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The Movies: Stunts & Effects Expansion Pack Ships (06/06/06)
Activision this morning shipped The Movies: Stunts & Effects Expansion Pack to retail o...

City Life Ships (05/30/06)
Earlier today, CDV Software Entertainment USA announced the release of City Life throug...

Rise & Fall: Civilizations At War Goes Gold (05/26/06)
Early this morning, Midway announced that Rise & Fall: Civilizations At War has gone go...

Guild Wars Factions Tops Sales Chart (05/23/06)
NCsoft and ArenaNet jointly announced that Guild Wars Factions, the latest in the Guild...

Heroes Of Might & Magic V Ships (05/23/06)
Earlier today, Ubisoft shipped Heroes Of Might & Magic V to retail outlets across North...

Hitman: Blood Money - Demo Next Week (05/18/06)
Eidos issued word today that it will soon be releasing a demo for Hitman: Blood Money. ...

Star Wars Empire At War Forces Of Corruption Announced (05/12/06)
LucasArts recently announced plans to release Star Wars Empire At War Forces Of Corrupt...

Rome: Total War � Alexander Announced (05/04/06)
Building on the series, Sega of America and Sega Europe announced Rome: Total War � Ale...

Dawn Of War Dark Crusade Announced (05/01/06)
THQ and internal studio Relic Entertainment jointly announced today that the second exp...

Rise Of Nations: Rise Of Legends Goes Gold (04/26/06)
Microsoft Game Studios and developer Big Huge Games jointly announced today that Rise O...

Guild Wars Factions Ships (04/26/06)
Today, Ncsoft announced the shipping of Guild Wars expansion, Guild Wars Factions. The ...

Black & White 2: Battle Of The Gods Ships (04/26/06)
As the final one that slipped by, Electronic Arts has begun the shipping Lionhead Studi...

Blitzkrieg 2: Fall Of Reach Announced (04/24/06)
CDV Software Entertainment today announced upcoming Blitzkrieg 2 expansion titled, Blit...

Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars Announced (04/20/06)
This morning, Electronic Arts announced the upcoming release of Command & Conquer 3 Tib...

Heroes Of Might & Magic V - Demo Released (04/13/06)
As reported not too long ago, today a demo for Heroes Of Might & Magic V has been relea...

Neverwinter Nights 2 Website Launched (04/13/06)
Atari today announced the launch of the official website for

Auto Assault Launches (04/13/06)
This morning, Ncsoft announced the launch of Auto Assault throughout North America, Eur...

Alone In The Dark Confirmed For PC (04/12/06)
Today, Atari confirmed that the upcoming Alone In The Dark title for the Xbox 360 will ...

World In Conflict Announced (04/05/06)
Vivendi Universal Games today announced plans to release an all-new strategy game title...

Quake 4 Patch Problems (03/29/06)
Though one that slipped by in the chaos of yesterday,

Desperate Housewives The Videogame Announced (03/24/06)
Today, Buena Vista Games announced plans to publish a title based on the ABC television...

Battlefield 2142 Announced (03/22/06)
This morning, Electronic Arts announced development of Battlefield 2142. In development...

Civilization IV: Warlords Announced (03/17/06)
In a story that slipped by yesterday, 2K Games announced development of Sid Meier's Civ...

CivCity: Rome Announced (03/16/06)
Arriving as the fourth in a string of announcements, 2K Games has announced the upcomin...

2K Games Picks Up Dungeon Siege Rights (03/16/06)
This afternoon, Take-Two publishing label, 2K Games, announced that it has acquired the...

Sid Meier's Railroads! Announced (03/16/06)
Today, 2K Games announced the upcoming release of the next title in the Railroad Tycoon...

The Sims 2 Family Fun Stuff Announced (03/16/06)
Electronic Arts this morning announced plans to release an all-new expansion pack for T...

The Movies: Stunts & Effects Announced (03/15/06)
Earlier today, Activision announced plans to release The Movies expansion pack, The Mov...

Act Of War: High Treason Demo Released (03/09/06)
Earlier today, Atari released a demo for Act Of War: High Treason, the upcomig expansio...

Zoo Tycoon 2 - Three New Expansions Announced (03/07/06)
Three expansions in one day, it might seem strange but Microsoft Game Studios today ann...

Auto Assault Collector's Edition Details (03/07/06)
Today, NCsoft Europe announced details behind the Auto Assault Collector's Edition pack...

Black & White 2 God Wars Expansion? (03/03/06)
Though unconfirmed at this time, it appears that Black & White 2 might be getting an ex...

Scratches Ships (03/02/06)
Got Game Entertainment today shipped firs-person mystery title, Scratches, throughout N...

Empire Earth II: The Art Of Supremacy Ships (02/23/06)
Vivendi Universal Games (VU Games) this afternoon announced the shipping of Empire Eart...

Tycoon City: New York Ships (02/22/06)
Today, Atari announced the shipping of Tycoon City: New York to retail outlets across N...

Nicktoons Winners Cup Racing Ships (02/21/06)
As this news day continues, THQ has shipped Nicktoons Winners Cup Racing for the PC. Pu...

EverQuest Prophecy Of Ro Ships (02/21/06)
It appears that EverQuest II Kingdom Of Sky wasn't the only EverQuest title to ship tod...

RF Online Ships This Week (02/21/06)
Earlier today, Codemasters announced that its massively multiplayer online (MMO) title,...

Khan: The Absolute Power Launches Tomorrow (02/21/06)
Today, iEntertainment Network announced that its upcoming title, Khan: The Absolute Pow...

EverQuest II Kingdom Of Sky Ships (02/21/06)
Sony Online Entertainment this morning announced the release of the latest EverQuest II...

Shiny Founder Resigns (02/20/06)
We reported last week that Atari had plans to put its various studios up for sale and t...

Auto Assault - Beta Opens (02/17/06)
NCsoft issued word today announcing that it has begun European beta testing of NetDevil...

Star Wars Battlefront II - 1.1 Patch Released (02/16/06)
Last night, LucasArts released

Guild Wars Faction - Preview Event Announced (02/09/06)
NCsoft and ArenaNet this morning announced plans for a preview event for upcoming Guild...

Rome: Total War Gold Edition - Shipping Next Week (02/09/06)
In one of those stories that slipped by yesterday (read: the site was down), Sega of Am...

WWII Tank Commander Ships (02/09/06)
Today, Got Game Entertainment and Merscom jointly announced that its military title, WW...

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Ships For PC (02/06/06)
This afternoon, Aspyr Media shipped Activision's Tony Hawk's American Wasteland through...

Blizzard Hiring For Diablo III? (02/03/06)
There have been more than a few rumors concerning Blizzard working on Diablo III over t...

Tycoon City: New York Goes Gold (02/02/06)
This morning, Atari announced that Tycoon City: New York has gone gold throughout North...

FFXI: Treasures Of Aht Urhgan European Release Date (01/26/06)
Today, Square Enix Ltd announced that it will be releasing Final Fantasy XI Treasures o...

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