Decided to try the Open PC Beta on Steam, seeing as how one needs a WW2 fix now and then. Been awhile since COD 2. Anyhow, here is my findings. I am running the Beta at
3840x2160. Most all settings maxed. Depth Of Field off, to remove the blur effects. Texture Resolution set at 125%. It seems at whatever res you set to, if you want to see that sweet
high res texture look, you NEED to up Texture Resolution Slider till the game starts to stutter, then back off 1 setting. Mine stuttered at 150%, absolutely smooth ingame at 125%.

I found for me the ingame movement doesn`t have the floaty look of viewed character movement I saw in the WW2 console vid footage. Same with 1st person movement. Felt decently
solid. Weapons look great, sound beefy and solid. Kills both giving and getting didn`t feel at all cheap.... so far. Maps I tried do feel a tad claustrophobic for me. Hopefully the Final Release
has some more open feeling maps. Tbh, this really feels on these maps anyways.... that I am playing Quake Of Duty. Not a bad thing, but with this kind of gameplay, I can only do this kinda
thing in short sessions.

Looks sufficiently WW2
Runs great on my Rig
No crashes, hitches, issues
I find the menus odd to nav/figure out
No sounds issues other than there is no 5.1/7.1 choosability.
Found it odd that Planes and Tanks are auto piloted/game controlled

Really hope the single player Campaign is decent...... and immersive. So far, not too bad.