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Guitar Hero No Longer Exclusive to PS2: "Significant" Formats Rejoice
LostToys :: 02:07 PM @ September 21st, 2006 :: PS2: General
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According to the keynote by Activision's CEO and Chairman Robert Kotick at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia XV Conference, Guitar Hero will be released on every format deemed "significant". No word yet on how "significant" the Phantom console will be.

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#1 - Amnesiac - 09/21/06 @ 03:25 PM EST

Pretty excited to shred some tunes over xbox live.
#2 - Megahurtz - 09/21/06 @ 04:10 PM EST
Interesting. I wonder what platforms they're going to expand this to. Activision usually pushes games out for every imaginable system, but I'm wondering if they would skip xbox and cube versions in favor of 360 and wii.

I suppose since the wii is 100% backwards compatible it wouldn't make much difference, but I'm curious when they're going to drop support for the xbox.
#3 - Blindside - 09/21/06 @ 05:42 PM EST
It would make more sense to release it for the Xbox while ensuring the 360 has backwards compatibility with it. It's not like the graphics are cutting edge or anything, and this way they get more sales. ;)
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