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Phantom Interview (HOT ITEM)
Manveer 'Eidolon' Heir :: 03:00 AM @ October 17th, 2003 :: In-House: Interviews
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Today we've whipped together a juicy interview with the Chief Marketing Officer of Infinium Labs, David Frederick. In case you've been living in a dark hole these past few months Infinium Labs are the guys developing the Phantom console.

GameGossip: Why the decision to make the Phantom? There are already other consoles on the market that seem to have a firm stronghold. Was there something missing from the current consoles that you felt you could offer?
David Frederick: Let me first clear up a misconception. The Phantom Game System is not another console. It is a dynamic game system built around two key components: The Phantom - a technology platform and the PhantomNet-VPGN (Virtual private Game Network) which feeds the Phantom. We decided to create the Phantom Game System to take advantage of the newest interactive technologies and existing broadband infrastructure. We wanted to create a new game delivery system that allowed for unprecedented flexibility, affordability and performance.
GG: A lot of the more hardcore gamers have been very skeptical of the Phantom - do you think you'll be able to capture part of that market, given the fact that many of them own multiple consoles?
DF: I think so. What we are offering is more than another console. It is a game system that provides high performance and unprecedented flexibility which they can't get from current products.
GG: How does the purchasing of games work? Do you get the games for free to download with the monthly fee, or do you have to purchase the games separately?
DF: Both. Your monthly subscription fee includes a certain number of titles and you will be able to purchase or rent a la carte.
GG: What do you think is the number one selling point of the Phantom?
DF: Affordability, performance, flexibility and scalability.
GG: Can you tell us some of the companies you are working with to provide titles for the Phantom?
DF: Yes, in short, we are working with all the major publishers and developers to create a new electronic distribution system. We have recently announced RiverDeep and there will be more announcements coming over the next few weeks.
For some more information about the "dynamic game system" check out their official website.

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#1 - ZiggY - 10/17/03 @ 03:40 AM EST
"GG: What do you think is the number one selling point of the Phantom?
DF: Affordability, performance, flexibility and scalability."

Not to be pedantic or harsh or anything, but umm...that's four points, not one.
#2 - Ram - 10/17/03 @ 04:13 AM EST
"I think so. What we are offering is more than another console. It is a game system that provides high performance and unprecedented flexibility which they can't get from current products."


On top of that you have to download the games, which takes time. More time, likely, than it takes to drive to your local retailer and buy it, even on Broadband.

Trust me folks, this console will soon be sitting in the garages of people who went with Betamax tapes instead of VHS collecting dust.
#3 - E-Z-STREET - 10/17/03 @ 06:54 AM EST
what your looking at is a kid waiting for the game to start playing again due to frame lock
_ _
#4 - Dr_Fripp - 10/17/03 @ 06:56 AM EST
"The Phantom Game System is not another console....We wanted to create a new game delivery system..."

...conclusion: it's just another console.

And a very BIG one at that (sorry couldn't help but jump on this bandwagon).

When these people start throwing expensive words around and contradict themselves within a 3 sentence space, you know something's wrong.
#5 - Rincewind - 10/17/03 @ 07:12 AM EST
i can't believe they're still avoiding direct answers to questions, i mean the thing should be about done by now, it's time to start making announcements not creating myth.

it offers high performance and flexibility, how high, what kind of flexibility.
that quake 3 pic didn't impress anyone.

a certain number of titles come with each subscription, are we talking a few here, or ten.

all the major publishers, names, i mean if they signed on for this they probably want their name out there, give me THQ, rockstar, lucasarts give me names.
i'm kinda reading "we want all the major publishers for this but we didn't sign any names yet."
#6 - Shataan - 10/17/03 @ 07:56 AM EST
I bet its very much like Pay Per View. Ya wanna d/l and play? Code in your debit! lol This is yet another scheme to milk the gamers and their parents out of dough.
#7 - Houdini - 10/17/03 @ 09:39 AM EST
im still spectacle about it..
they need to release title names.
#8 - sweetjimmy - 10/17/03 @ 10:19 AM EST
don't expect any direct-x games on it...
#9 - spank_it - 10/17/03 @ 10:30 AM EST
_ why do you say that when it's running a slimmed down ver of Win XP?

As far as the broadband.. Maybe they are going the route of others like Yahoo, etc. Where it doesn't download the entire game.. just what it needs in chunks so the wait time is much less than one would expect.

Really people, let's just see what happens instead of condeming them to death before they are even out of the gate.

Maybe they have something, maybe they don't. Either way I'm sure none of you will be forced at gunpoint to buy it. Sounds more like fear of the unknown than anything else around here.
:PLast Edited on 10/17/03 @ 10:30 AM EST
#10 - nickpimp - 10/17/03 @ 10:50 AM EST
i agree with no. 10 here. microsoft came out and annouced about entering in the console market which you may now know of their machine as the xbox and people and ppl were understandly skeptiple about it whether they will deliver their promises and whether it will be as good as the ps2. the same thing for sonywhen they entered the videogame market where sega and nintendo dominated the field as did atari. sony and microsoft came with nothing but promises and then truimphed when they succedded.
and so will the phantom.
#11 - sweetjimmy - 10/17/03 @ 10:56 AM EST

last i heard it was running linux. i thought that that was the main claim to fame for the phantom. am I going daft?

and the only reason I poke fun at the phantom is because people take gamecube jesting personally. ;)Last Edited on 10/17/03 @ 10:57 AM EST
#12 - Bulldog - 10/17/03 @ 11:38 AM EST
I don't care it glows.
Thus it will be well worth $300-400.
I can use it a footstep to get out of my bed AND as a night light because I'm scared of mean monsters :(
#13 - ZiggY - 10/17/03 @ 12:38 PM EST
Is sweetjimmy lurking under your bed again Bulldog?
#14 - Pezman - 10/17/03 @ 12:39 PM EST
And People thought the Xbox was Huge!

I'm going to need a bigger entertainement system.
#15 - sweetjimmy - 10/17/03 @ 01:47 PM EST
we're going to need a bigger boat...
_ _
#16 - Eidolon - 10/17/03 @ 02:25 PM EST
It is NOT running Linux.

It's running a custom version of Windows... if you download the trailer for it, it shows off the GUI and OS.
#17 - Houdini - 10/17/03 @ 02:35 PM EST
its running the retarded spin-off cousin of MS next OS.
called Shorthorn
#18 - Cool_Cow - 10/17/03 @ 03:57 PM EST
Common guys. What if this thing turns out to be the most kickass console ever....ok not likely. But just dont write it off yet. I mean the idea is new. I think it sounds kinda cool. Mind you Id wanna see something a little newer than quake3 being played on it before I bought one.
#19 - sweetjimmy - 10/17/03 @ 04:13 PM EST
LMAO! Houdini has a secret admirer!

we soooo need to ditch the anon posting.
#20 - Houdini - 10/17/03 @ 07:57 PM EST
hey Mr. anon ... i was fucking kidding..
i know how to spell.
especially something like that.

u really need a hug.
come here.... gimme some lovin
#21 - Bulldog - 10/17/03 @ 09:00 PM EST
I trace routed that IP who made Houdini cry and it appears to originate from the tool who destroyed the Cubs chance of making the world series.

God I hate that man.
#22 - ZiggY - 10/17/03 @ 09:46 PM EST
#23 - Blessedman - 10/17/03 @ 10:08 PM EST
Way to go MARLINS! Keep that goat out of the ball park! Poor red sox!
#24 - drhill - 10/20/03 @ 01:03 AM EST
Funny, my dictionary spells "sceptical" with a 'k' and not a 'c'.
#25 - StuntGibbon - 10/22/03 @ 01:50 PM EST
Wow, it runs Quake 3. Killer app!
#26 - Skibadee - 10/26/03 @ 01:09 PM EST
This IS true 28.

Mr. Anon needs a dictionary himself, it seems.
#27 - nickpimp - 10/27/03 @ 08:20 AM EST
yeh and also needs to shut up.
_ if he doesnt like the xbox or phantom the he doesnt have to buy it.
#28 - Kandyman - 12/08/03 @ 03:07 PM EST
Phantom? Fitting name since it probably doesn't exist...If it does, laddy-fricken-da! Maybe Nintendo will stop trying to make consoles, there time is up..they should just make games....
#29 - DaCanuck - 12/21/03 @ 08:15 AM EST
But Betamax have better quality than VHS :)

Just like the reason why DJ's use old 40's to work with, better quality than alot of the stuff out there.

The difference was that the money was put on VHS and tapes/cd's and gambled as a victory....
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