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Mission:Impossible Operation Surma Interview
Turner 'Bulldog' Hopkinson :: 11:29 AM @ November 24th, 2003 :: In-House: Intervi
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Today we've got a tasty interview with Paradigm Entertainment's executive producer Jim Galis in regards to that upcoming game going by the name of Mission:Impossible Operation Surma (yes, that is spelled correctly).

GameGossip: Why did you decide to make a using the Mission Impossible franchise?

Jim Galis: The Mission: Impossible license offers a great amount of material to work with, including Ethan Hunt�s personality, cool gadgets, mask making for disguises and movie inspired moments which we used in-game. The challenge was to create a unique storyline that doesn�t follow the movie plots directly, and to keep it fresh and intriguing for the player. We had the normal Mission:Impossible characters to work with, and got the rights to use Ving Rhames� likeness and voice in the game. The Mission:Impossible franchise has a huge following which gives us the opportunity to capture that audience and give them a killer game.
GG: Will you play as Ethan Hunt in the game? What�s the story for the game?
JG: Yes, the player is Ethan Hunt, the most successful agent in the Impossible Mission Force (IMF). The story revolves around Simon Algo, who has taken over an eastern European country of Yugaria, and built a conglomerate of high tech companies used for researching and developing all kinds of modern weaponry. The most important tech weapon being the Ice Worm Virus. Using the Ice Worm, Algo has become extremely powerful and apart from having infiltrated the IMF, he is starting to cause a serious threat for peace in the region. Ethan Hunt�s mission is to gather information of SURMA�s structure, defuse Algo�s plans, eliminate him and his aides, while at the same time keeping the technology from leaking out into the wrong hands.
GG: Mission Impossible is all about the cool gadgets and weapons. So, what are some of the gadgetry and weaponry that players will encounter within the game?
JG: Ethan has acquired a new arsenal of weapons and gadgets for Operation Surma: a digital binoculars that zoom in to overhear conversations and takes pictures for mask-making; a multi-purpose Electronic Warfare Gun, that fires smart darts to track enemies, create distractions and disable security cameras. Two others are the wasp gadget and the sniper pistol. The wasp gadget is a bug-size remote controlled flying camera that Ethan can control from safe locations. The wasp has a built-in deadly tazer that Ethan can trigger to take out unsuspecting thugs. The sniper pistol gives Ethan a long-range capability while viewing his enemies through a pistol mounted site. He can shoot from normal distance, or zoom in 8X and make a precision head shot kill.
GG: When making a game based off of a popular franchise, do you have to get everything you add in the game approved? Has this approval process been easy, or do you find yourself having to change things that you want in the game?
JG: Viacom Consumer Products and Atari really see eye-to-eye on Mission:Impossible Operation Surma, and they want the game to be as good as it can be from all respects. We want the game to bring as much of the Mission:Impossible franchise to gamers as possible � as players will notice from movie inspired �mission moments�, to Ethan Hunt�s insane stunts, to cool high-tech gadget use. These aspects combine to bring the license to the player in a new way, by pushing the normal limits of stealth-action gameplay.
GG: When can we expect Mission Impossible � Operation Surma to be released? What platforms will it be available for?
JG: Mission:Impossible Operation Surma will release for the Holiday �03 season on Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation2. A Nintendo GameCube version will release early first quarter �04.
For more information give the official site a gander.

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#1 - sweetjimmy - 11/24/03 @ 03:00 PM EST
your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to develop a game based on the Mission Impossible franchise that does not suck drafthorse wang.
#2 - TheOtherBob - 11/24/03 @ 05:17 PM EST
That drafthorse is gonna be pissed when you tell us that his wang is gonna self-destruct.....
#3 - sweetjimmy - 11/24/03 @ 06:22 PM EST
that would be a large explosion.

ever see a draft horse wang?
#4 - TheOtherBob - 11/25/03 @ 10:01 AM EST
well, not up and close like you..... ;)
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