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  Preview: Savage: The Battle for Newerth
On 08/22/03 by Steven 'Magistyk' Moussawer

Developer: S2Games
Publisher: iGames
Release Date: 09/05/03
ESRB: Rating Pending
Official Website:
Platform: PC

:: pc ::Quite frankly I was never interested in real-time strategy games, simply said - I could care less about them. I'm the type of person that can pickup a first-person shooter and go blasting away with no problems, finishing the game in a matter of days. SAVAGE on the other hand was my opportunity to try out a new real-time strategy game for a second time. And I must admit, the game changed my whole perspective on the genre. Considering I went into the game under the impression it would be disappointing SAVAGE took me by total surprise. With that said let's kick this preview off shall we?

The game starts off in third-person view, unless you happen to be the team commander, who has the traditional real-time strategy view. Based millions of years from now after the Apocalypse, the storyline is about nomadic humans fighting for their lives against beasts. You'll have access to some kick-ass weaponry both for the humans and the beasts. Be sure to save up gold, because just like in real-life, nothing is free. Another interesting feature worthy of mention is the ability to join an online chat session with other gamers who are not currently playing. When taking the role of the Team Commander, you must build your economy and defend your stronghold. If your stronghold is destroyed you lose. Other gamers will not have to worry about building anything because the game supplies the commander with workers but you can still help out if you'd like.

The game maps are very large with multiple spawn points created by your team commander. Most of the maps are covered in creatures that will supply you with gold or items when you kill it. Make sure you kill it though, or else it will come after you and serve you your own ass on a silver platter. The servers themselves host up to 64 players and due to this, at times, it can get a little hectic. Luckily the invaluable team commander can upgrade the rankings of particular players to "field commanders" to sort things out and control whatever players directly involved in their battlefield. And how can I forget to mention my personal favorite - siege weapons. Siege weapons are wooden machines built to kill and have startlingly fast navigational capabilities. Hop in one of those babies and you'll be set for a while in pure killing glee.

:: pc ::The visuals in this game are spectacular. S2 Games didn't miss a beat and every plausible detail has been included, down to the minutest thing such as having latches on bags. Sometimes it is the little details that matter and this is definitely one of those cases so it is an added bonus to see them executed so flawlessly. My favorite graphics were of the beasts, especially their detailed to perfection faces and bodies.

:: pc ::Sound was the most disappointing part of this game, but it is important to remember that this was nothing more than a preview so there is still plenty of time for improvement. With that said I won't even bother covering this further as the musical score currently in the game is filler material and will be changed by the time the game drops on retail shelves.
/ /
#1 - sweetjimmy - 08/24/03 @ 12:55 AM EST
a 'mater' of days?

i likes me sum 'mater soup and uh grilled cheeze sandwitch! :D
/ /
#2 - Bulldog - 08/24/03 @ 01:43 AM EST
This is why Mouseface won't be writing future previews hehe

My fault for not editing it before I posted it too.Last Edited on 08/24/03 @ 01:44 AM EST
/ /
#3 - sweetjimmy - 08/24/03 @ 11:34 AM EST
btw, i hope this game is decent.
/ /
#4 - Rincewind - 08/24/03 @ 01:52 PM EST
i've had my eye on this game for a while, now this could become a serious hit and the first original gaming concept in a long time.
#5 - sweetjimmy - 08/24/03 @ 08:23 PM EST
i signed up for the beta, but they didn't let me in.

/ damnit.Last Edited on 08/24/03 @ 08:24 PM EST
#6 - spank_it - 08/24/03 @ 09:28 PM EST
Still looking for writers?
/ /
#7 - Anon@ - 08/24/03 @ 10:44 PM EST
I was in the beta and connot believe the fuss people are making over this game. It is absolutely horrible. I can't believe people are writing these glowing reviews. It seriously makes me wonder about the integrity of the sites that review crap like this and don't warn everyone later that the game is utter shite.

/ Just my 2 cents...
/ /
#8 - spank_it - 08/24/03 @ 11:30 PM EST
hey anon... why dont you post why you think it's horrible instead of just saying a blanket statement like "is utter shite"?

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