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   Morning Brief - Morning Brief Edition
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 Mega Man 9 Dropping as Early as Septembe...
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 Friendly Reminder: Fracture Demo Released
 Prince of Persia Dropping December 2
 Mirror's Ede Dropping November 11 (NA); ...
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 Morning Brief - Star Wars: The Force Unleash...
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Mega Man 9 Dropping as Early as September 22 (09/19/08)
Capcom ...

Friendly Reminder: Fracture Demo Released (09/18/08)
The demo for the LucasArts developed Fracture should be available on both the PS...

Prince of Persia Dropping December 2 (09/18/08)
The new, cel-shaded Prince of Persia should be hitting North American retail out...

Mirror's Ede Dropping November 11 (NA); November 14 (EU) (09/18/08)
Console gamers will be able to get their grubby hands on Mirror's Edge on Novemb...

Burnout Paradise Bikes Are Go (09/18/08)
The Burnout Paradise Bik update is now available for the Xbox 360 and the PlaySt...

Weekly Rock Band Update: Megadeth Edition (09/12/08)
Next week Rock Band girls and buys will be able to strum to the beat of

Download For Free Stephen and the Colberts - Charlene (I'm Right Behind You) On Ro (09/11/08)
You had me at free. The girls at

Fracture Demo Due September 18 (09/10/08)
A demo for Lucas Arts developed Fracture will be released next week on September...

NCSoft to Trim Jobs; Close Tabula Rasa? (09/10/08)

Ensemble Studios: RIP 1995~2008 (09/10/08)
It is official. Ensemble Studios is being shut down once Halo Wars is released. ...

Max Payne Movie Producer Working On Duke Nukem Movie (09/08/08)
Holllywood producer Scott Faye, whom recently worked on the film adaptation of Max P...

Square-Enix Reveals TGS Line-Up (09/08/08)
Square-Enix has updated their ...

Friday: Metallica's Death Mangetic To Be Released as Guitar Hero III Do (09/08/08)
The ninth studio album from Metallica, Death Magnetic, will be released in its e...

Nintendo to Release Wireless Router/Bridge in Japan (09/08/08)
Nintendo will be releasing a

Live Arcade: Of Starships and Ninja Pirates (09/02/08)

PURE Demo Hitting the Air Thursday (09/02/08)
Disney published ATV title, PURE, will be heading to the Xbox Live Arcade and th...

Wiikly Update: Super Mario RPG Edition (09/02/08)
This may be the first Wii Virtual Console title I purchase. Nintendo has sent word that...

Comcast: We Are Capping Your Ass at 250GB A Month (08/28/08)
Starting October 1, Comcast will be capping residential cable renters to 250GB (upload ...

Square-Enix to Take Over Tecmo (08/28/08)
In another 3 hours Square-Enix should be releasing plans on a

More Rock Band 2 Full Albums Revealed (08/28/08)
Hollywood Insider...

Rock Band Moving Pictures Delayed (08/27/08)
Due to technical difficulties, the Rock Band release of Rush "Moving Pictures" h...

Immersion Pays Microsoft $20 Million (08/27/08)
Immersion Corporation, you know, the rumble guys who sued Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo...

Rockstar Working On Max Payne 3? (08/27/08)
EGM's Quartermann believes that Rockstar Games is working on

Ryan Payton Leves Kojima Productions (08/26/08)
Due to the importance of family, Ryan Payton, the Assistant Producer or Metal Gear P...

Xbox 360 Fall Update Coming November (08/25/08)

Okami Wii Replacement Covers Finally Shipping (08/25/08)
Sweet Jesus finally. I am not so much annoyed by the IGN watermark, than I am with the ...

Left 4 Dead Delayed Until November 20 (08/25/08)
Boo, mother fucking boo! Left 4 Dead has been delayed two weeks. Originally sche...

Cammy Will Be In Street Fighter IV Console Ports (08/22/08)
My personal favorite Street Fighter character, the ass-kicking British Commando ...

Rock Band Tuesday Update to Feature Rush - Moving Pictures (08/21/08)
Next week's Rock Band update will see the full album release of Rush's Moving Pi...

Rock Band Track Exportation to Rock Band 2 Detailed (08/21/08)
Harmonix has

FIFA Soccer 09 to Feature Weekly Stat Updates (08/20/08)
Electronic Arts will be adding a little extra slice of FIFA Soccer 09. FIFA S...

Fallout 3 Emerges October 28 (08/20/08)
Fallout 3 will be released on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 October 28 in North Amer...

The Sims 3 To Ruin Lives February 2009 (08/20/08)

Alan Wake Still Developing Strong (08/18/08)
We first witnessed Remedy's new IP back at E3 2005, then again the following year at th...

Star Wars: Force Unleashed Demo Drops August 21 (08/18/08)
A demo for the upcoming Star Wars: Force Unleashed video-game will be hitting bo...

Wiikly Update: Mega Man and Neo Turf Masters (08/18/08)
Two new games have been added to the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console. The first is the ori...

Rock Band To Feature Devo, Duran Duran and The Janitors (08/15/08)
Next week's Rock Band will see the release of Devo's "Girl You Want" and "Throug...

Rocksteady Studios Working On Batman: Arkham Asylum Videogame (08/13/08)
Word has hit the street: a new Batman game is in development. Rocksteady Studios will b...

Brutal Legend Published by Electronic Arts? (08/13/08)
Brutal Lengend may be heading to Electronic Arts. Acitvision-Blizzard decided to...

Get Your New Madden NFL 09 Covers (08/12/08)
If you are a serious sports fan, this concerns you. Everyone else, just move on by. You...

Yu Suzuki No Longer With Sega (08/12/08)
My dreams for Shenmue III and good remake of OutRun have been totally, u...

Wiikly Update: Strong Bad (08/11/08)
The Wii has been updated to reflect the release of Strong Bad Episode 1: Homestar Ru...

Eternity's Child to Leave Video-Game Making (08/11/08)
Luc Bernard, the designer of the WiiWare and PC Eternity's Child, will

Death Race Going Mobile (08/07/08)
Universal Pictures have signed an agreement with developer and publisher Gameloft to br...

Activision Blizzard Selling Massive Entertainment (08/06/08)
It looks like the first studio casualty of the Activision Blizzard merger has come forw...

Strong Bad Coming August 11th (08/06/08)
Tell Tale Games will be releasing the first episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game For At...

Three More Tracks Dropping For Guitar Hero III Thursday (08/06/08)
Three more tracks will be dropping on the PSN and Xbox Marketplace Thursday, August 7 f...

Gore Verbinski Bringing BioShock To The Big Screen 2010 (08/05/08)
I guess all the aquatic shooting of The Pirates of the Caribbean left its mark o...

Five Tracks; 3 More Artists Confirmed For Guitar Hero World Tour (08/05/08)
Five new songs, three new artists It seems that Stuff Magazine has spilled more infor...

Immersion Games Announced New Studio in Mexico (08/04/08)
Immersion Games has set foot in Mexico, opening a new developing studio and creating pa...

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