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Hitman: Blood Money Demo
Kyle 'Pezman' Peschel :: 06:06 PM @ May 31st, 2006 :: In-House: Download
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The rumors are true, there is a new Hitman on the loose and this time you get rewarded for the cleaner the kill! Hitman Blood Money�s singleplayer demo was released recently, and if your timid about picking up the full game just yet you can find the demo locally from our very own download system. The demo weighs in at 759 megs, and offers the first level of the game. Word from the readers is the rest of the game plays a lot better then the demo, so go check it out and let us know in the comments!

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#1 - Pezman - 05/31/06 @ 10:45 PM EST
Oh, so no one likes that I'm throwing up a 700 meg file eh?
#2 - Spanky Buttmunch - 06/01/06 @ 02:44 AM EST
I do.
#3 - itismenotyou - 06/01/06 @ 03:46 AM EST
Better late than never Pez :) This is what GameGossip needs to be sucessful. Along with downloads, maybe we could offer 'no-nonsense' game reviews. We could aim for a "by gamers for gamers" approach.
#4 - Pezman - 06/01/06 @ 11:32 AM EST
So are you gonna start writing?
#5 - nemarsde - 06/01/06 @ 12:20 PM EST
Are you gonna start posting what's written? :p

And thanks, btw. I'll probably download it off-peak, if I can get through my list of other downloads. This one's low priority, since quite a few GGers have said it's only a slight taster of the gameplay.
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