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  Preview: Diabolique: Licence To Sin
On 09/12/05 by Jonathan 'Ringo2000' Sharpe

Game Name: Diabolique: Licence to Sin
Reviewer Name: Jonathan �Ringo� Sharpe
Platform Reviewed: PC
Platforms Available: PC (Console platforms TBA)
Official Site URL:
GENRE: Action
# of Players: 1 Player
ESRB Rating: Rating Pending
Publisher: To Be Announced
Developer: Metropolis Software House
Release Date: Q3-Q4 2005
Today�s Date: September 12th, 2005
System Specs: TBA

�A pure adrenaline rush�

Diabolique: Licence to Sin is an upcoming title not quite like any other. In the game you play Dark Eaville � The best of the best out of all the intelligence agents from Hell. You�ve been given the job to stop the agents from Heaven and restore the balance between good and evil, which is gravely endangered due to a rare planetary alignment that takes place every thousand years. During this alignment, both the bosses of Hell and Heaven loose sight of the Earth, allowing the agents working for both sides to have free reign throughout the world, and more importantly, stop obeying any rules that they have been given.

However fighting agents from Heaven isn�t going to be any walk through the park, and your going to need more than just a few guns to eliminate them. You will have available to you the latest in high-tech gadgets and hack computers, to use from level to level of the game. You will be able to dispose of your enemies many different ways, from taking them down with a weapon, to taking them on in hand to hand combat. If that wasn�t enough, you can also use your supernatural powers to eradicate the enemy, feeding yourself with their defeated souls. Because of this special power, any weapon you hold becomes truly devilish, and even more powerful than before.

Review Content: Diabolique: Licence to Sin definitely takes advantage of the newest technology available. Shader model 3.0 and full-screen post processing effects (or FSE) help give the game movie like looks, helping to imitate the reality of the character. Not just that, the environments that the game takes place in are extremely well detailed. Whether you�re in a quaint Alpine village or in a dark and grim cellar, you can see how well the game has been designed. The real-time and physically correct shadows add to the games rich environment, making the gameplay flow smooth and well, and for the player to really get immersed in the game. Additionally the game allows for a realistic depiction of how objects and characters behave in their environment; do to the RenderWare Physics engine. Your opponents will react accordingly to your actions and fighting, depending on the situation. If they have multiple men to back them up, they may come at you with full force, were as if they are by themselves, they may seek cover instead of charging out.

All in all this game is looking like its shaping up to be quite a title. Everything from the graphics to the overall design of the game makes it stick out from other upcoming action titles. That and the rather odd story twist, having you play as a devil that is fighting against the forces of heaven for the good of mankind. This is definitely a title to keep an eye on.

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#1 - nemarsde - 09/12/05 @ 09:39 AM EST
Not so sure myself. The design has a Gothic look to it that's anything but original, and the concept itself is a simple role reversal from other All Hell Breaking Loose games.
#2 - dougman - 09/12/05 @ 10:42 AM EST
so this is "Constantine: the Game"

#3 - ZiggY - 09/12/05 @ 06:18 PM EST
Sure do look purdy though.
#4 - Dobermann Dru - 09/13/05 @ 12:37 AM EST
Wonderful! More games should focus on letting the user control something which fights for the bloody side! We want to control giant, flesh-eating scorpions and stuff! :)
#5 - Talon - 09/13/05 @ 02:22 AM EST
No doughman, this game looks like it will be worth trying out. It's not Constantine: the game. lol

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