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System Shock 3 In Development? (HOT ITEM)
Andrew 'Talon' Wilson :: 12:30 AM @ January 9th, 2006 :: PC: General
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Speculated about more than a few times, it seems that Electronic Arts could very well be working on another title in the first-person role-playing game (RPG) series, System Shock. Though unconfirmed at this time, a recent filing (or should we say re-filing) on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website shows that Electronic Arts re-filed the name on December 15th, 2005. While this might just be a matter of updating the trademark, it?s certainly interesting nonetheless. At any rate, we?ll keep you posted with more news throughout the day.

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#1 - Spanky Buttmunch - 01/09/06 @ 01:11 AM EST
For this game I would ship the wife and little ones off on a little vacation. I still think SS2 was the game I enjoyed the most. I certainly hope this is going to happen and that they do not fuck it up.
#2 - Eidolon - 01/09/06 @ 01:25 AM EST
Fuck this

BioShock ftw.
#3 - Spanky Buttmunch - 01/09/06 @ 01:57 AM EST
#4 - Newbeing - 01/09/06 @ 02:11 AM EST
Yeah Bioshock is being made by irrational games, the original creators of System Shock. They would have made it system shock 3, but EA owns the name.
#5 - Blindside - 01/09/06 @ 04:07 AM EST
System Shock 3 made by anyone other than the original creators of the System Shock series is just another game to me.

Get the original devolpers on-board, or let go of a patent you don't have the integrity to deserve the rights to EA.
#6 - ZiggY - 01/09/06 @ 04:34 AM EST
You know, I was all ready to get excited about this when I saw the headline, but then I saw that A. The original devs aren't on it, and B. EA is involved, and suddenly my big growing excitement kinda wilted up and went recessive. If they ARE developing it, whattaya want to bet that EA calls it "System Shock: We're calling it anything but 3 because we want to ignore the fact that the previous games were better", the gameplay gets needlessly changed and dumbed down, and it gets released in some form or another on damn near every single gaming platform in existence, but is just mediocre on all of them. Anyone want to take bets on that?
#7 - Talon - 01/09/06 @ 08:12 AM EST
Well, I'm a bit dissapointed that it took TWO replies before someone said, "BioShock ftw," but I guess you're all casuals ;)

#8 - GNS Jim - 01/09/06 @ 08:39 AM EST
Hang on...did Irrational develop SS1? I thought they were responsible for SS2 but not 1. Anyway, System Shock 3? Good. System Shock 3 with EA Trax and DJ=p00p.
#9 - Talon - 01/09/06 @ 08:58 AM EST
You're actually correct GNS Jim. The first game was from the UK-based developer, Looking Glass. System Shock 2 was done by Irrational and Looking Glass. However, Looking Glass has been dead for a long time so ... Irrational ftw.
#10 - Itium - 01/09/06 @ 09:07 AM EST
You think Looking Glass was from thr UK? LOL
#11 - Phobia - 01/09/06 @ 09:08 AM EST
the powers that be at EA and Uwe Boll should all be put in a space ship launched into the sun.

i expect, as Ziggy that this will kill the System Shock license for everyone except those that dont have any idea what System Shock was.

Shame Irrational wasn't given the license for $xx from EA to do it right. Now we are going to have a crappy SS sequel and a great Irrational game that should have been called SS3.

sucks, either way.
#12 - Talon - 01/09/06 @ 11:39 AM EST
I have no idea why I keep associating Cambridge with the UK. ;) No matter how many times someone corrects me, I always make that mistake.

Seriously though, it's an easy mistake to make

Last Edited on 01/09/06 @ 11:39 AM EST
#13 - Megahurtz - 01/09/06 @ 11:39 AM EST
"System Shock 3 made by anyone other than the original creators of the System Shock series is just another game to me"

That sounds like the EA motto: "Just another game".
#14 - Spanky Buttmunch - 01/09/06 @ 11:42 AM EST

Now I understand the anger. I shall seek knowledge of this bioshock you speak of.

seacrest out.
#15 - Eidolon - 01/09/06 @ 12:16 PM EST
yeah sorry - I was drunk last night and so I didn't feel like going into this. I felt BioShock ftw conveyed my feelings quite nicely and succinctly (i'm pretty sure I spelt that wrong)
#16 - Newbeing - 01/09/06 @ 12:27 PM EST
Sadly there isn't much known about Bioshock at the moment. Just little tidbits you can find on the net.
#17 - GNS Jim - 01/09/06 @ 12:32 PM EST
"the powers that be at EA and Uwe Boll should all be put in a space ship launched into the sun. "

Sounds like a good game to me, you could be on the spaceship trying to escape from Uwe and an army of EA clones before it crashes into the sun.
#18 - EyeLikeP00 - 01/09/06 @ 12:36 PM EST
then they can make a really bad movie based off said game..
#19 - lakewoodsfresh - 01/10/06 @ 05:45 AM EST
Just as long as its a documentary.
#20 - nemarsde - 01/11/06 @ 05:05 PM EST
There are many names for Uwe Boll.

Uwe Bollocks, Toilet Boll, I myself prefer Dr. Bollfinger.
#21 - noodle boy - 01/11/06 @ 06:07 PM EST
Bollfinger, good one, heheheh. I prefer the more discriptive, crazy evil german director bastard myself. Gets the point across to those who don't know who he is.
#22 - Newbeing - 01/12/06 @ 09:28 AM EST
I guess Irrational games was bought by Take 2 and now Bioshock will be heading to the next gen consoles.
#23 - BullpupDFWM - 01/13/06 @ 12:14 AM EST
I was very interested... then read the letters 'E' and 'A'...
#24 - Phobia - 01/19/06 @ 10:19 AM EST
you know what that spells for any creativity in gaming...


I am the clever ;)
#25 - Semirhage - 01/22/06 @ 07:36 PM EST
The Irrational Games website has BioShock tipped to come out this year. It would be great to see it at E3. I'm excited about BioShock, but it's just not the same without Shodan...

"...from my throne room, lines of power careen into the skies of Earth. My whims will become lightening bolts that devastate the mounds of humanity. From the chaos, they will run and whimper, begging me to free them from their anarchy."
#26 - Xenomaniac - 01/26/06 @ 05:39 PM EST
Actually, forget about EA doing that game. The original devs of SS2 are making BioShock and it looks fucking SWEET!
#27 - Revrant - 02/04/06 @ 09:06 PM EST
Bleh Gamespot

BioShock all the way, sure, no Shodan, but she was a more cerebral joy than a continually frightening one as the various logs and enemies were, which is something EA can't patent, so pending any Console-crap, it should be a great game.

SS3 will suck, just like the Goldeneye wannabe.
#28 - dedhed - 07/30/06 @ 04:53 PM EST
what the fuck :|
#29 - nemarsde - 08/26/06 @ 06:04 PM EST
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