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Morning Brief - Gaming in Retrospect
LostToys :: 12:00 AM @ October 18th, 2006 :: In-House: Morning Brief
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Nothing new to report. Just spent the afternoon finishing Blade Runner (it is incredibly short) and messing around with Grim Fandango. One thing that I hate about replaying games is that you remember too much of the details. There were moments in Grim Fandango that had me rubbing my head the first time I played it, but this time around I barely paused to think about the puzzles I was doing, because each action recalled that of my previous experience.

What game in the past do you remember so well that it would be impossible to play eyes wide shut? The GC release of Ocarina of Time was like that for me. It almost ruined the experience due to the lack of exploration and discovery.

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#1 - Austin316 - 10/18/06 @ 12:59 AM EST
So DHL tried to deliver my new harmony today ... 2 days early! Oh well, I was busy tonight anyway, will play with my new tow tomorrow I guess.

I thought XBMC could play most all video formats? I gave it an avi that worked fine on my mac with VLC (I got it from a torrent that wasn't mac specific, so I assume it works fine on PC too). I didn't check the codec but I assume it was pretty standard.

Also ... does XBMC offer a SMB (samba) server? I'm having weird timeout issues with FTP and I'd like to try samba, but don't know how to use it, or if it is available. In the settings there is a section for "Samba Client" which doesn't sound like a share or server to me. Anyone know more about this?

edit: XBMC supports a shit load of codecs, so I'm thinking the file got borked in the xfer ... I resorted to command line ftp and pretty sure it defaults to ascii .. oops.

Last Edited on 10/18/06 @ 01:15 AM EST
#2 - Racist Frankenstein - 10/18/06 @ 06:45 AM EST
Might and Magic for the Genesis I played about 100 times- I could definitely roll through that without even looking.
#3 - Amnesiac - 10/18/06 @ 08:48 AM EST
I could play through Shadowrun on the Genesis I bet. No telling how many times I beat that game, used to have a lot of fun hacking the various computers and companies on it.

Either that or Chrono Trigger. Had all of my characters maxed out at level 99 and most of their stats at ** by the time I was done with it. I can't even begin to count the hours I spent on that game trying to get the best sets of armour for my characters as well as doing all of the endings and special world quests. Pretty sure I was still finding new things on my last play through, what an awesome game.

They don't make games like those any more do they?
#4 - Tre-ful Dead - 10/18/06 @ 09:42 AM EST
I can't really think of a game like that. Bounced from game to game so much I guess.
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