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  ARCHIVE FOR: Thursday, October 19th, 2006

PLAYSTATION 3 Launch Window Titles Announced: Hurray For Original IP and Non-Multi-platform Titles *sarcasm*
By LostToys @ 06:39 PM :: No Subject :: Comment Now
  IGN has the full list of PS3 launch titles. First Party titles are slated at $59.99. Third Party prices where not given.

The launch window titles are as follow:

# Genji: Days of the Blade
# NBA 07
# Resistance: Fall of Man
# Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII
# Call of Duty 3
# EA Sports Fight Night Round 3
# The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
# F.E.A.R.
# Full Auto 2 Battlelines
# Madden NFL 07
# Marvel Ultimate Alliance
# Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire
# NBA 2K7
# NHL 2K7
# Untold Legends Dark Kingdom
# Ridge Racer 7
# Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
# Sonic the Hedgehog
# Need for Speed Carbon
# Tony Hawk's Project 8
# Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas

I personally don't care for the launch lineup, though I am very excited about Heavenly Sword.

While I am at it, Sony will be selling their SIXAXIS controller $49.99, the PSX/PS2 Memory Card adapter will be had for $14.99, and the Blu-ray Disc Remote Control is epected to drop for $24.99.

Legal Way to Obtain Xbox Live Arcade and Marketplace Content
By LostToys @ 04:13 PM :: General Gaming :: Comment Now
  Shipwreck, one of Cheep Ass Gamers has released a guide aptly titled "Shipwreck�s Guide To Half-Priced Xbox Live Arcade Games and Marketplace Content". Apparently, there is a loophole in the User Restrictions which allows any user to copy content to an external storage device and install it on another console.
The item you are trying to download is subject to usage restrictions. You can use this item on the first Xbox 360 console that you used to download it. Access to this item will also be granted to all users on this first console. If you transfer the item using a memory unit or other storage device, you will also be able to use it on other Xbox 360 consoles, but you�ll need to sign in to Xbox Live with your Xbox Live account on that console before accessing the item.

Xbox 360 Sells Well in Japan: Satan Pissed About Increased Heating Bill
By LostToys @ 04:02 PM :: General Gaming :: Comment Now
  In what can only be explained as Hell completely freezing over and Hitler ice skating a duet with Satan, Microsoft has sold out of its 90,000 unit alotment of the standard Blue Dragon Xbox 360 Core bundle, as well as its more limited edition, 10,000 Special Edition according to Next Generation
The special edition, of which there are about 10,000 units, sold out almost immediately, with the further 90,000 standard units selling fast. Next-Gen spoke to a number of retailers in Tokyo who reported brisk sales or sell-outs of allocations.

The Special Edition includes Blue Dragon, a Xbox 360 Core system, a Blue Dragon Faceplate and five figurines.

Sony Cuts Profit Forcast by Over 50 Percent Due to Expensive Battery Recall, PS3 Launch Woes, and PSP Sales
By LostToys @ 03:36 PM :: Sony Playstation :: Comment Now
  As reported by BBC and GameIndustry, Sony has slashed its pre-tax profit forecast for 2006 by 53%, bringing it to only 70 million yen ($590m; EUR 470m), after setting aside 51 billion yen ($429m; �341m) to deal with the costs of its recent laptop battery recall.
"A decrease in sales and an increase in operating loss are expected within the Game segment as a result of the reduction of the retail price of PlayStation 3 hardware in Japan and the fact that sales and profitability from the PSP business are expected to be lower than originally forecast," said the company in an official statement.

Where is my Silver Lining Sony?

Xbox 360 Getting 100GB HDD? Sony Cries Foul
By LostToys @ 03:32 PM :: General Gaming :: Comment Now
  Could this be? It seems that the Koreans have been given the skinny on a new, 100GB HDD for the Xbox 360. Depending on the price, this could be a very valuable addon, as it would allow for the storage of more HD contents (the 20GB HDD fills up faster than Homer Simpson at an all you can eat seafood buffet).

Wii Component Cables Available Online Only?
By LostToys @ 03:15 PM :: General Gaming :: Comment Now
  It seems that Nintendo is reliving their past with the release of the Nintendo Wii component cables. When Nintendo released the GameCube, they made the component cables available only through their Nintendo online store. Although this time around you can go to the online store fronts offered by retailers such as Best Buy and Circuit City, they will still not be available for an in-store purchase.
A spokesperson for the company told IGN Wii this morning that the Wii component cables would be available for purchase with the launch of the console in November. The cables will cost $29.99 and will only be available through online retail outlets, including Nintendo's store, Best Buy, Circuit City and EB Games.

No 480p for you; one week! Oh, and your GC component cables will not work with the Wii.

Command and Conquer 3 To Feature All-Star Live Action Sequences
By LostToys @ 02:30 PM :: PC: Strategy :: Comment Now
  Electronic Arts yesterday announced that Command and Conquer 3 would feature an all-star celebrity line-up for its live action video sequences.
The highly-anticipated Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars� (C&C 3) game will feature an all-star celebrity line-up for its high-definition, live action video sequences from critically-acclaimed television series such as �LOST� and �Battlestar Galactica,� blockbuster films such as Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi (1980, 1983), Top Gun (1986), Starship Troopers (1997), and The Wedding Crashers (2005), and a former Miss USA pageant winner. The unparalleled, diverse cast includes Tricia Helfer, Josh Holloway, Michael Ironside, Billy Dee Williams, Grace Park, Ivana Bozilovic, Shauntay Hinton, and more!

Executive Producer Mike Verdu explains, �Telling a story with a mix of live action and high-end movie-quality computer graphics has been one of the hallmarks of the Command & Conquer (C&C) series. I am delighted that we are bringing the rich game world and epic story for C&C 3 to life with an amazing cast and stunning CG effects � and I can�t wait for gamers to see the results. These very talented actors have added tremendous depth and dimension to the C&C 3 game experience.�

Gears of War Not Heading to a German Xbox 360 Near You
By LostToys @ 02:25 PM :: Xbox 360: Action :: Comment Now
  It seems that Microsoft was unable to get Gears of War pas the USK ratings board, as Gears of War will not be released in Germany. Because the USK would not rate the title, Microsoft would not be able to advertise the game in any form, and videogame shops would be able to carry the product, but not be able to put it on shelves.

Microsoft explored the possibility of creating a version that could acquire a rating (remember Carmageddon and the green blooded robots?), but dropped this creation as it would conflict with the "uncut" versions of the game when played over Xbox Live. If the Germans are lucky, Gears of War will be region unlocked from other territories such as the UK.

Morning Brief - Why Don't I Stop Edition?
By LostToys @ 12:00 AM :: In-House: Morning Brief :: Comment Now
  Sorry about the lack of news posting yesterday. I just did not have enough time to do it, so I will try to get yesterday's news in with today's later this afternoon.

So, you know how I said I finished Blade Runner? Yeah, well I lied! I forgot about the different endings, so I played through it a second time to get Lucy's ending (this one is the hardest to get, as it requires that you do everything in a precise manor). My re-play of Blade Runner brings me to tonights question:

What games have you played multiple times in order to unlock special features?

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