop us.... there was a relatively small population ( ~1500 ppl) but we kept on playing and loving it.
In a world where the newest games are still just re-hashes of Wolf-3D, PlanetSide was burned in my memory and is relived in my dreams.
Maybe it takes a special kind of person that can recognize _reatness of this game and maybe I'm just a loony with a fixation.
_ Try it for yourself. I love it, you may too.
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