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Homeworld 2 News Interview
Kyle 'Pezman' Peschel :: 12:30 AM @ June 18th, 2003 :: In-House: Interviews
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It might be good for you to know that Dan Irish, of Relic Entertainment, has been in the gaming industry for a very long time; long enough to have the heavy burden of Homeworld 2 fall onto his shoulders. You might have already recognized the name from his past work with the Myst series but these days he is the Executive Producer on this upcoming sequel from Sierra and Relic. We tackled Dan using our new 3-point stance technique and while he was catching his breath we got a solid 5 questions out of him. Here is what he had to say:

GameGossip: What are some of the new races in the game?
Dan Irish: Homeworld 2 continues the epic struggle of the Hiigarans and their leader Karan S�jet. Many thought their hardships would end when they returned to Hiigara, but fate would not be so kind to the Exiles. From the Inner Rim, the Hiigarans face a new and bitter enemy wielding the power of the ancients, the Vaygr. Homeworld2 focuses on the valiant journey of the Mothership and its crew in their fight against this terrible enemy This journey takes the Hiigarans into oldest regions of the galaxy to confront their new foe and learn the truth behind their exile.

In Homeworld, the Exiles reclaimed their home. In Homeworld 2, they reclaim their destiny.

There is no requirement that you understand or know about the story in Homeworld or Homeworld: Cataclysm. Everything is contained in Homeworld2 that you�ll need to know. However, if you are familiar with each story, you�ll be surprised at the intricate details we�ve woven into the current story that reference the past. Yet, as I said it is not required and purely for the enjoyment of the hardcore fans.
GG: Are the Taidan or Turanic Raiders going to return?
DI: The Turanic Raiders and the Taidan do not appear in Homeworld2 as an identity separate from the Vaygr. The Hiigarans face a far more serious and threatening enemy.
GG: Just how big will the maps be in Homeworld 2?
DI: The maps are quite large. In terms of scale, some are more than 200Km diagonally. However, there are a ton of elements that add variety and a dynamic level detail to each ship, as well as dust clouds, nebula, asteroids and derelict ships. All of these elements combined are used to create a dynamic map that far surpasses that of previous products in its detail and expansive nature.
GG: Any idea when a demo will be available?
DI: We�ll be preparing a demo, but the specific timing of its release has not been decided yet.
GG: Will there be any references to Cataclysom?
DI: No, there is no mention of HW:Cataclysm in Homeworld2 since it doesn�t really impact our story.
Well, I guess that will be all for now Dan, next time fear our football tactics. If you would like to learn more about Homeworld 2, check out the official site.

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#1 - System Shock - 06/18/03 @ 02:03 AM EST
*starts camping out infront of his local gaming store waiting for Homeworld 2 to come out so he can be the first to buy it* Seriosly guys, the first one is still one of my long term favorite games and i have ever intention of getting this one at least at the same time as everyone else... in America.
#2 - ReV VAdAUL - 06/18/03 @ 07:08 AM EST
So basically a game that contains the amazingness of the first two homeworld games combined with amazing graphics. Damn thats a toughie. I have to buy this game. The Vagyr sound interesting too.
#3 - Rock of Zion - 06/18/03 @ 11:15 AM EST
I dunno, I didn't really like Cataclysm, so I'll have to wait to play the demo. I'm sure this shit will rock the house, but I'd rather be safe then sorry.
#4 - RoguePred - 06/18/03 @ 12:18 PM EST
Same here. Cataclysm wasnt top notch, but it was ok. I'll wait for the demo.
#5 - Siege101 - 06/24/03 @ 11:32 AM EST
Homeworld 2 gonna be great. I hope it's as good as they say it is.
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