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Thread: Came back by accident.

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    Came back by accident.

    I was largely surprised this place is still here. Then when the shock wore off, I started looking at my old posts, and quite honestly was getting embarrassed. There was no substance, no depth, a constant spew of nothing. How did I make friends here? How did people tolerate me? Did people tolerate me? However; the more I thought back and remembered, I realized that I was not here for substance, or depth. I was here because it was somewhere that I could act out at a time when I needed to be able to do so the most. This place was an escape from myself or to be some part of myself I couldn't be anywhere else.

    So before this place disappears once again, I would like to say thanks.
    Thanks for the outlet I needed at a time when I probably needed it the most.

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    I thank God that my earliest online activities were in places that no longer exist, even in archives..

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