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Take-Two Acquires Firaxis Games (HOT ITEM)
Andrew 'Talon' Wilson :: 04:41 PM @ November 7th, 2005 :: General Gaming
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( READ ATTACHED PRESS RELEASE ) Today, Take-Two Interactive Software announced that it has acquired Firaxis Games. Developers of the Civilization and Pirates! franchises, and home of industry veteran Sid Meier, the companies had the following to say on the acquisition.
"Firaxis Games, founded and led by industry executive Jeff Briggs, and inspired by the genius of Sid Meier, is among the most innovative and successful development studios in the industry," said Christoph Hartmann, Managing Director of 2K Games. "The Firaxis and 2K Games union is a strong fusion of creativity and vision that will continue to result in the development of innovative games with mass appeal. We're excited to welcome Jeff, Sid and the entire Firaxis team to the 2K family."

"This is a tremendous opportunity for Firaxis," said Jeff Briggs, Founder, President and CEO of Firaxis Games. "2K Games is an energetic label that shares our goals and vision for making great games that stand the test of time. We are pleased to be associated with the energy and commitment to quality work that 2K represents, and look forward to a great future together."

"2K Games has already been a tremendous partner to Firaxis in the marketing and release of Sid Meier's Pirates! and Sid Meier's Civilization IV. We're excited about all of the possibilities ahead of us as we work together to explore new ideas, new products and new consumer markets," said industry legend Sid Meier, Director of Creative Development at Firaxis Games.

Check back for more news throughout the day.

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#1 - BuLLeT TiMe - 11/07/05 @ 07:36 PM EST
Company mergers need to be illegal. Is there any real reason for it anymore except what Lewis Black so aptly referred to as "piggypiggyfuckpiggypiggy"(greed)? I'm so tired of hearing every single week that another company has been eaten by a larger company. This shit needs to stop. It's going to get to the point where there ARE no more small-medium production or publishing houses and everyone's just another EA-clone.

Is this where the industry is heading? I read not too long ago that in the 90's there were about two dozen places where you could have a game made. Now there are around six. Why is nobody pissed off about this sort of thing? I would almost imagine because it happens so slowly. Evvvery now and then you hear about a buy-out or a merger and you don't think about it anymore after a week or so. But it all adds up...and it worries me.

Also, can we just let the press releases go? They're less than fucking worthless. All of them say the same shit. I wouldn't be surprised if they were all written by the same person! It's always some bullshit like:

"Blahblah is a great company and we're happy to have them."

"This is so great for us. We are happy." - President of Blahblah.

"We will be synergizing and coming up with great new ideas to strengthen the industry blahblahblah bullshit." [Que the dissolving of "Blahblah" in about two months]

I've never read so much vanilla bullshit as when I come to read the gaming news. If you look really closely, you'll discover that none of these pricks actually SAY anything. You could switch around the company names with completely different companies and no one would fucking notice. How about telling us WHY you're merging with another company, you assholes? I don't care about how much you love each other and what you're going to name your kids.

Sid Meier is a huge name in the industry. So when his name pops up, I'd appreciate the news outlets being given some actual IN-FOR-MA-TION. Would it be too much trouble to have someone say exactly what prompted the "acquisition"? Clearly someone fucked up somewhere...tell us what happened! I'm not looking for dirt, I'm just looking for actual NEWS, instead of the withered and brittle HUSK of news that these guys are so fond of giving.
#2 - Talon - 11/07/05 @ 11:13 PM EST
Well often the financial details for these deals arent' made clear until the next time the company makes a large report to the SEC. I totally agree with what you're saying though. This industry has really gone down hill. Not as many great games, more sell out/stealing/asshole journalists, more publishers eating up developers. Not to spell doom and gloom, but I wouldn't be surprised if we saw another crash sometime this decade.
#3 - spruce_moose - 11/07/05 @ 11:59 PM EST
It isn't just the gaming industry, it's every industry in the so called "West". Pretty soon it'll all be owned by one big company, and all the good paying jobs will be overseas.

#4 - Blessedman - 11/08/05 @ 01:42 AM EST
To produce a game takes soo much money now awadays that to shelter a loser can mean the end of a developer. I know it sucks but it is the reality of bigger productions. Its the reason there are only a handfull of movie studios that produce super glossy sci-fi/adventure/action/fantasy movies (even though most of them suck). It can work in the favor of a great company and make it harder for a smaller company to innovate under the suffication of a backer. Its a catch 22 for sure.
#5 - Spanky Buttmunch - 11/08/05 @ 02:43 AM EST
Let us face reality. In the end, all of our bases are belong to
ExxonHaliburtonGEMerckTimeWarnerBechtelSprint anyway.

Corporate avarice is destroying this country. You will all be working for the man someday.
#6 - nemarsde - 11/08/05 @ 04:12 AM EST
Along with the profusion of the Net, the rise of the megacorporations is another trope of the cyberpunk genre and dystopian view of the future. William Gibson was right.
#7 - Ray Ban - 11/08/05 @ 05:04 PM EST
It's a brave new world...
#8 - nemarsde - 11/08/05 @ 05:43 PM EST
And isn't it just, well, dishearteningly how none of the good stuff about the cyberpunk genre is coming to pass, only the bad stuff. What does that tell you?

Where's my fucking hovercar?!
#9 - Nova Cat - 11/27/05 @ 12:20 AM EST
"Let us face reality. In the end, all of our bases are belong to
ExxonHaliburtonGEMerckTimeWarnerBechtelSprint anyway.

Corporate avarice is destroying this country. You will all be working for the man someday."

Cant disagree with that at all. Kinda ridiculous...
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