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Morning Brief - The Word Heck Edition
Andrew 'Talon' Wilson :: 12:00 AM @ September 13th, 2005 :: In-House: Morning Brief
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Free drinks for everyone � that can find me, for it appears I�m covering the morning brief for awhile. Not much to report from Talon Town, except perhaps for the fact that I�m soon going to be doing some volunteer stuff. It seems like something new to try, and it�s not like my schedule�s super packed so what�s the heck (yes, I just said heck). Oh yeah, and one more matter before the day begins. In response to a comment made yesterday by one of the readers (I think it was comment #30), I�ll post one on my birthday, November 12th, 2005.

Currently Listening To: Nothing. Forgot to turn on radio or put in music CD.

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#1 - Austin316 - 09/13/05 @ 01:36 AM EST
Yeah ... would be interesting to see what you look like talon. You seem a bit self-loathing, but you seem to be proactively trying to change that. Who is the celbrity you most resemble?

I'll start ... I've often been told I look like Jerry O'Connell (especially, for some reason, that pic that pops up in imdb). I always thought he was sort of a homely dude, then I learn he's dating Rebecca Romijn, so now I'm okay with the comparison.

Funny though ... most girls that know/like him like me (even if they don't make the immediate connection). So, now whenever I meet a girl I always work into the conversation, "hey, you heard of J. O'C?".
#2 - Phobia - 09/13/05 @ 01:39 AM EST
wow Austin, you look like a 3rd rate actor. lol

no no, j/k.. yer the best ;P
#3 - Talon - 09/13/05 @ 02:21 AM EST
Sliders was great in the beginning. It's too bad they screwed it up with that fused person crap and "real" dimension utopia home world crap. I tuned out after that. How many originals were in the series at the end anyway? I know the singer (Its been so long I can't remember the name) was in the show when I stopped watching. I thought the professor was a good character. The military chick (forget her name), was a somewhat cliched addition, but had a nice rack so I guess she was ok.

Come to think of it, the most annoying character was Jerry O' Connell's character. Simply due to the fact he didn't have that, "I'm a genius and invented a way to jump between dimensions" look. He always struck me as ... well have you seen the movie Tom Cats? If so, nuff said.

Unexpected rant aside, I really have no idea what celebrity I look like. I honestly can't think of a single one. I suppose if I asked a couple people I might get an answer, but as it stands, I have no idea. What have you picked up in any of the morning brief's that I've done, or comments I've made that suggests the self-loathing?

Last Edited on 09/13/05 @ 02:30 AM EST
#4 - Blindside - 09/13/05 @ 08:07 AM EST
Yeah i really liked sliders when it first started out. The whole idea worked well initially, and they seemed to pull it off. I stopped watching after a little while though, because of reasons talon already stated.. but yeah.. i used to enjoy that show way back when. :)
#5 - Phobia - 09/13/05 @ 08:31 AM EST
Nov 12th? We could all be dead and/or missing by then.

HEY, that's my wife's birthday! Wait a minute... Talon, are you my wife secretly posting? You sneaky little bitch!

Last Edited on 09/13/05 @ 08:33 AM EST
#6 - EyeLikeP00 - 09/13/05 @ 08:35 AM EST
I don't know if a bethsoft dev counts as a celebrity or not, but I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw this guy.

I even have a shirt like that.. o_O
#7 - Austin316 - 09/13/05 @ 09:17 AM EST
"or comments I've made that suggests the self-loathing?"

Was this serious, or just a joke? I'm just saying you seem mildly depressed, with how you're always talking about you never do anything but play games and hang out with your cats. I didn't mean any harm by it, and like I said, you seem to be making changes.

"you look like a 3rd rate actor"

Hey, at least I resemble an actor. Like any of you trolls look like brad pitt! Ha.

Never watched sliders, but did watch "my secret identity" a bit when I was a kid. Man that was a stupid show.
#8 - Phobia - 09/13/05 @ 09:20 AM EST
i look like something stuck to the end of a shoe after you walk through the NYC subway.


#9 - Phobia - 09/13/05 @ 09:24 AM EST
hey NV,
from yesterdays conversation, it wasn't a 47" LCD.. it was 37", my bad. Still the thing is impressive on a desk. My friend said they just dropped the price on it another $100. It's really sweet, if you have the chance to see it somewhere take a look. It's $1,769 before the price break.

Here are the particulars:
Westinghouse 37" Widescreen HD-Ready Flat-Panel LCD TV Monitor with 1080p Display - Silver Model: LVM-37W1
#10 - nVidiot_Whore - 09/13/05 @ 09:57 AM EST
Ahh.. OK.. 1080p.. good Res..

It's still nothing compared to the Apple Cinema displays (and yes, you can use them on a PC).

I'm still loving my Dual 20.1" LCD's

So sweet.

Last Edited on 09/13/05 @ 09:59 AM EST
#11 - Phobia - 09/13/05 @ 10:02 AM EST
yeah, i saw it on yesterdays post.

i had the same setup in the NYC job (minus the wallpaper).

how much does the Apple Cinema display cost?
#12 - Phobia - 09/13/05 @ 10:05 AM EST
just did a search and found this article:

Dell 2005fpw vs. Apple Cinema

looks like they use the same tech but the Dell is drastically cheaper. lol, leave it to Apple.. overpriced for the suckers.
#13 - Austin316 - 09/13/05 @ 10:05 AM EST
Yeah ... 37" @ 1080P isn't very impressive. Apple's 23" display does that. So you're essentially wasting 14" of real estate (unless you have really bad eyes or sitting the display 20 feet from your face).

Nice setup whore ... I've been using dual 19" samsung LCDs at work for a while now. I just put them on my new mac ... have I mentioned I'm linux and windows free these days? Well, at least at my home and work workstations.
#14 - Austin316 - 09/13/05 @ 10:10 AM EST
"leave it to Apple.. overpriced for the suckers"

More expensive ... yes, overpriced, not necessarily so.

First, the apple display looks much nicer (better engineering and better case parts warrant higher price) and has USB and firewire ports (which I don't think the dell has).

Plus ... Dell can order in MASSIVE bulk ... they tremendously outsell apple. This also leads to a cheaper price for the consumer.

I'm just pointing out that a lot of (apple) consumers realize apple hardware is more expensive, but that doesn't necessarily make them suckers.
#15 - Phobia - 09/13/05 @ 10:15 AM EST
if you saw the monitor for yourself trust me when i say you wouldn't consider it a waste. even at the 'unimpressive' 1080P.. sitting on a desk it's friggin clear as day. The point here is it covers just about all of your horizontal peripheral view which is great for gaming.

In any case, I'm a fan of Dell LCDs and the one i just posted is pretty sweet AND damned cheap. I might have to look into it also. So many options to consider before i get a new one. Still it looks like it's at least afforable to own one these days.
#16 - Phobia - 09/13/05 @ 10:24 AM EST
the only difference is the color and the base. Apples base is smaller, that's worth $500 bucks more? For $500 bucks I can look past a bigger base. lol

here, this is what the Dell ver has:

Last Edited on 09/13/05 @ 10:25 AM EST
#17 - Austin316 - 09/13/05 @ 10:36 AM EST
$500? Huh? Where do you get that figure? I just looked at Dell's website:

DELL - UltraSharp 2005FPW 20.1-inch Wide Aspect Flat Panel LCD Monitor with Height Adjustable Stand

Apple Cinema Display (20" flat panel)

So that is only a $250 difference right that ... retail. Sure, Dell might have some coupons or some shit, but I can get an edu discount on the ACD for less than $700 (school won't show price, I'm guessing it is about $600 to $650, but could be less).

Let's not start exagerating now. ;)
#18 - nVidiot_Whore - 09/13/05 @ 10:46 AM EST
You really have to see the 30" Apple running at 2560 x 1600 .

It's pretty amazing.

Not that 1920x1080 isn't impressive.. but I immagine it would look a lot like my screen only blown into a different proportion.

Probably great for gaming.. not so great for everything else. I'll probably get a screen like the one you mentioned phobia for my next gaming PC though.. that sounds awesome.

But I would recommend going dual Dell's if you want it for work.

I basically have a 3200x1200 screen now. TONS of screen real estate..

I've got a 22" CRT for gaming right now.

Last Edited on 09/13/05 @ 10:52 AM EST
#19 - Phobia - 09/13/05 @ 10:52 AM EST
the article i linked to on Anand says it can be had for $350 vs Apples' price of $800... ok, so it's $450 less, not $500. I'll still take $450 clams for a wider base and black vs grey
#20 - Austin316 - 09/13/05 @ 10:52 AM EST
Yeah .. good point whore. I'm sure that 37" LCD looks incredible for games, but I would be unwhelmed as a desktop display.

EDIT: I'd like to see that display priced at $350. Any links (I mean from Dell, not anand)?

Last Edited on 09/13/05 @ 10:54 AM EST
#21 - Phobia - 09/13/05 @ 10:53 AM EST
yeah, sounds sweet. Although to play games I wouldn't want 2 LCDs.. rather have one widescreen so I don't have to deal with the black area in the middle of the view. :)
#22 - Phobia - 09/13/05 @ 10:54 AM EST
I don't know where they were talking about BUT it's Anand, i'm sure they aren't just making up numbers.
#23 - nVidiot_Whore - 09/13/05 @ 10:56 AM EST

Not quite.. I got it on sale for $550... that's my exact screen.
#24 - nVidiot_Whore - 09/13/05 @ 11:00 AM EST
It's funny.. because that second article you linked to said $600 with coupons.

The one I got for $550 wasn't widescreen though.. same tech though, only more pixels ;) I did use a coupon code on one to get it down to $500.. I say $550 because of shipping/tax and all of that.

I thought about getting the widescreens, since they are the same price (no way you'd get them for $350 though, although I'm pretty sure adopted got one for a bit over $400 with some rare coupon codes), and you get significantly more screen real estate with the 4:3 display. Dual widescreens just doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Last Edited on 09/13/05 @ 11:01 AM EST
#25 - Phobia - 09/13/05 @ 11:01 AM EST
Found it... it was an offer Dell had going. It expired the beginning of this month. Cheapest I could find it now is $450.

STILL $350 clams! :)

lol, this number is getting closer and closer. But come on, it's essentially the same friggin monitor. Even $100 off is enough to sway me to get the *cheaper* model. Heck i would get a video card that was $20 cheaper because a retailer left out some bundled software or something. So $350 is still a very compelling arguement for me
#26 - nVidiot_Whore - 09/13/05 @ 11:02 AM EST
Yeah.. the apple is overpriced....
#27 - Austin316 - 09/13/05 @ 11:05 AM EST
You don't know a single person that goes to school or works at a school? If you do, and you want this apple monitor, he/she/it could get it for you for proably around $600. That is now down to a $150 diff. Compelling enough? Probably not for you. ;)

Whore ... my boss just got two of the 20" ACDs and I don't like them in a dual setup either.
#28 - Phobia - 09/13/05 @ 11:07 AM EST
and no, i have nothing against Apple. in fact i'm thinking of getting that new Nano.. which looks sweet.
#29 - Phobia - 09/13/05 @ 11:08 AM EST
$150 would buy you a heck of a lap dance.

(thought i would put it in terms everyone would appreciate) lol
#30 - Austin316 - 09/13/05 @ 11:21 AM EST
Speaking of the nano ... I read a stupid review on it in ars yesterday. They were doing some "stress testing", and went from sitting on it (good), to dropping it while jogging (good), to dropping it out of a moving car at 10, 20, and 50 MPH (which it survived). Huh? Then they went to running it over. These dudes just wanted to break it.

What about sitting down with it in your pocket? What about getting it wet? I usually like ars ... but that was a dumb article.
#31 - Phobia - 09/13/05 @ 11:39 AM EST
or at least test what would happen if you shoved it in a vaginee, that would make sense
#32 - Austin316 - 09/13/05 @ 11:42 AM EST
I just read this ... funny shit:

Probably only funny to mac users though. Are there any of you out there?
#33 - spruce_moose - 09/13/05 @ 11:52 AM EST
Went out drinking last night.

Now the wife is pissed off at me and I have a hangover.

Things are going downhill.
#34 - Talon - 09/13/05 @ 11:54 AM EST

I actually wasn't joking. There's not exactly self-loathing, but I am working through some stuff. My lack of doing stuff other than working out and walks mostly stems from being broke 95% of the time. lol. One thing I am planning on doing is attending this ( event in November. Should be fun, especially since I'm not an angry drunk lol.


I'm pretty sure I'm not your wife. That is, unless your wife's a guy that doesn't know you in RL, and lives up in B.C. :P
#35 - Phobia - 09/13/05 @ 12:10 PM EST
Honey! it is you. Actually, aside from the 'guy' thing that sounds like an ideal marriage. ;)
#36 - Austin316 - 09/13/05 @ 12:16 PM EST
I just recently met an older guy that is married and lives in DC. His wife lives in Utah. For three months out of the year, they live in Augusta, Georgia. Otherwise, they live apart.

He said that all his wive's friends say "how could you live like that?". And all his friends say "that's a great fucking deal!".
#37 - Phobia - 09/13/05 @ 12:17 PM EST
that's some pretty funny shit (re: iTunes)

Last Edited on 09/13/05 @ 12:21 PM EST
#38 - EyeLikeP00 - 09/13/05 @ 12:25 PM EST
austin.. haha.. that's pretty funny. :)
#39 - Krellins - 09/13/05 @ 02:07 PM EST
Well, Burnout revenge tomorrow. Burnout 3 has been the only game recently (besides WoW) that I actually PLAY for any amount of time.

Anyone else picking it up?
#40 - Talon - 09/13/05 @ 02:25 PM EST
Austin316, that really IS a great deal that guy has ... provided they're loyal to each other, and all that.
#41 - Blessedman - 09/13/05 @ 03:19 PM EST
The smaller apple cinema got a shit review from tom's hardware guide. for god sakes it does not even have an OSD.
#42 - nemarsde - 09/13/05 @ 04:26 PM EST
Good evening, GameGossip. Tonight I want to talk to all you English members. I want to talk to you about the hysterical celebrations of England cricket team's victory at the Ashes.

While I don't deny that it's well worthy of celebration, and wouldn't seek to put, nor even dream of putting a dampener on said celebrations there's a way of doing things that is quintessentially English. If I may elucidate:

25,000 people who should be at work, tickertape parade through Central London, reception at No. 10, audience with the Queen?
No. This is not the done thing.

This is what you should be aiming for.

You see, apart from frivolously wasting millions of pounds of British taxpayers' money on an event for Londoners (as always), there's the small matter of humility. A lesson I feel we all should have learned from the Rugby World Cup debacle.

Yes, that sporting event that we also won, which also prompted a costly and spectacular "national" (i.e., London) celebration. Of course, the very next match the England rugby team got completely battered, and the one after that, and the one after that, and so on. And we were soon faced with the stark reality that our rugby team is actually a bit shit.

Apparently this didn't humble most of the people that skived off work for the rugby celebration though, since (as with the cricket celebration) hardly any of them probably watched the rugby anyway and most of them probably didn't know who the fuck it was they were waving at on the open-top bus.

I feel any sense of proportion is lacking here, but alas, I may have one of the few braincells left in the British Isles.

Thank you. Continue.

Last Edited on 09/13/05 @ 04:27 PM EST
#43 - Phobia - 09/13/05 @ 05:13 PM EST
time to go home... clicky clicky.. buhbye
#44 - AaronQ - 09/13/05 @ 07:46 PM EST
Austin....wasn't the professor of that Sliders show John Ryse Davies (sp?)? Now famous for his role as Gimli in the Lord of the Rings.

Krellins....I'll be picking it up eventually. Just need to put together a few extra bucks for it. I'll trade in the old one plus another game or two as well....that'll help. Definitely one of the most fun games out there, and I can even get the fiance to play that one :)
#45 - Phobia - 09/13/05 @ 09:26 PM EST
He was famous before for Indiana Jones :)
#46 - Houdini - 09/13/05 @ 09:31 PM EST
i have been around long enough to be more than just "one of our readers"..
come on man.
#47 - Phobia - 09/13/05 @ 09:49 PM EST
Come on Houdini, give the guy a break. he's named himself after a long fingernail. ;)
#48 - Talon - 09/13/05 @ 10:47 PM EST
No, I named myself after a character that was on the animated show, Gargoyles. :P

Houdini, I said "one of our readers" because just saying Houdini would confuse anyone that doesn't read the comment section.
#49 - LostToys - 09/13/05 @ 11:22 PM EST
FF: Advent Children has been released.
#50 - Ram - 09/13/05 @ 11:41 PM EST
Anyone here still playing NWN? I see that the Platinum DVD edition is only $40 with all the expansions. Been thinking about picking it up. Wonder if it will play on my laptop?
#51 - nVidiot_Whore - 09/13/05 @ 11:43 PM EST
I'll play on your laptop...

Big boy.
#52 - AaronQ - 09/13/05 @ 11:49 PM EST
True.....although I don't know how famous he was for that role. I don't think most people would have been able to tell you his name back then.....Wow, just for kicks I checked the IMDB database for his filmogrophy. Holy Crap! That guy has had one hell of a career. He's been in an assload of movies. Not to mention he's done a tone of voice over work. I knew he'd been around but I didn't realize just how much.
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