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Alien Hominid HD On Xbox Live Arcade (02/28/07)
For a mere 800 points you too can download and install Alien Hominid HD on your ...

Ghost Recon: Advance Warfigher 2 Gold and MP Demo On Arcade (02/26/07)
Ubisoft has sent down the word that Ghost Recon: Advance Warfigher 2 has gone go...

Wing Commander: Arena Announced For Xbox Live Arcade (02/22/07)
It looks like the ESRB rumors of a Wing Commander game coming to the Xbox 360 is...

Have Crackdown; Can't Sell it Because of Halo 3 Beta (02/09/07)
Listen up pussycats. If you happen to purchase Crackdwon for the Halo 3 B...

Ghost Recon: Advance Warfigher 2 Demo on Xbox Live Marketplace (01/31/07)
Name: Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter ...

Battlestations: Midway Demo Hits Thursday: Smacks Crackdown (01/17/07)
It seems that Battlestations: Midway has taken the XBLM spot of Crackdown...

Crackdown Demo Cracked Out; Delayed Several Weeks (01/17/07)
IGN is reporting that t...

The Burger King King Is High Roller: 2 million Units Sold (12/21/06)
Those $3.99 Burger King value meal titles have just gone

PS3 Loses Virtua Fighter 5 Exclusivity (12/21/06)
It seems that Sega's Virtua Fighter 5 is no longer going to be exclusive to the ...

Gears of War Sells 2 Million: Money Hats Being Made (12/15/06)
It seems that Gears of War is becoming the real deal Halo Killer as custo...

Halo 3 Multi-Player Beta Signups Begin Monday (11/30/06)
Microsoft today unveiled further details and an of...

Rare Fears The Download (11/29/06)
Games Industry is...

Shadowrun Public Mulit-Player Beta Announced (11/28/06)

Lost Planet Multiplayer Demo Released (11/23/06)
Capcom has released a little Thanksgiving love and released the Multiplayer demo for th...

PC: No Gears of War For You! Xbox 360: You Are Not Buying Nearly Enough! (11/22/06)
GamerScore ...

Itagaki Confirms DoA 5: World Does Not Stop (11/20/06)
IGN is reporting that

Small Arms Coming Wednesday to Xbox Marketplace (11/20/06)
Looks like Microsoft will be releasing Small Arms to the Xbox Live Marketplace o...

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas MP Demo Released on Marketplace (11/17/06)
The Xbox Live Marketplace just recently received a new demo. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Si...

New Halo 3 Screenshots (11/16/06)
In the wake of the huge Microsoft

Superman: Returns Demo On Xbox Market Place (11/15/06)
For all of you people with a Xbox 360 and a Gold membership, Microsoft has sent word th...

Halo 3 MP Open Beta In 2007: One-Time Video Coming Shortly (11/15/06)
Microsoft has sent forth some new Halo 3 news in the face of Halo's 5th A...

Contra Comes to Xbox Marketplace Wedensday (11/06/06)
Looks like Konami will be bringing their Contra title to the XBLA this Wednesday...

Halo 3 Magazine Scans: New Features Announced (10/27/06)
This is going to be a two parter. First,

Gears Of War Gold: Emergence Live Events Detailed (10/25/06)
Microsoft has sent word over that Gears of War has gone Gold and should hit reta...

Rainbow Six Vegas Demo On Xbox Live Marketplace (10/23/06)
Major Nelson is reporting that the demo for

Gears of War Not Heading to a German Xbox 360 Near You (10/19/06)
It seems that Microsoft was unable to get Gears of War pas the USK ratings board...

Splinter Cell: Double Agent MP Demo on Xbox Marketplace (10/16/06)
The Splinter Cell: Double Agent MP Demo has been put on the Xbox Live Martketpla...

New XBLA Prey Content: But No One Knows What it Is (10/10/06)
So it seems that the Xbox 360 version of Prey has received some new content this...

The Next Generation Developement is Expensive: Mark Rein says Budget Sucka! (10/05/06)
Mark Rein is bitchslapping developers clamouring about the high cost of game developeme...

Chromehounds Patch Released: Gamers Rejoice (09/08/06)
According to the official

Napoleon Dynamite says "I Be Straight Gangster, Yah Hear!" (09/05/06)
So you think you are a gansta bad ass? Well, it looks like some artistic (and may I add...

Assassin's Creed Officially Announced for Xbox360 (09/01/06)
London, UNITED KINGDOM � September 1, 2006 � Today Ubisoft, one of the world�s large...

Assassin's Creed Is Next Generation Pimp: Neglects Wii (09/01/06)
We have seen the announcements of the PS3 and PC title, but Ubisoft has been rather mum...

Capcom Ships 500,000 Dead Rising Units: Questions Zombie on Zombie Violence (08/31/06)
Let me get a little existential on your asses. Here we have a situation in which a game...

Prey Demo on Xbox Live Marketplace (06/30/06)
Just a heads up for anyone out there with an Xbox 360. The demo weighs in at 1.1gb and...

F.E.A.R. Confirmed For 360 ... Again (05/04/06)
Once again confirming the game, Vivendi Games announced that F.E.A.R (First Encounter A...

Valve On Xbox 360 (04/26/06)
This afternoon, Valve announced plans to develop additional titles for the Xbox 360.

F.E.A.R. Confirmed For 360 (04/17/06)
Though rumor sometime ago, it seems that the prior rumor about F.E.A.R. making an Xbox ...

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Shipping Fri In Europe (04/11/06)
Electronic Arts today announced that Battlefield 2: Modern Combat will be shipping thro...

Halo 3 In 07? (03/31/06)
Could Halo 3 be set for release during 2007? That's the question this morning, as

Just Cause Confirmed For 360 (03/22/06)
Earlier today, Eidos Interactive confirmed that Just Cause will be released for the Xbo...

The Outfit Ships (03/14/06)
Today, THQ announced that it has shipped Relic Entertainment�s The Outfit to retail out...

Over G Fighters Announced (03/09/06)
Ubisoft today announced that it has pikced up the publishing righst to Taito Corporatio...

Burnout Revenge Ships (03/07/06)
This morning, Electronic Arts announced the shipping of Burnout Revenge for the Xbox 36...

Black 2 Hitting 360 (02/24/06)
For those looking forward to Criterion's first-person shooter BLACK that own an Xbox 36...

MS Evaluating Possible 360 Launch In China (02/23/06)
Through a story run by the Associated Press via

Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires Announced For 360 (02/21/06)
Though with a feeling of d�j� vu, Koei today announced that it will bring Dynasty Warri...

Dead Or Alive 4 - European Release Date Announced (01/18/06)
Following the games debut in North America, Microsoft has announced that Dead Or Alive ...

Dead Rising Delayed? (01/17/06)
Though our last report on Dead Rising had the game

Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting Announced For XBL Arcade (01/06/06)
Microsoft�s Xbox Live service has certainly seen more than a bit of expanding since the...

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