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Morning Brief - I Will Bully You All
LostToys :: 12:00 AM @ October 17th, 2006 :: In-House: Morning Brief
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So I picked up Bully but have not touched it. Why? Well, I recently dug up my old copies of Blade Runner and Grim Fandango and have been playing them non-stop. It is games like these that make me pine for the early 90s, when adventure gaming was still alive and thriving.

What old games have you recently played, or are currently playing right now?

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#1 - nemarsde - 10/17/06 @ 12:37 AM EST

Working at the NEC in Birmingham this week, so it's a 06:00 start every morning, back home for about 19:00.

Couldn't find Fallout 2 at the weekend, but did find X-COM: Apocalypse. Tried installing it, but you have to jump through to hoops to install it on WinXP.

I must get around to setting up that Universal Amiga Emulator again, then I can play some serious classics. It's the action/platformers I miss.

Later, got to go to work.
#2 - Amnesiac - 10/17/06 @ 03:56 AM EST
Ms Peachez - Fry That Chicken

*goes back to Fallout 2*
#3 - Racist Frankenstein - 10/17/06 @ 06:54 AM EST
I've been playing my Q-Bert and Blasteroids arcade uprights. That never gets old.

Last Edited on 10/17/06 @ 06:55 AM EST
#4 - Megahurtz - 10/17/06 @ 09:51 AM EST
Playing through Doom again on 360. I forgot how to get through a lot of the maps even though I played through the entire game last year on gba. I've been playing Doom more than any of my 360 games.
#5 - Austin316 - 10/17/06 @ 12:04 PM EST
I play a lot of ms pac-man on mame ... I can almost get 50,000 (I think my high score is about 49,950). I thought it was pretty good until I read the recorded high score is 900,000+:

Watched heroes again last night, still not sold it is a great show, but watchable. Hot damn, does Ali Larter have the hottest lower half or what?
#6 - Tre-ful Dead - 10/17/06 @ 12:19 PM EST
Watched monday night football and opted to download heroes. Haven't watched it yet though. My wife loves it, I'm not sold on it yet either. The whole school BS drama from ep 3 left a bad taste in my mouth.

I've been going nuts on the dreamcast games. If any of you liked Ikaruga, Under Defeat is a bad ass game. Not as difficult, but pretty and fun to play.
#7 - Austin316 - 10/17/06 @ 12:29 PM EST
tre: That's weird, my gf likes the show too, but with the x-men-like premise, you think it'd be more of a guys show. Hmm ...

And I didn't watch ep3, just dl'd it last night. Was excited until you said it sucks. :)
#8 - LostToys - 10/17/06 @ 12:36 PM EST
I hated Heroes. Watched the first episode then walked away without any regrets.
#9 - Tre-ful Dead - 10/17/06 @ 01:48 PM EST
Still worth a watch though.
#10 - Tre-ful Dead - 10/17/06 @ 02:51 PM EST
Man I'm really jonesin' to play some more of that under defeat.

#11 - LostToys - 10/17/06 @ 04:02 PM EST
haha Wesley Snipes Evades Taxes.
#12 - LostToys - 10/17/06 @ 05:00 PM EST
I posted news for you Tre-ful Dead
#13 - nemarsde - 10/17/06 @ 05:11 PM EST
Whoa! What format's that game, Tre-ful Dead, it looks old school?!

Snipes, pah. Seagal got himself declared a reincarnation of a Dalai Lama and evaded karmic retribution for Under Siege 2.
#14 - Tre-ful Dead - 10/17/06 @ 07:41 PM EST
Its for Dreamcast, was released this year too :D

Yeah thanks LT that totally reminded me I wanted REZ back in the day.

Last Edited on 10/17/06 @ 07:41 PM EST
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