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Fable 2 In Development? (HOT ITEM)
Andrew 'Talon' Wilson :: 01:00 AM @ November 8th, 2005 :: Xbox 360: Action
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Though usually we keep a distance from rumors (read: yes, we remember the name of the site), it appears that both confirmation and the first details on Fable 2 might have been revealed. According to Computer And Video Games, a source of sorts recently interviewed Peter Molyneux, who confirmed the sequel to Big Blue Box's "open ended" title being in development for the Xbox 360. Apparently, Fable 2 will see players put in the role of a young boy, as he ventures out into the world alongside a puppy. As the story above goes, Fable 2 will reportedly support a world that changes based on how players act. Of course, as with most rumors, this should be taken with a grain of salt but, nevertheless, we?ll keep you posted if more information surfaces.

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#1 - Amnesiac - 11/08/05 @ 10:05 AM EST
I can't wait for this one to come out. I've been waiting since the last Fable for a good brainless hack n slasher.

Last Edited on 11/08/05 @ 10:05 AM EST
#2 - Talon - 11/08/05 @ 10:41 AM EST
I don't think I'll get hyped in any way, shape or form for this game until it's on the shelves, and I've had the chance to rent the game first. Afterall, they weren't even able to deliver half of what was promised of the original Fable.
#3 - Amnesiac - 11/08/05 @ 11:28 AM EST
I don't think Peter will hype this one up as much as he did the first one. The truth about Fable is that it was actually a much smaller, less ground breaking game when you actually picked it up and played it than it was when you were just taking the words from Peter and applying them.

In essence then, the Fable of Fable is what it once might have been instead of what it really was when it came truth time.
#4 - GNS Jim - 11/08/05 @ 12:17 PM EST
Heh, I remember when they talked about being able to carve your name on a tree as a kid and how the tree would grow and have that carving years later. Fable was seriously cut down compared to the original vision of it.
#5 - Talon - 11/08/05 @ 12:22 PM EST
Oh, I expect him to hype the crap out of it. What game has he been involved with hasn't seen massive levels of hype. Imo, the guy's a hack.
#6 - Amnesiac - 11/08/05 @ 01:22 PM EST
Derek Smart is a Hack.

Peter, well, he's just a Vaporwareologist.

Peter's games are good, just not as good as he tries to make us believe.
#7 - EyeLikeP00 - 11/08/05 @ 01:24 PM EST
The thing that disapointed me the most about Fable was the lack of an open ended world. I was expecting something like Morrowind, but instead is was just very small and very linear little zones. I hope they change that in the next one.
#8 - Talon - 11/08/05 @ 02:02 PM EST
But Fable came out ... eventually. As have "his" other games. Much like that other guy (sorry, but if i say his name, one will only have to say it once more to ... you know), Molyneux can't deliver.
#9 - Amnesiac - 11/08/05 @ 02:44 PM EST
Good call Talon....
#10 - LostToys - 11/08/05 @ 02:51 PM EST
Peter just needs to learn: If game greater than 80% done, then hype. He has yet to be a creaive force behind a game I have disliked (disappointed, yes. Disliked, no).

And bring my back Syndicate you mother fuckers!
#11 - Amnesiac - 11/08/05 @ 02:56 PM EST
Man, I loved me some Syndicate back in the day.

Never played the computer version, only had the SEGA Genesis one. Which was good enough for me to waste Thanksgiving on while my family fought amongst them selves if I remember correctly.
#12 - EyeLikeP00 - 11/08/05 @ 03:24 PM EST
Good ol Syndicate... Atlantic Accelerator for teh win!!
#13 - BuLLeT TiMe - 11/08/05 @ 04:51 PM EST
I don't think Molyneux is a hack. I don't even think he's a hype-fiend in the sense that he wants to mislead gamers about his work. I'd be willing to bet that he really believes that he can pull that stuff off. I just think he dreams too big. Nothing wrong with that at all considering the climate of the industry these days. I do the same thing with my various art projects. I'll think up something amazing and be TOTALLY convinced that I can do it in [X] amount of time. I'm usually way off...It's something I really try to work on. Realistically, did any of you truly believe that they could have put all of the amazing things into Fable that Molyneux wanted in there? I knew from the beginning that about half of that stuff would be gone. The same thing happened with Black and White. Still thought it was a great game though. (Aside from rival creatures stll fucking with you even after you kill their god...grrr) Time and money is always a factor. Maybe someday technology will have progressed enough to where he can actually realize one of his wild visions.

In the meantime, I think he needs to scale down his claims to the public. If the game he's *dreaming* of has 200 amazing things in it, then he needs to tell the press that it has 100, even if he believes he can fit 200. That way, if he's wrong, he doesn't come off a liar...and if he's right, he looks like a fucking Rembrandt. ;)
#14 - nemarsde - 11/08/05 @ 05:40 PM EST
Syndicate, what a fantastic game. I can just imagine a GTA-style Syndicate 3D. It'd be amazing.
#15 - Nova Cat - 11/27/05 @ 12:19 AM EST
Cant WAIT for Fable too. I loved 'The Lost Chapters' for the pc. But it was shamefully short.
#16 - Buphstuph18 - 12/06/05 @ 11:02 AM EST
I don't know guys... My friends and I heard about Fable in like 2001, and since we became obsessed about it...

Only to have our hearts broken multiple times w/ the delays and shortness of the game...

I hope Fable 2 kicks ass, BUT IT BETTER!, and I don't really want to hear about it 'till mere months to it's release...
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