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  20 Second Review: Age of Mythology: The Titans
On 10/21/03 by Turner 'Bulldog' Hopkinson

Developer: Ensemble Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Games
Release Date: 09/30/03
ESRB: "T" for Teen
Official Site:
Platform(s): PC

Being that this is an expansion pack I will be ditching our normal format of breaking the review into three categories (gameplay, graphics, and sound) and will instead opt for one continuous review. The logic behind this is that expansion packs don't offer much in visual or sound changes and as such it would be difficult to write much on those facets. With that said and without further adieu, I present to you the gameplay portion of the review:

Overall Titans accomplishes nothing more than adding to what many consider to be the best real-time strategy game ever released. Several gameplay aspects are
:: age of mythology: titans ::
:: age of mythology: titans ::
:: age of mythology: titans ::
improved upon or modified in order for easier usage and for the most part these changes are made only when absolutely necessary. To give you an idea of what type of changes I'm talking about this would be the most notable modification: the removal of the unit queue limit. In other words, provided you have the necessary resources, can now create an infinite number of units to bolster your frontline forces as they're killed by the enemy. As far as units go there are, as you might expect from any expansion pack, quite a few new additions. They are all well done and don't negatively effect the balance of the game at all. Every civilization and god also gets what is called a "Titan" unit. Beyond the fact that this is where the games name originates from these units can best be summed up as one bad mot´┐Ż, well you know what I mean right? In fact, they're so powerful that you are allowed to only have one on the map at any given time.

Civilization wise there is one new choice to choose from, the Atlanteans. For those of you from the south this shouldn't be confused with Atlantians. While this revelation that Atlanta is not a God or Titan city might disappoint Ted Turner and his CNN cronies hopefully it won't be too much of a letdown for the rest of you. Getting back on track this new civilization offers three new unique gods to select from. These new gods allow you to further customize your capabilities and pick your poison and do a nice job at adding more gameplay possibilities. In case you're interested the God's names are Gaia,
:: age of mythology: titans ::
:: age of mythology: titans ::
:: age of mythology: titans ::
Oranos, and Kronos. As with the units this new civilization takes a bit getting used to but overall doesn't drastically affect the difficulty of the game or make for an experience that allows this civilization to dominate more than any other. They do however have some major perks and that includes the ability to use their myth powers more than once. Occasionally, provided you're on the receiving end of the same myth power being unleashed on you multiple times, might make you feel like you're partaking in an unfair event but I can assure you that you'll quickly learn to cope with it. Another major bonus that makes this civilization very easy to jump into for the stereotypical "newbie" is the fact that they have no resource collection buildings. Through this, the gathering process becomes much more efficient and in turn allows you an early game advantage of a few steps.

On top of the civilization and unit additions a new campaign has been created as well. It builds off of the original Age of Mythology storyline and should be thoroughly engrossing for those of you who thought the full games storyline was kick ass. Overall it is so well executed and designed that, going out on a limb; I might even say this puppy is worth your hard earned bucks for the campaign alone! Like I said, I was going out on a limb though. Last but not least for kicks Ensemble Studios has added some new god powers such as implode, which, as you might have already guessed allows you to literally implode your enemies. Graphically there isn't really much of an improvement. Then again, not much of an improvement was really needed considering that the Age of Mythology graphics still look just as amazing as the day they were first released. There are some minor visual additions of course with that aforementioned new civilization and the building/unit animations fit into the games atmosphere flawlessly and, as usual, look beautiful. Can't say anything about sound as absolutely nothing has changed - no new music, sound effects, or anything else for that matter. Wrapping this review up I would wholeheartedly suggest you purchase Titans if you enjoyed the original game and are looking to rev it back up and get back into the real-time strategy genre.

In a Word: Solid.

Word to Publisher: Not too shabby for an expansion pack, let Ensemble keep up the good work.

Full Reviews:
  • GameSpot - 8.3/10
  • GameSpy - 4/5
  • PC.IGN - 8.3/10
Final Score: 85%
#1 - bansheerumpo - 10/21/03 @ 01:53 PM EST
i fully agree.

for me, this expansion did exactly what expansions are supposed to do, get me excited about a game again.

It looks great, the new God powers are some of the coolest eye candy i've ever seen in a game. I also like the new map environments such as Tundra and Swamps.

/ the only complaint i have is that i have to re-learn each civilization. Since Ensemble went and reworked some of the values (attack number and unit costs) i now have to re-strategize in battles. This isn't so bad though, because at least now the Egyptians will be able to put up a fight.

#2 - Anon@ - 10/21/03 @ 09:15 PM EST
i /he review text runs off the screen to the right but only on the first line of the actual review... "in order for easier usage and fo" is what i see. Just thought i might tell you to see if there may be deeper problems that havent reared it's head yet :)
#3 - Blessedman - 10/21/03 @ 09:19 PM EST
th/ted to say about the expansion pack, the first two maps on titan are harder then anything offerd in the original game (hardest map from the first one was "Just enough rope" IMHO). The second map is managable, but the first map is very very difficult for being right out of the gate. Loved it though, the harder the better.
#4 - Blessedman - 10/21/03 @ 11:54 PM EST
di/is that a random event? :)
#5 - Bulldog - 10/22/03 @ 01:08 AM EST
We/nging something.
/ /
#6 - nemarsde - 10/22/03 @ 06:29 PM EST
Da/. I have absolutely no intention of going anywhere near any RTS ever, but I read that review and enjoyed it nonetheless.

Just goes to show, opinions may well be like arseholes - but as sweetjimmy will tell you, you can get a whole lot of fun out of an arsehole.Last Edited on 10/22/03 @ 06:30 PM EST
/ /
- sweetjimmy- 10/23/03 @ 12:41 PM EST
you don't really know someone until you toss his salad.
/ /
- Anon@ 01/04/04 @ 04:58 AM EST
come on that was a discrace

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