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Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Announced (HOT ITEM)
Andrew 'Talon' Wilson :: 01:16 PM @ September 13th, 2005 :: GameBoy Advance DS
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( READ ATTACHED PRESS RELEASE ) Earlier today, 3Publisher of America announced plans to bring Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi to the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance. Based on Cartoon network�s animated series of the same name, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi for the Nintendo DS will be a fighting game in which players can summon the power of � you know what, on second thought, why not check out a snippet of plot info below.
Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi for the Nintendo DS introduces a brand new gaming genre - the 'Rock 'n' Roll Brawler' - targeted primarily for kids 6-11. This action packed adventure allows players to call upon the powers of rock and roll to defeat their enemies as they travel the globe using only their instruments as weapons! With the Nintendo DS, action is presented on the upper screen while the actual control takes the form of a guitar located on the Touch Pad, and players can enjoy the action solo, or with 2-Player WiFi cooperative mode.
Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi will ship for the GBA during Q4 2005, with the Nintendo DS version following during Q1 2006.

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#1 - Talon - 09/13/05 @ 01:17 PM EST
I was so close to NOT posting this on the simple fact I'm literally sick to death of this damn anime art fad.
#2 - dougman - 09/13/05 @ 01:57 PM EST
Puffy AmiYumi are HOT.
I would do them.

#3 - Amnesiac - 09/13/05 @ 02:12 PM EST
The japanese female version of Wayne and Garth.
#4 - Talon - 09/13/05 @ 02:13 PM EST
It is NOT party time... and it's not excellent.
#5 - Newbeing - 09/13/05 @ 02:15 PM EST
Why in Gods name did these girls get a show? Their music sucks and now their cartoon sucks and soon they'll have a video game that sucks. The unholy suck trinity is complete!

Ther is nothing worse than Japanese anime that isn't made by the japanese.

Last Edited on 09/13/05 @ 02:17 PM EST
#6 - Talon - 09/13/05 @ 02:22 PM EST
See right there's my problem Newbeing. Japanese anime that's Japanese isn't so bad (though I'm starting to get sick of that too). But this annoying fad with EVERYTHING looking anime just ... well annoying (I R ARTICULITE!!!1).
#7 - nemarsde - 09/13/05 @ 03:48 PM EST
You know what? I don't have the vaguest idea who or what Puffy AmiYumi are. There are some advantages to being a miserable old bastard.
#8 - nVidiot_Whore - 09/13/05 @ 03:53 PM EST
I think you should kill yourself if you even know what this is.
#9 - Talon - 09/13/05 @ 03:57 PM EST
I dont know wtf this is. I had to google it. lol
#10 - noodle boy - 09/13/05 @ 04:23 PM EST
Puffy amiyumi pisses me off soooooooo much..... Why are they popular enough for a frigging craptoon?
#11 - dougman - 09/13/05 @ 05:31 PM EST
just because they have cute voices.. and are japanese... SEXY.
#12 - Blessedman - 09/13/05 @ 06:31 PM EST
where are the nude shots?
#13 - Ram - 09/13/05 @ 06:50 PM EST
Somewhere LostToys is masturbating furiously after hearing this. :)

We love you Toys!
#14 - LostToys - 09/13/05 @ 08:12 PM EST
Pretty sad day for gaming news when Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi is a "Hot Item." Then again, I also believe someone else Hot Itemed Hello Kitty. Me thinks someone secretly likes the girly Japanese shit and is not attesting to it! *points at Whore* j'acuse!

Ram -

I masterbate to porn, not to gaming news. Especially not gaming news related to a shitty television program.
#15 - Talon - 09/13/05 @ 10:45 PM EST
LostToys, everyone kept making smart ass comments, ones which others replied to with MORE smart ass-ism (a word now). Being a smart ass is a staple of the internet

Last Edited on 09/13/05 @ 11:45 PM EST
#16 - LostToys - 09/13/05 @ 10:55 PM EST
Talon -

Stample? WTF is a stample? I know stable, but not stample!
#17 - Ram - 09/13/05 @ 11:38 PM EST
See, I always thought that being a smartass was a staple of the internet, I am glad that I have been corrected on that. Imagine what an ass I would look like had I said staple instead of stample.

"I masterbate to porn, not to gaming news."

Sure you do, sure you do.
#18 - Talon - 09/13/05 @ 11:45 PM EST
It was a typo you undead mutant zombie cat fish .... man from beyond the stars!
#19 - nVidiot_Whore - 09/13/05 @ 11:46 PM EST
Talon is testy. Or is it teste?


Last Edited on 09/13/05 @ 11:47 PM EST
#20 - LostToys - 09/13/05 @ 11:59 PM EST
Talon -

That is Mr Evil Tenticle Raping Beast to you.

FF: Advent Children has been released. You know you want it!

Last Edited on 09/14/05 @ 12:12 AM EST
#21 - Talon - 09/14/05 @ 07:02 AM EST
no nVidiot Whore, my non website email isn't testetalon, it's

... funny thing is, i'm not joking. lol
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