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  20 Second Review: Postal 2
On 06/17/03 by Turner 'Bulldog' Hopkinson

Developer: Running With Scissors
Publisher: Whiptail Interactive
Release Date: 04/14/03
Official Site:
Platform(s): PC
Tested On: P4 3.06Ghz, 56X CD-ROM, Radeon 9800

:: gamegossip ::I'll admit it, I enjoyed this game immensely. The game has been in my possession since it was released and I've held off on reviewing it until now for one reason; the load times. Developer Running With Scissors told me from day one they were working on a patch to resolve these issues and recently a copy of the patch was sent to me. Much to my delight it addressed and resolved every issue that needed resolving and even some new content was added. We can sit here all day and argue about how the patch should have been implemented from the day the game went gold, blah, blah. But if you aren't familiar with how publishers routinely rush developers into delivering an unfinished product perhaps gaming isn't your thing. By now most of you have also probably read other reviews of this game and let me point out two things. One, a game isn't always about how spectacular of a plot it has or what mind bogglingly insane graphics it has. Two, some of the reviews were just so poorly structured I truly wondered if the article was written by some two bit chimpanzees who looked the box cover art and based the review on that.

:: gamegossip ::For you to understand this game you need to understand one thing: that this game was never meant to be taken seriously. It isn't meant to come with a spectacular plot, it just isn't. It's meant to be used as a device to humor the dark side that the majority of us have holed up inside of us somewhere and as an outlet of rage. For example, one objective includes cashing your check at the bank. Typical of banks they expect you to wait 20 minutes in line. In real life, sure you might grumble about it and become irritated over the wait time. But here, you can unzip your pants, take a leak on everyone and then torch them with your handy dandy can of gasoline. I cannot stress it enough, take this entire game with a grain of salt (from the Arabic music playing in the liquor store on down) as it's meant to insult every race and offend every sense that you've got.

:: gamegossip ::The graphics you'll find in Postal 2 are mediocre at best. For being powered by an Unreal engine I was hardly impressed. The outdoor settings are visually pleasing with plush, detailed environments that include realistic looking canyons and cactuses everywhere you look. But once you enter a building the game turns into a maze of walkways, sparsely full hotel rooms and otherwise out of proportion buildings. In short, the outdoor environments are pretty impressive but once you decide to take your rampage inside buildings you will be less pleased, especially if you've played a game like Devastation that is full of intricately designed rooms.

:: gamegossip ::Again mediocre. The sound effects quickly become repetitive and the musical score is nothing to gawk over. Voiceovers are an entirely different category and although they do tend to grow repetitive if you play the game enough I often found myself laughing out loud as the crass things that spewed out of my speakers.

In a Word: Violent

Word to the Publisher:
Don't believe everything that you read in reviews. I know for a fact a vast majority of the reviews on the internet were forced to be structured as they were because the publications couldn't be seen as supporting such a violent game. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing another game in this series. Improve the load times further, make the city a little bigger, add features, etc; the basics that you would expect from any game that is next in an evolving series.

Full Reviews:

  • GameSpot
  • GamesDomain
  • IGN
Final Score: 90% (Just for the pure amusement factor the game has)
#1 - Anon@ - 08/27/03 @ 11:55 AM EST
/ / /
#2 - Anon@ - 09/18/03 @ 05:50 PM EST
This one of the first nice rviews ive found on Postal 2. I would like to say that the CNN review was carp and you guys are totally right. This is the best game ever. Congradulations to Running With scissors for making my stress go away. This game should be sold as a aphrodsiac or a stress reliver or something. After a hard day i sit DOwn and kill a few hundred people. maybe tom brokaw should try it, i think he hassomething up his ass an dpostal would make it go away.If you dont like it then dont play it and dont bitch about it... damn politicians.
Thank you
#3 - Anon@ - 09/25/03 @ 10:00 PM EST
i would like to say i have the demo of postal 2 and i can't stop playing it. Forget the people hate violent games, this games is like DOOM where people don't want but the games had brillant design and was just damn fun

postal 2 is a brillant game with multiplayer support coming too, horray!!!
#4 - Anon@ - 09/25/03 @ 10:01 PM EST
postal2 rocks for layman terms

buy postal2 now
#5 - Anon@ - 09/29/03 @ 11:48 PM EST
#6 - Anon@ - 10/18/03 @ 04:57 PM EST
#7 - EBFBB - 10/22/03 @ 01:07 PM EST
#8 - Anon@ - 11/04/03 @ 02:45 PM EST
#9 - Anon@ - 11/04/03 @ 02:47 PM EST
#10 - Anon@ - 12/09/03 @ 06:13 AM EST
#11 - Anon@ - 12/22/03 @ 08:34 AM EST
#12 - Anon@ - 04/11/04 @ 09:49 AM EST
this game is fuqn piss funny. i've played it 5 times over and still get a laugh out of it
i'm looking forward to a sequel. use the GTA vice city engine or something. that'll go off!! :D
/ /
#13 - Anon@ - 04/22/04 @ 08:39 AM EST
Now with Multiplayer out, the game is even better! Keep tuned to the RWS site for information about the weekend expansion pack!
/ /
#14 - Anon@ - 04/22/04 @ 08:40 AM EST
Now with Multiplayer out, the game is even better! Keep tuned to the RWS site for information about the weekend expansion pack!
/ /
#15 - Anon@ - 05/24/04 @ 09:30 AM EST
I like the reveiw and I'd like to say that Tom Price from EMG (He gave POSTAL 2 a rating of 0) Is a complete f**king Jacka**. I love POSTAL 2's freedom. No other game lets you do half the stuff of this game. And Vince Dense is awsome. His total disregard for what others think ranks him with the best, right along side Hunter Thompson.
/ /
#16 - biohazardous_snark - 12/23/04 @ 02:34 PM EST
Visit for Eternal Damnation - A mod for postal 2.

/ /
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