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Evening Brief - I <3 MySQL
nVidiot_Whore :: 04:06 PM @ July 29th, 2006 :: GameCube: Strategy
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Looks like someone gave the server a kick and things are back up and running here. I decided to actually maybe start posting in the forums around here. Some interesting people there; do you forum guys and gals read the front page? Anyone confused as to why a "new" poster has nearly 5,000 posts? Hah! In other news I'm gonna kick it with an old friend/love interest tonight. Should be interesting; we've been chatting through IM and on the phone for hours on end this past week or so after she got ahold of me through MySpace (yeah, make fun of me all you want) so we'll see!

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#1 - LostToys - 07/29/06 @ 04:13 PM EST
Forum posters are rock bottom feeders!
#2 - Megahurtz - 07/29/06 @ 04:23 PM EST

Saw this posted on another forum. Short of it is a guy goes to a dealer to buy a truck, gets a (great?) deal, signs the paperwork, trades in his old car, pays cash and drives off.

Dealership calls him the next day saying they didn't charge him enough and want him to pay an extra $10,000 for it. Owner refuses and wakes up the following day to find his truck missing.

The story doesn't say if the owner ever got his money or trade-in back, but I can't see how this is only a civil case and not criminal. That dealership should be charged with stealing that truck.
#3 - Krellins - 07/29/06 @ 04:34 PM EST
One problem with that Megahurtz. When you sign for a new car and trade in an old one you make a contract to pay off the loan at the amount set. If the amount is higher than you are contracted to pay the difference. Now for them to take back the car is wrong. they could easily add that to the loan.
#4 - Tre-ful Dead - 07/29/06 @ 04:47 PM EST
Whore, our comments on the site seem to add up on the forum too.
#5 - Megahurtz - 07/29/06 @ 06:42 PM EST
Maybe I'm missing something here, but there was no loan. The dude paid cash in full. never had to deal with a trade in myself though. Care to elaborate a bit?

EDIT: I missed the statement to the news station. I assumed he owned his old car outright. It says they returned his old car and I presume never even had a chance to cash his check since he dated it about 3 weeks ahead. Hrm.

Last Edited on 07/29/06 @ 06:54 PM EST
#6 - nVidiot_Whore - 07/29/06 @ 07:10 PM EST
Tre: Yeah I realize that.. just thought it would be funny for the forum regulars to see people with thousands of posts and maybe not know where the fuck they came from.
#7 - Tre-ful Dead - 07/29/06 @ 08:24 PM EST
Ah my bad, I was a bit more then out of it this morning. Stayed up entirely too late playing xbox.
#8 - spruce_moose - 07/29/06 @ 08:43 PM EST
... and smoking weed!!
#9 - Crawdaddy79 - 07/29/06 @ 09:01 PM EST
I purposefully made the front page my bookmark so that I would look at it before going into the forums... This really is a great gaming news site most of the time.
#10 - madbomber1998 - 07/29/06 @ 10:45 PM EST
ya, I've made the front page my start up page for my browser (and do the same for every computer I get to mess with, hehehe...)

And yea, post in the forums. Lotsa interesting people. And ya, I do read the front page, especially yalls daily sob stories...
#11 - Kensomniac - 07/29/06 @ 11:54 PM EST
I just finished smoking a joint myself... was good stuff.

It certainly takes my mind off the fucked up condition my computer is in.
#12 - boottothehead787 - 07/30/06 @ 03:44 AM EST
This place feels so alien. I find it amazing that there can be such a great rift between these two places on the same site.

Let's all be friends! No rivalries necessary!

Or we can all kill each other. Not that anyone was...yet. But they could! And will? Oh nevermind.
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