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Grand Theft Auto IV: We Remain Exclusive to No One
LostToys :: 04:19 PM @ October 17th, 2006 :: General Gaming
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A source close to Rockstar North has divulged information to Eurogamer, claiming that the PS3 will also receive exclusive content, much to the chagrin of Microsoft.
We're told to expect much the same deal on PS3, except unique to the platform. Interestingly, the downloadable content, our source maintains, will take the form of brand new areas which will link into the main GTAIV game world.

"Think of the world as a large island - the new downloadable areas will be like smaller islands linking into it," the source explained. (Which is a structural analogy, rather than a suggestion that the game is set on an island, we hasten to add.)

How many additional areas or episodes Rockstar is planning is anyone's guess at this juncture, but it seems the game is at least being structured to accommodate a number of expansive new content releases in the weeks and months after release, while also satisfying platform holder - and console owner - demand for exclusive material.

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#1 - nVidiot_Whore - 10/17/06 @ 06:15 PM EST
This shit just pisses me off.. the only reason Rockstar does this is to encourage people to buy the game on more than one platform.
#2 - LostToys - 10/17/06 @ 06:48 PM EST
And it shall work.
#3 - Megahurtz - 10/17/06 @ 07:14 PM EST
No it won't.
#4 - LostToys - 10/17/06 @ 07:33 PM EST
yes it will poo poo head.

You just have to space out the release. Like, a year or two later release a hardcopy of the game with all the "new content" at a reduced price.

Or, several months after the PS3/Xbox 360 content, reverse the content.
#5 - Megahurtz - 10/18/06 @ 12:28 AM EST
I was assuming if all the versions would be released at the same time, selling at full price. Budget games would be a different matter. People aren't going to spend an additional $60 just to get some different bonus missions or an extra subdivision or something.
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