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Morning Brief - Vista Edition (03/15/07)
The "Wow Starts Now" is Vista's tagline. And from the first moment I tried updating the...

Lost Planet Map Pack 1 Released (03/09/07)

Morning Brief - Tapped That Ass Edition (02/04/07)
Just finished playing Zelda: Twilight Princess. I finished everything except for...

US Game Hardware and Software Sales Jump 34 Percent in November (12/11/06)
Business Week ...

Wii Giving a Workout! (11/28/06)

Morning Brief - USB.. (11/07/06)
Have you ever heard of USB? Did you know that the XBox 360 supports it? Seriously. I'm ...

PLAYSTATION 3 Launch Window Titles Announced: Hurray For Original IP and Non-Multi-pl (10/19/06)
IGN has the full list of PS...

Medieval II: Total War Demo Released: Time to Get Medievil on Their Asses (10/10/06)
Creative Assembly has just released a demo of their Medievil II: Total War Strat...

EA Already Cuts DICE (10/05/06)
Speaking exclusively to

Microsoft to Compensate Xbox 360 Owners: Says 'My Bad' (09/22/06)
This news actually came out yesterday, but I was too lazy to report it. But, the girls ...

Game Reviewer Ratings in Correlation to Sales Insignificant: Crappy Games Rejoice (09/19/06)
According to Jason Kraft and Chris Kwak of Susquehanna Financial Group (SIG), the corre...

Batman Latest Franchise to Become LEGOed (09/08/06)
CVG has the following exclusive Batman announcement:

Morning Brief - Meep! (08/10/06)
Hmm.. looks like the server is back up. Sorry for my absence as of late but I'm not su...

Morning Brief - Balls (08/03/06)
Hmm.. looks like the server is back up. Sorry for my absence as of late but I'm not su...

Morning Brief - Oh Snap! (07/31/06)
A morning without a brief is like a night without beer; it just doesn't FEEL right. We...

Morning Brief - Feels like Monday (07/06/06)
Just have 2 days to work this week, ha! Take that corporate world! Too bad I just ate...

Morning Brief - Sweatin' To the Oldies (06/26/06)
Or just sweating. Damn it's hot out. It's almost 2 in the morning and it's still 70 o...

Morning Brief - Nothing to see here folks.. (06/25/06)
... moving right along! Hah. Another late weekend update, I know you are all shocked. ...

Morning Brief - After These Messages... (06/16/06)
The server is back up, we're looking into what is taking it down so often, it is likely...

Morning Brief - What's a gamut? (05/26/06)
And how exactly would I run one? I've always wondered that. I also wonder how the hel...

Morning Brief - And now it actually starts (05/10/06)
Yes once again the subject is E3 but I imagine that will be hard to ignore this week. ...

Morning Brief - Single Day Mayo (05/06/06)
Well apparently tonight was the celebration of mayonnaise that has been sitting out for...

Morning Brief - First Post! (05/03/06)

Morning Brief - I Bring the Truthiness (05/01/06)
Enough with these facts my friends, I bring the truth! Well the truth is I bring the p...

Morning Brief - 2006 Is On! (01/03/06)
Well look what we have here, a morning brief in the morning by me on a Tuesday. Ok, so ...

Happy New Years Day Folks..... (01/01/06)
Well folks I�ll keep this short and sweet, seeing as how I have to head off to a New Ye...

Review Round-Up (12/28/05)
America's Army: Rise of...

Morning Brief - Happy Shipping Day Edition! (12/06/05)
Well it�s Tuesday again, and that means today should be packed with game shipping stori...

Interview Round-Up (11/30/05)

Interview Round-Up (11/23/05)

Final Fantasy & Dragon Quest: Next-Gen Rumors Dismissed (11/21/05)
This past week has seen quite a bit of speculation as to the future of the Dragon Quest...

The Elder Scrolls IV - Soundtrack Composer Announced (10/21/05)
Earlier today, Bethesda announced that it has signed on award-winning composer Jeremy S...

ELSPA UK Chart (8/27) (08/30/05)
Though a late posting, we now have the latest UK software chart from the ELSPA and Char...

Interview Round-Up (05/30/05)
Battlefield 2

Quake 4 Screenshots (05/19/05)
Following the Xbox 360 shot from a couple days ago, today we have three PC shots of Qua...

PSP - European Launch Details (04/26/05)
Following the system's successful roll out here in North America, Sony Computer Enterta...

Motocross Mania 3 Screenshots (04/06/05)
This afternoon we have a selection of screenshots from Take-Two publishing label, 2K Ga...

Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Screenshots (04/04/05)
This afternoon we have six screenshots from Sega of America�s, Phantasy Star Online Blu...

Wolfschanze 1944 Screenshots (02/26/05)
Tonight we have screenshots from Calaris Studios upcoming first-person shooter, Wolfsch...

Fable Soundtrack CD Shipping Later This Month (02/09/05)
Though Fable has been out for sometime now, today it appears that Sumthing Distribution...

Preview Round-Up (01/20/05)

Alien Hominid Screenshots (01/19/05)
Tonight we have six shots of The Behemoth�s 2D title, Alien Hominid.

Myst V: End Of Ages Announced (01/12/05)
In a post made late last night on the official M...

Hearts Of Iron 2 Screenshots (12/07/04)
Today we have six screenshots from Paradox Interactive�s upcoming title, Hearts Of Iron...

ESRB: Rainbow Six 3: Mission Pack 2 Named & Alien Sky On XBL Arcade (11/12/04)
The second mission pack for Tom Clancy�s Rainbow Six 3 has been without an exa...

Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories Release Date (11/10/04)
Square Enix and Buena Vista Games label, Disney Interactive, today officially announced...

Mad Catz Ships Nintendo DS Accessories (10/29/04)
While a bit early for a Nintendo DS shipping story, it Mad Catz Interactive today anno...

Japanese Hardware Charts (10/24) (10/29/04)
Media Create this morning released the latest har...

DreamCatcher On 2004 Technology Fast 500 (10/26/04)
Wrapping up another news day, DreamCatcher Interactive sent out word today announcing t...

Batman Begins Announced (10/26/04)
Rumors have been going around these past few months that Warner Bros. Interactive Enter...

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