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   Kingdom Hears Re: Chain of Memories Comi...
 Mega Man 9 Dropping as Early as Septembe...
 LittleBigPlanet Dropping October 21
 Morning Brief - Star Wars: The Force Unleash...
 Friendly Reminder: Fracture Demo Released
 Prince of Persia Dropping December 2
 Mirror's Ede Dropping November 11 (NA); ...
 Burnout Paradise Bikes Are Go
 Morning Brief - Star Wars: The Force Unleash...
 Morning Brief - Blargh Edition
 Wipeout HD Dropping September 25
 Ryan Payton Working on Halo Project?
 Morning Brief - Rock Band 2 For Reals Ed...
 Morning Brief - Another Gaiming Week Edition
 Morning Brief - Rock Band 2 Edition
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Kingdom Hears Re: Chain of Memories Coming to US PS2 December 2 (09/19/08)

LittleBigPlanet Dropping October 21 (09/19/08)

Wipeout HD Dropping September 25 (09/16/08)
Wipout HD will be hitting the Sony PSN on Thursday, September 25 for the low low...

Eternal Sonata For PS3 Drops October 21 (09/12/08)
The PS3 port of yesteryear's Xbox 360 Japanese RPG Eternal Sonata will be headin...

Weekly PSN Update: Jeopardy! Edition (09/11/08)
The PSN has been updated to reflect the release of Jeopardy! ($14.99), an exclus...

DISSIDIA: Final Fantasy Dropping December 18 In Japan (09/02/08)
Japanese gamers will be getting their hands on DISSIDIA: Final Fantasy in time f...

Sony PS3 to Receive Exclusive DLC for Mirror's Edge" (09/02/08)
It looks like some kind of

The Last Guy Found Tomorrow On PSN (08/27/08)

Red Baron Re-Imagined on PSN September 18 (08/27/08)
Shacknews is reporting that S...

PS3 Firmware 2.50 To Support Screen Capture? (08/26/08)
The rumor mill at ...

Home: We are So Coming Out This Year (08/25/08)
According to Martijn Van der Meulen, one of the many grunts working on Sony's Home

Weekly PSN Update: Quest For Booty and Jeanne D’Arc (08/21/08)
Insomniac's foray into episodic digital distribution kicks off today with Ratchet & ...

Japanese Home Beta Notifications Going Out (08/21/08)
Just a head's up for those of you who own a PlayStation 3 and tried to get into the Jap...

Kratos Shall Bring Chaos to Hot Shots Golf (08/20/08)
It seems that Kratos needs a little rest and relaxation after killing off the King of t...

SCEE Announces EyePet (08/20/08)
SCEE has announced yet another game, and this time it is designed around the PlayStatio...

Upcoming Firmware to Allow SingStar PS2 Ripping for PS3 SingStar Use (08/20/08)

VidZone Announced (08/20/08)
At the Leipzig Games Convention SCEE announced VidZone, a new online service which will...

SCEE To Publish SOE MMOs On PS3 (08/20/08)
SCEE has just announced an agreement with SOE to publish three SOE MMOs in Europe. The ...

Get Your Text On: Snap-On Keyboard Accessory Announced (08/20/08)
Are you envious of your Xbox 360 cohorts being able to send text messages with their ni...

Bioshock PS3 Getting Wet October 21 (08/19/08)
The PS3 version of 2K Boston's classic, Bioshock, will be hitting North American...

Weekly PSN Update: Bionic Commando: Rearmed Edition (08/14/08)
The PSN has been

Burnout Paradise To Be Released As Full Game Download (08/14/08)
This is rather interesting news. Electronic Arts has sent out a Press Release detailing...

Street Fighter Alpha Heading to PSN Thursday (08/12/08)

Weekly PSN Update: Talkman Travel Edition (08/07/08)
The Sony PSN Store has been

Sony Explains How to Get into the Home Beta (08/07/08)
For those of you who are interested in Home, and even more interested about beco...

PSX Driver Screeching Onto PSN August 14 (08/07/08)
CVG is reporti...

Two Ways To Get Into SOCOM Beta (08/07/08)
Yesterday we reported the rele...

SOCOM: Confrontation Coming October 4th; Pricing Detailed (08/06/08)
Sony has finally released pricing information related to the upcoming October 4th relea...

Pre-Order LittleBigPlanet: Play as Sackboy Kratos and Nariko (08/05/08)
Oh sweet fucking Jesus! I have not pre-ordered a game in over 10 years. Today, I break ...

The Last Guy Globally Launches August (08/05/08)
Although Japanese gamers have been enjoying The Last Guy since the weekend, ever...

Uncharted Trophies Available For All Territories (08/04/08)

Other Square Enix Announcements (08/02/08)
The other announcements out of DKΣ3713 are: Final Fantasy Versus XIII remains P...

Final Fantasy Agito XIII and New Parasite Eve Going PSP (08/02/08)
At the DKΣ3713 event ...

Final Fantasy XIII Demo Coming March 2009 (08/02/08)
I hope you have a pen and calender handy, as you may want to block off the entire month...

R&C: Quest For Booty Coming August 21; LittleBigPlanet October 30 (JPN) (08/01/08)
Here is a twofer for those who own a Playstation 3. First, Ratchet and Clank Future:...

Weekly PSN Update: Eden Edition (07/31/08)
Time for your weekly. Today we see the release of groovy, organic platformer PixelJu...

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Patch Dropping Friday (07/31/08)
A new patch for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will be heading to a PS3 near you on Aug...

The Last Guy Explained In English (07/31/08)
I have been pimping Sony's The Last Guy for the past couple of weeks, so it was ...

The Last Guy Website Updated (07/30/08)
I completely forgot to post this news yesterday. Gomenasai! Once again, Sony has update...

New Shin Megami Tensei Announced (07/30/08)
In the latest issue of Famitsu, Atlus has announced a brand new

Little Big Planet Details Emerge (07/29/08)

Uncharted Trophies Coming August 22 (07/25/08)
Talk Playstat...

The Last Guy Website Updated With Control Tutorials (07/25/08)
Sony has once again updated their official website for

WipeOut HD Delayed For Better Content; Coming Soon (07/25/08)

Brett Ratner to Direct God of War Movie? (07/25/08)
Oh sweet Jesus make this rumor be false!

Weekly PSN Update: Half-Priced Titles, Siren: Blood Curse and Eden Demo (07/24/08)
This is a rather sizable update to the PSN. Sony is running a Summer 08 game sale, whic...

First Episode of Siren: Blood Curse Released on PSN (07/24/08)
Siren: Blood Curse, a new PSN exclusive survival-horror title from Japan Studio,...

Sony Qore Giving Away Resistance 2 Beta Accounts (07/24/08)
IGN is running around with ...

PixelJunk Eden Demo Drops Tomorrow (07/23/08)
Joystiq is confirming that the dem...

Penny Arcade Adventures Coming Later This Year to PSN (07/23/08)
For all of you who missed out on the first installment of Penny Arcade Adventures

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