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  ARCHIVE FOR: Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Killzone 2 Resurfaces
By KellyX @ 02:00 AM :: PSP: General :: Comment Now
  Looks like Killzone 2 is back in the spotlight again, after running silent for so long. Some Dutch newspaper, that most people there read and use to roll joints with no doubt, is running a piece on it saying its the most expensive game ever made (maybe Sony is trying for a real Halo killer this time?)
Killzone's high cost is due to the labor-intensive development nature of graphically demanding next-generation games. "Work that used to take someone a week now takes him a month," said Brussee. Currently, some 120 developers are working on Killzone--roughly three times the staff of the first Killzone. Interestingly, half of dev tem comes from outside the Netherlands, up from one third on the PlayStation 2 original.
You can read the whole thing at GameSpot.

Wii Giving a Workout!
By KellyX @ 01:30 AM :: No Subject :: Comment Now
  The Wallstreet Journal has an article up about Wii and the possible outcomes of gamers getting physical. Can we say "Wii elbow"... Kekekekeke ^___^
"It's harder than playing basketball," says Kaitlin Franke, a 12-year-old from Louisville, Ky. She has been camped out in front of her family's TV, fine-tuning her bowling motion and practicing boxing footwork in two of the Wii's games. Almost immediately, she says, her right arm started to feel numb.
Wii: I'm in your living room stealing all your fat cells from your body!!

Xbox Live Dummy Accounts Go Bye bye?
By KellyX @ 01:00 AM :: Xbox 360: General :: Comment Now
  Were you one of those people that used your Free 2 Month Xbox Live card you get in every game you buy to make a dummy account in like the UK oor Ancient Greece or something like that to score a "exclusive" copy of Rainbow Six: Vegas MP Demo? Well, bad news, the big MS might be deleting dummy accounts soon... Oh noes!
It didn't take gamers long to figure out they didn't have to live in a certain country to get access to that country's content. Xbox Live users could simply set up a dummy Xbox Live account, put in a false address from abroad, and download what regional agreements said they couldn't.

That loophole may not be exploitable for too long. Soon, according to Xbox-Archiv, Microsoft will begin policing Xbox Live accounts and deleting "dummy" accounts. The reason stems largely from the recent addition of on-demand video content to Xbox Live and the multitude of regional restrictions movies and televisions have.
We are teh d00m3d now!! (Source: GameSpot)

Morning Blah: Wii Pwns Joo!!
By KellyX @ 12:00 AM :: In-House: Morning Brief :: Comment Now
  Not sure how many of the readers have gotten their hands on Nintendo's Wii, but some of us at Game Gossip have and man, we just can't stop playing with our Wii's. Hell, even our wives and/or girlfriends (and in some cases boyfriends, but I won't name any of those "guys") even love to get their fingers wrapped around it. (Hell, these jokes never get old... they vibrate too!)

Apparently, some 600,000 units have sold in the US of A, and some 454,000 copies of Zelda went along with it (it does rock! No water world, thank you very bloody much!!) And were you aware that the "Sensor Bar" is nothing more than IR Lights or something like that, and hell, candles are good enough to be used as a "Sensor Bar" for the Wiimote to work... True story! How long until some quick mods happen to the current sensor bar to make it wireless (which apparently is just a power supply btw too...?)

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