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PS3 Delayed In Europe
Andrew 'Talon' Wilson :: 10:02 AM @ September 6th, 2006 :: PS2: General
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Today, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe issued word that the PlayStation 3 will be delayed throughout Europe. The delay, which has been attributed to a delay in the production schedule of the blue laser diode, will see the system launching in Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Russia during March 2007. The system was previously on track for a November 17th, 2006, release. Here in North America however, the November 17th, 2006, date holds.

As shamelessly ripped from MCV, it seems that the PS3 will only launch with 400,000 units in the US, and a poltry 100,00 units in Japan.
According to the International Herald Tribune, Ken Kuturagi has stated that just two million consoles are to be shipped to the US and Japan by the end of the year - half the original forecast.
It means that around 400,000 PS3�s will be available day one in the US, while Japan will receive around 100,000, says the report.

#1 - GNS Jim - 09/06/06 @ 11:24 AM EST
There's a surprise, maybe Sony can manage to reduce the price for their late European release rather than committing extortion :P

EDIT Presumably this lack of diodes for their blue lasers is going to have some kind of impact on the blu-ray player market?

Last Edited on 09/06/06 @ 12:15 PM EST
#2 - nemarsde - 09/06/06 @ 12:56 PM EST
Here's a link to the SCEE press release, if you want to link to it in the story.
#3 - LostToys - 09/06/06 @ 01:00 PM EST
I really think that Sony wants to lose this war. 100k units in Japan for launch, and only 400k units in the US for launch. And here I was thinking MS fucked up the Xbox360 launch.
#4 - Reflex - 09/06/06 @ 01:05 PM EST
At this rate they should have just launched in Spring. But they may have with this signed their papers for second place this time around...
#5 - LostToys - 09/06/06 @ 01:13 PM EST
The problem is you can't launch, in the US, in Spring. You can in Europe and Japan (which Sony has done multiple times in the past) but the Thanksgiving to Christmas shopping season is a must for Sony in the US.
#6 - Reflex - 09/06/06 @ 01:38 PM EST
Oh I agree, but all the negatives of MS's launch will now be magnified for Sony. And just wait till the defective units start popping up as is common with any electronics launch, it'll look worse than it really is due to the small installed base...
#7 - GNS Jim - 09/06/06 @ 01:42 PM EST
I wonder if blu-ray was really necessary this generation for a games machine, ultimately we used to deal with multi-cd games (Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy 7,8,9 etc) on the PS1, I doubt we'd see many games this gen on more than a couple of DVDs.
#8 - Reflex - 09/06/06 @ 02:18 PM EST
Considering that 360 games are only slightly larger than Xbox games due to advanced techniques like procedural texturing, and the fact that the average Xbox game only used a bit less than half the DVD, I'd say that Blu-Ray was extremely unnecessary...

For Sony though it was a 'two in one' shot, trying to promote thier standard for movies at the same time as their new gaming platform. It appears to have backfired badly however.
#9 - GNS Jim - 09/06/06 @ 03:31 PM EST
I did see an amusing post where a PS3 fanboy claimed that Bethesda were making a version of Oblivion for the PS3 with higher res textures using the blu-ray disk and that the 360 version had lower-res textures due to the lack of capacity on standard DVDs. Of course he completely ignored the fact that when Oblivion is installed on a PC it uses 4.6gig of drive space (according to the box specs) thus as far as I can see there'd be no capacity issue with standard DVD, if the textures were reduced it's going to be due to to the comparative lack of memory on the 360 of which the PS3 has no more.

Last Edited on 09/06/06 @ 03:31 PM EST
#10 - nemarsde - 09/07/06 @ 04:03 AM EST
Frankly, my dears, I don't give a damn about the Xbox360 or PS3. I'm buying a Nintendo this time around, the Wii's the only one of the three that looks like it'll actually have new and interesting games.
#11 - Reflex - 09/07/06 @ 12:25 PM EST
Yeah, cause that new Zelda series looks amazing and like nothing I've ever seen before......

#12 - LostToys - 09/07/06 @ 01:29 PM EST
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