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  ARCHIVE FOR: Monday, October 16th, 2006

ESA Unveils Smaller, July Based E3
By LostToys @ 02:20 PM :: Gaming Events :: Comment Now
  GameIndustry has the skinny on the new E3 event that will take place this year in Santa Monica. The new E3 will be held between July 11-13 in Santa Monica and be invitation only. Main exhibition of games will be done in hotel suites, meeting rooms, and an offsite location.
ESA president Doug Lowenstein pledged that the new E3 will be "more personal, efficient and focused," giving "the top stakeholders who make games, sell games and cover games streamlined access to the people and products they most need to see".

"The new E3 is first and foremost about getting business done. When we asked key audiences what they wanted in the new event, we heard that they wanted opportunities for high-level meetings in a business-like setting, to play games, network, and socialise, to see major company offerings while also preserving the sense of discovery that is so much a part of E3, and to hear substantive presentations on the most important issues and trends facing the industry," he continued.

We believe the event we have shaped will fulfill all those needs... By combining suite-based meetings with the software showcase in a controlled and business-like environment, we believe we will successfully fulfill our primary objective of giving high-level media the best of all worlds - the chance to engage in highly personal, one-on-one dialogue with leading game company executives, as well as the chance to demo games on their own time and to check out offerings from both the best known and emerging game publishers and developers.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent MP Demo on Xbox Marketplace
By LostToys @ 02:11 PM :: Xbox 360: Action :: Comment Now
  The Splinter Cell: Double Agent MP Demo has been put on the Xbox Live Martketplace. It rings in at a little over 700MB in size.

eBay: We Want to Be Able to Hunt You Down, Mr I-Sell-Preorders
By LostToys @ 01:54 PM :: General Gaming :: Comment Now
  Arstechnica is reporting that eBay is cracking down on auctions for PS3 pre-orders.
According to a post in the eBay Trust & Safety forum, those listing PlayStation 3 systems for sale have had their listings pulled. In addition, eBay is putting very stringent requirements in place for any future listings of the next-gen consoles: sellers need to provide eBay with a copy of their drivers license or other ID, copy of a credit card statement or utility bill with their current address, an invoice or receipt showing "purchase or posession" of the consoles, and written acknowledgement of agreement with eBay's policies.

eBay's subsidiary PayPal has an even more stringent policy, forbidding any sale where the seller cannot guarantee or "reasonably expect" the item to be shipped within 20 days of the purchase date.

EA Charges for Cheat Codes on Xbox Live Marketplace: Behold the Cost of Lazyness
By LostToys @ 01:49 PM :: Xbox 360: Sports :: Comment Now
  Major Nelson has updated his site to list a couple of Marketplace additions for Tiger Woods 07. These new additions, which basically amount to cheat codes, as they unlock features which are normally obtained through, you know, actually playing the game, can be purchased between 200 and 300 points. The full list is as follows:
Unlock Golfer:-200 points
Pro Shop � 300 points
Maxed out Player � 200 points
Sunday Tiger� 240 points
Unlock Courses � 200 points

Call of Duty 3 Dated: Xbox Left in Cold
By LostToys @ 01:35 PM :: General Gaming :: Comment Now
  Computer and Videogames is reporting that Call of Duty 3 will be released on the Xbox 360 on November 10, while the "current generation" versions will ship November 24 and December 1.
November is looking like a busy month for 360 shooter fans. The carnage kicks off on Xbox 360 first on November 10, with Gears Of War and Rainbow 6: Vegas following only weeks later.

The PS2 version is due on November 24 and World War Wii launches on December 1, a week before Nintendo's next-gen system goes in sale in Europe. The PS3 version is currently set for next March.

Interestingly there's a distinct lack of ANY release date for the Xbox version, which was seen up and running only a few weeks ago at an Activision event in Paris.

Morning Brief - Bully Edition
By LostToys @ 12:00 AM :: In-House: Morning Brief :: Comment Now
  So I finally got around to finishing Yakuza this afternoon. I can't wait for the sequal to roll around, though I hope they fix the combat system, because you basically used the same three moves throughout the entire game.

Can't wait for Bully to be released, because I *heart* Rockstar. Anything being released this month that you are guys can't wait to be released?

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