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Major League Baseball 2K6 Ships For PSP
Andrew 'Talon' Wilson :: 09:41 AM @ April 18th, 2006 :: PSP: General
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( READ ATTACHED PRESS RELEASE ) Take-Two publishing label, 2K Sports, announced today the shipping of Major League Baseball 2K6 for the PlayStation Portable. Following the Xbox and PlayStation 2 debuts, Major League Baseball 2K6 builds on the series with an exclusive Home Run Derby mode; a tag team hitting match.
Major League Baseball 2K6 for the PSP system incorporates many of the features included in the console versions, such as A.I. powered by Inside Edge� technology; intuitive Swing Stick� control; the all-new Payoff Pitching� system; World Baseball Classic Mode; and commentary from Jon Miller and Hall of Fame legend Joe Morgan. In addition to these stellar features, Major League Baseball 2K6 for the PSP system debuts the PSP system-exclusive Home Run Derby Mode, a tag team-style hitting match, pitting gamers against the best sluggers in baseball to achieve home run career supremacy. Lastly, online play � both ad-hoc and infrastructure � are supported to deliver seamless online play on the go.
The link above of course has more on Major League Baseball 2K6.

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