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  ARCHIVE FOR: Friday, November 17th, 2006

Gears of War PC Bound?
By LostToys @ 05:32 PM :: PC: Action :: Comment Now
  This could be interesting for anyone who does not currently have a Xbox 360 but want to enjoy the goodness that is Gears of War. Word from IGN is that Gears of War will be coming to a PC near you.
In its holiday issue, soon to be on store shelves, PC Gamer may have inadvertently announced Gears of War for Windows. On page 28 of the Holiday 2006 issue, a display stand photographed on the Microsoft campus shows Gears of War among several upcoming PC games.

Microsoft could not confirm that Gears is in fact coming to PC and the company has no current plans for an announcement in the near future. The article in PC Gamer discusses the future of Windows Vista and Microsoft's efforts to support the new OS with high-profile games.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas MP Demo Released on Marketplace
By LostToys @ 12:53 PM :: Xbox 360: Action :: Comment Now
  The Xbox Live Marketplace just recently received a new demo. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas MP demo has been released and ready for download. So rev up ye old Xbox and prepare for a tango hunt.
Take to the streets of Sin City and Calypso Casino in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas. Players will experience chaotic online battles in Rainbow Six Vegas' multiplayer demo. You will be able to choose play in the Adversarial mode, Attack and Defend, where players will have to struggle to determine what happens with a lethal bomb in the casino. Also available Terro Hunt, a coop mode where 4 players try to eliminate huge amounts of deadly terrorists.

The demo weighs in at a hefty 978MB.

Morning Brief - Console Edition
By LostToys @ 12:00 AM :: Hardware: General :: Comment Now
  This weekend is finally the end of the so called "Next Generation" console releases. In this light, roll call with your current and future next generation ownership plans.

I already own the Xbox 360 and plan on picking up the Wii on Sunday. I will get the PS3 once I see it, but that will likely not be for a while, and I have accepted this fact.

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