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Forum Rules

Spamming will not be tolerated outside of the Stupid Forum. Offenders will either receive infractions or a complete ban, as befits the nature of the offense.

Users are not permitted to blatantly advertise other websites or services on GameGossip. Registering users who intend to use their accounts purely to undertake such activities will be banned.

Adult Content
The posting of pornographic images, videos, or other related content is expressly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, images or videos displaying sexual acts or explicit nudity. Anyone caught posting such will receive an automatic ban. The discussion of 'adult' content is limited to the Serious Discussion forum, and only on the provisio that it is constructive in context and not explicit for its own sake. These rules are more relaxed on the Stupid Forum, but the posting of explicit images remain forbidden.

The posting of links to warez or torrent sites is forbidden. GameGossip does not support piracy and its boards will not be used to encourage such activity.

Users expressing extremist views on these boards that aggressively or hatefully denounce or demean the race, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation of other users will not be tolerated.

Avatars & Titles

When a user attains a post count of 20, he or she may choose to adopt a generic forum avatar from the collection available. These may be selected via the Edit Avatar option in the User CP.

When a user attains a post count of 150, been a member for 30 days, and has a reputation of 20 or higher , he or she may upload a personal avatar of his or her own design or preference. The dimensions of this avatar may not exceed 125x125 pixels. Avatars may be animated, but may not violate standard Forum Rules regarding image content.

A user may also adopt a customised title upon gaining a 150 post count.

Ranking System

Gamegossip adopts a standard ranking system, upon which a user's status is determined by the number of post contributions. Currently, the ranks are as follows:

10 posts - Forum Fodder
50 posts - Forum Fledgling
150 posts - Forum Fanatic
500 posts - Forum Fiend
666 posts - l33t Inductee
700 posts - Veteran
1000 posts - Grizzled Veteran
5000 posts - Hardcore Veteran
10000 posts - Elite Poster
15000 posts - Epic Poster
20000 posts - Godlike Poster
30000 posts - ???

Once a user attains 150 posts, he or she gains the privilege of adopting a personal, customised avatar and forum title.


The following criteria applies to the use of images as personal signatures in your profile:

1) You cannot upload your own signature images to the Gamegossip server. These must be hosted externally via your own arrangements.

2) The maximum dimensions of your signature should not exceed 500 pixels in length. Ideally, it should be no more than 100 pixels in height.

3) Only one signature image per user.

4) Signature images must not violate Forum Rules regarding content (ie. no pornographic or otherwise obscene or offensive imagery).

5) Ideally, signature images should not flash or distract annoyingly. Exercise common sense please.

Stupid Forum

The 'Stupid Forum' of Gamegossip is the one area which might be considered 'anything goes' (within reason) and spamming is the norm. Please note that any posts made in the Stupid Forum do not increase your post count.

Reporting Issues

Any issues, complaints, or queries regarding Gamegossip should be made to Forum Officials via the Contact An Officer board.

If you are experiencing login issues and cannot access the Contact An Admin board, you should send an email to, stating your account name and the nature of the problem.

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