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Lineage: Dark Conquest Interview
Manveer 'Eidolon' Heir :: 03:00 AM @ October 10th, 2003 :: In-House: Interview
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Today we sat down with NCSoft producer Lance "CaptSturm" Stites to ask some questions about Dark Conquest.

What exactly is Dark Conquest? How does it fit in with the universe of Lineage?

Dark Conquest is the next multi-episode epic of Lineage. This episode ushers in the history of ancient conflict between the Forest Elves and the Elves that turned away from their creator and followed the path of darkness. It centers around the evolution of the Dark Elves into the assassins of the shadows.
What are some of the additions in Dark Conquest?
With the first episode of Dark Conquest, we�ve introduced something new across almost every aspect of the game, from new land masses and dungeons (and towers!) to new armor and weapons.
How many episodes are planned in the Lineage: Dark Conquest saga and how often will they be released?
This epic consists of 6 new episodes, to be delivered over the next three years and represents an aggressive approach at delivering new content and gameplay enhancements. The timeframe will vary, but they should be released in approximately six month intervals.
Will different episodes add new features and races, or just new areas to explore and quests to perform?
While detailed feature lists continue to be generated, it�s a safe bet that new features will continue to be released�and not just with new episodes. The Lineage Development Team continues to aggressively release new and interesting features on an almost weekly basis. Current plans do incorporate many changes, additions, and features beyond simple new maps.
What�s the coolest part about being a Dark Elf character?
The character actually plays very well as a true �assassin� class, which can be incredibly useful as your BloodPledge (or guild/clan) tries to conquer one of the 7 castles in the world. The details of the magic that is specific to the Dark Elf are very interesting, such as invisibility spells and �Final Burn�, which is a near suicide attack, but very devastating to the enemy forces. But when casting Final Burn - like a Ninja, you must make your escape quickly or die yourself. The �Dual Wield� weapons are also great at dealing massive damage, but at the cost of being unable to equip a shield. I�m very glad to say the tactical and strategic depth of the game has not only been preserved, but it has been enhanced in very interesting ways.
Is there anything else you�d like to say about Lineage: Dark Conquest?
Dark Conquest represents the ongoing commitment to new and exciting content from NCsoft. I�d encourage anyone who hasn�t experienced Lineage to use this opportunity to explore the challenges and just plain fun that is to be found in the Lands of Aden. After all, the game client itself is free and you have a free evaluation period to try the game at no risk. Perhaps I�ll see you hunting in the floating clouds above Aden or deep in her oceans depths.

For more information three out of four dentists suggest checking out the official website.

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#1 - Houdini - 10/10/03 @ 10:00 AM EST
"For more information three out of four dentists suggest checking out the official website.

1 out of 2 magicians suggest posting the main sites homepage in the article. ya nubshroom.
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