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Quake 4 Ships (HOT ITEM)
Andrew 'Talon' Wilson :: 12:40 PM @ October 18th, 2005 :: PC: Action
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( READ ATTACHED PRESS RELEASE ) Arriving as one of the larger shipping stories of the day, Activision has announced that Quake 4 has shipped throughout North America for the PC platform. Developed by Raven Software and executive produced by id Software, Quake 4 is the sequel to Quake II, and picks up directly after Quake II, put in the role of Matthew Kane, while battling the alien race, the Strogg. Quake 4 comes in standard and Special Edition versions, carrying the ESRB rating of �M� for mature. The official Quake 4 website has more information on the game for those interested.

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#1 - spruce_moose - 10/18/05 @ 01:15 PM EST
Waiting for a demo.

That's all I can afford at the moment. Heh.
#2 - Eidolon - 10/18/05 @ 01:15 PM EST
Bunch of us just went to the local GameStop and picked up some copies. Pretty cool to see it on shelves.
#3 - spruce_moose - 10/18/05 @ 01:30 PM EST
You don't get a free copy?!?!?!
#4 - Eidolon - 10/18/05 @ 02:08 PM EST
spruce: of course we do but A) free copies aren't in yet B) gotta support our company

You know how it goes

spruce: i'm trying to find info on the demo for you ... I'll let you know
#5 - Krellins - 10/18/05 @ 02:23 PM EST
"B) gotta support our company"

Translation : Someone has to buy the game.
#6 - GNS Jim - 10/18/05 @ 02:28 PM EST
Unless there is a demo and it really grabs me then I'll be passing on this one.
#7 - Eidolon - 10/18/05 @ 02:35 PM EST
I've been told that a demo is not happening so looks like those of you waiting for a demo won't get it :( Sorry... just passing on the news.
#8 - Phobia - 10/18/05 @ 02:53 PM EST
that's just stupid of them. it will feed the warez monkeys all the excuse they need to download it.

personally, i just picked up FEAR and if I hear great things about Q4 then i'll pick it up otherwise maybe when it's bargain bin.

PS. Support the company? lol, good one. Ask spruce how much supporting a company gets you. For that matter, ask me.
#9 - Eidolon - 10/18/05 @ 03:25 PM EST
Phobia: yeah well as of now I actually get treated well. The company bought us copies of X-Men Legends II and Quake 4, but A) I wanted Quake 4 on special edition DVD (only guys who worked on Q4 got that, the rest of us got normal versions) and B) I figured I'd give my 2nd copy to a cousin for the holidays when I go home.

Also, sales help out the whole studio when it comes to bonus time. So, I clearly want the games to sell well because A) It makes me feel good that I work for a studio that puts out quality products and B) I like money

As for the demo, it's just not Raven's decision whether or not that happens. id and Activision hold ALL the cards on that.

Personally, I'm picking up F.E.A.R. as well but that's cuz I try to play all games I possibly can. Not only are they fun, but it's always good to see what other companies are doing.
#10 - Phobia - 10/18/05 @ 03:38 PM EST
well damn ID and Activision for that then. I can't believe it would be ID though as they always put out demos in the past. Activision however... well, i just plain don't like them. :)
#11 - GNS Jim - 10/18/05 @ 03:45 PM EST

You can pass on the fact to whoever you like that they've lost a potential sale by not having a demo, of course they've lost more than one since there'll be others like me with the same view, but there ya go. Note that I'm not getting at you personally, maybe not even Raven particularly! :)

Now that I think about it there wasn't a demo for Doom 3 either was there? Well I got that, once bitten twice shy, as the saying goes.

Last Edited on 10/18/05 @ 03:48 PM EST
#12 - Eidolon - 10/18/05 @ 03:47 PM EST
Phobia: All I'm saying is we didn't make this decision and we don't have much influence on it honestly.
#13 - Krellins - 10/18/05 @ 03:49 PM EST
There was a demo for Doom3.
#14 - Eidolon - 10/18/05 @ 03:53 PM EST
Jim: People here know this... a lot of developers are for a demo, because it helps pimp the game. However, the powers at be make the decisions.

I think they are banking on the fact that the name QUAKE alone will sell the game. Lets face it: we could shovel dog shit into the box and it would sell just cuz it says Quake. There are fanboys like that.

#15 - GNS Jim - 10/18/05 @ 03:57 PM EST

Really? I obviously missed that one, heh.


Yeah, it's pretty obvious from what you're saying that Activision are the problem in this case, ultimately I guess they can get the sales without investing in a demo...that's business.
#16 - Eidolon - 10/18/05 @ 03:58 PM EST
ok here's the thing with id and their demos

id puts out demos for one reason and one reason only: to test new technology. They do it every engine iteration to see how the game plays, especially online. That's why you had Q2 multiplayer test, etc.

They've already done their tests with the Doom 3 demo on all that stuff. Quake 4 is not new technology - we've just taken their engine and done a more action game with it instead of horror. And upped the multiplayer limit to 16 from 4 or whatever Doom had.

so, id has no reason to want a test on Q4 except for sales. But again my guess is they know the quake name is enough to offset any potential loss in sales vs. money spent working on the demo vs. time/money lost on wolfenstein (cuz we're supposed to get many of the quake people on wolf now)

#17 - Phobia - 10/18/05 @ 04:05 PM EST
oh, i understand completely, Eiddy. It's more caution that keeps me from buying. A demo would either quelch or foster my fears. the lack of a demo however sends a negative message to me. One that perhaps there isn't any substance to the game and it's more glitter than gold. Nothing against you of course since you work there but aren't lead designer or anything.

I just believe that if a game wants to rise above the rest these days they would be smarter to 'pimp it' by having a demo then to let it stand on it's own merits.

I could understand another smaller company under Activision giving in to their demands but I would have to believe that since Raven and to a large part ID have an active interest in the promotion of this IP they should have pushed Activision for a demo. At very least a multiplayer demo with one map. How much time would that have taken to rip out?

:) imho, of course.
#18 - spruce_moose - 10/18/05 @ 04:06 PM EST
Wuddabout the 360? There's going to be a version coming out soon right? Launch title?

No demo makes me sad. See here: :(

No problem though, I'll pick it up one day in the future. Maybe I'll go to the store in my flying car.
#19 - Eidolon - 10/18/05 @ 04:12 PM EST
phobia: it would have taken plenty of time (more than people think, trust me), but that doesn't mean it's not worth it. I'm sure there were many conversatiosn and I was not privy to their details honestly. I'm with you 100% on having a demo. As a gamer I wish all games had demos, and as a developer I wish my games all had demos so that I could showcase them and pimp em out. of course, if my game sucked i wouldnt want a demo, but hopefully I wont have to work on a shitty game ever. You never know of course.

As for the 360 spruce, yes it's a launch-day title. Unless MS sends us back some crazy bugs in the next week or two we're on schedule best I know.
#20 - Phobia - 10/18/05 @ 04:17 PM EST
lol spruce

#21 - Talon - 10/18/05 @ 04:22 PM EST
So lemme see if I get this straight. Most of the replies have been over people being little bitches about no demo?

I'm going to go take a couple pills for this headache you've all given me.
#22 - Talon - 10/18/05 @ 04:22 PM EST

(this stands for double penetration apparently)

Last Edited on 10/18/05 @ 04:50 PM EST
#23 - Eidolon - 10/18/05 @ 04:28 PM EST
double penetration?
#24 - Houdini - 10/18/05 @ 04:41 PM EST
I'm trying to find some info on the multiplayer portion of he game, since that's my focus.
anyone got some good review links for that?
#25 - Phobia - 10/18/05 @ 04:42 PM EST
no, some of the posts were of your alleged affairs with George Michaels but we decided to change them at the last moment so as to not make you feel bad.
#26 - Talon - 10/18/05 @ 04:49 PM EST
Hey, what I do in my off time is non of your business Phobia. It's between me, ant the G.Man.

Now lets switch gears and focus on what we should be focusing on: the question concerning just which G.Man I'm talking about.
#27 - spruce_moose - 10/18/05 @ 04:50 PM EST
For Talon,

OMG!!!!WTFBBQ?!?!?!?!?!No demo!!!Worst. Game. EVAR!!!OMG!!!John Carmack is the sUX0rrr omg!!!Id not demo suxxxxx!!!!Raven sucxx no demowrf????


#28 - Phobia - 10/18/05 @ 04:52 PM EST
hmm, along the same lines as this 'headache' thing:

i wonder if the percentage of headaches increases as thought increases.

ouch, now my head hurts
#29 - Gatts - 10/18/05 @ 04:52 PM EST
Reviews are looking a bit 'meh' on this. I'm gonna have to pass this up in favor of FEAR. Maybe it'll get a second look once my cash flow loosens up a bit.
#30 - Eidolon - 10/18/05 @ 05:02 PM EST
Houdini: I can give you factual information if you'd like on multiplayer, but don't depend on me for editorial because A) actually I've barely played multiplayer and B) I'm totally and unabashedly biased
#31 - nemarsde - 10/18/05 @ 05:32 PM EST
Apparently this title's going to be BIG in Pakistan.

Edit: Hey, a little black humour never hurt anyone, especially after you've had a day like mine.

Last Edited on 10/18/05 @ 05:32 PM EST
#32 - Eidolon - 10/18/05 @ 05:46 PM EST
HAHAHAHAHAAHA you made me laugh nem
#33 - Talon - 10/18/05 @ 06:44 PM EST
Nemarsde, if I could find a "Oooooooohhhh" sound clip I would post it. That being said, well played. lol
#34 - Houdini - 10/18/05 @ 06:45 PM EST
ahahaah took me a second and then "cringe" followed by "aahahahahahah"
bad so bad

i'll be picking this game up on friday anyhow.
Eidy.. can i have you sign my game cd?
#35 - Eidolon - 10/18/05 @ 07:33 PM EST
houdini: why would you want that? not like I worked on it
#36 - Megahurtz - 10/18/05 @ 08:23 PM EST


I want to hear more about Talon's double penetration game.
#37 - The Dragon - 10/18/05 @ 08:55 PM EST
Looking around at reviews for Quake 4, most have been between 8 and 9. The general conesnsus is that the graphics and sound are very very good and the single player is solid, but the multiplayer is "uninspired", consisting of the bare bone basic MP game types and nothing all that impressive. It's not bad, just do not expect anything groundbreaking. I think I may give it a try, depending on what some of you have to say. I'm on the fence right now.
#38 - matt__jon - 10/18/05 @ 10:26 PM EST
Didn't they just announce the game for the first time yesterday?!
#39 - Arioch - 10/18/05 @ 10:57 PM EST
I guess I can wait till it hits the bargain bin to pick this up. It was either this or FEAR and after playing FEAR for a while now I am happy with this decision.
#40 - EyeLikeP00 - 10/18/05 @ 11:02 PM EST
he's trying to coax some man-love out of you eidy.. be careful.. it will only end in a broken heart.

Last Edited on 10/18/05 @ 11:02 PM EST
#41 - Ram - 10/18/05 @ 11:11 PM EST
And a sore sphincter!
#42 - Houdini - 10/18/05 @ 11:45 PM EST
i was in a torried 3 way love affair with Poo and Ram and it ended on a sour note.

hence their responses.

ps: i'm keeping the electric football game.
#43 - ZiggY - 10/19/05 @ 01:45 AM EST
#36 MHz: Hey, double penetration isn't a game. It's serious stuff.

Sadly I have neither the money for FEAR, nor Quake 4, nor AoE3, or any other the other games out there at the moment that have caught my eye. But, not having a demo to get a better feel for the game myself DOES help narrow down the list of games I'd get if I DID have money.
#44 - nikola_b - 10/19/05 @ 06:08 AM EST
WoW! The graphics look incredible.

Although, they still have that typical low-res textures from Doom 3 look.
#45 - nemarsde - 10/19/05 @ 07:24 AM EST
Neither Quake4, F.E.A.R., Doom3, or Half-Life 2 look as impressive graphically as Far Cry, imho, or as open in gameplay.
#46 - nikola_b - 10/19/05 @ 08:03 AM EST
FarCry had great graphics but I actually thought Chronicles of Riddick looks better than any other game.

It's basically like Doom 3 only higher-res/better.
#47 - EyeLikeP00 - 10/19/05 @ 10:58 AM EST
houdy: i bought that for the three of us to enjoy.. its not yours. its going back to the store!
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